A couple of years ago, I had no idea what golden hour (the magical hour or so of early evening sunlight, when the light is soft and warm and beautifully hazy) was, or why it was so special. I’d seen it mentioned in the odd magazine article but never knew what it meant, or why it was that photographers always spoke about having to get up early or ‘catch the light’ in the evenings when shooting photos. Now though, it’s one of the things I miss most during the winter months.

I feel like there won’t be too many ‘golden hours’ left, before the days get short and the light turns cold again. So this Sunday, when spending the day looking after my friend’s little girl Ruby and in-between rounds of playdough, colouring, and sticker-ing, we got out and enjoyed the sunshine whilst it lasts. Ruby gathered bunches of ‘flowers’, I drank tea with the lovely family who own the ponies that Ruby has befriended, and everyone picked huge bowlfuls of blackberries. All in all, quite the most idyllic way to spend a Sunday.

Picking-blackberries Ruby-in-the-field Cider-with-Rosie-Ruby-tall-grasses Cider-with-Rosie-Ruby-2 Small-copper-butterfly Mini-Boden-deer-tunic Cider-with-Rosie-golden-hour-2

p.s. Also, meet my bridesmaid! Ruby will be one of two little bridesmaids at our wedding next year, along with my best friend and sister :) She’s the sweetest, and I just adore her. Photos from a similar day out from well over a year ago here, if you’d like to see!


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I decided to take my camera out with me whilst walking yesterday, for no reason other than that it makes me happy. Fiddling around with depth of field, exposure, continuous shooting- all the things that only a year ago I didn’t reeeaaallly know how to use to my advantage- it’s the best! Sometimes the happy accidents are what make the best photos- like the blades of grass blurring out the bottom right hand of the above photo. I’m grateful to those blades of grass, because they create the kind of snazzy effect I would otherwise have had to get Jason to create for me in Photoshop ;)

But hey! This isn’t a post about photography, it’s really just a post about the lovely walk Teddy and I took yesterday morning. These little woods that we walk in are probably my favourite place around here to walk. They seem to change constantly. There’s not a day I visit them where I don’t notice some new carpet of ferns or flowers or moss on the forest floor, or find that a path that only a week ago was an easy one to walk along has become completely overgrown and impassable. That’s kind of what I love about them though, even though some days walking through cobweb after cobweb is pretty stressful. The bluebell carpet right in the middle of the woods died back weeks ago and was taken over by huge, shoulder-high ferns, which then were in turn beaten out by even taller foxgloves. Now the forest feels hot, and verdant, and like it’s right at its peak before it begins its slow fall back into the beautiful richness of autumn.

Foxgloves Ferns Teddy-in-the-forest

^^ That little butt. It melts my heart. I think these woods are Teddy’s favourite place to walk, too. He gets more excited when we arrive here than any other place we walk in, and always seems to be on the scent of something when we’re there. Usually pigeon or squirrels, but I guess maybe deer too. We do see lots of deer there. ^^

We did our usual route yesterday morning (minus the little loop I’ve had to cut out from our walk recently, because the path had become SO cobwebby it was giving me nightmares), and walked for about an hour or so. I try really hard not to look at my phone when I’m out walking, or else Teddy winds up running around my legs like a loon whilst I stand still, distracted, trying to download emails on patchy 3G signal. It’s all part of this ‘switching off’ thing I’ve been trying recently, where I spend a little less time each day plugged into a screen, and try not to allow myself to be distracted by my phone quite so much!

Tall-grass Shadows-on-trees Stacked-logs

Recently I’ve found that there’s been a slight imbalance in the way I spend my time, and I’ve been feeling a little wrung out. Usually I quite like being tired, in a funny sort of way. Back when I was younger and was dancing, I used to relish the way my body felt after a particularly exhausting dance class, where everything would ache and groan and I used to stagger back home with this weird John Wayne-style gait. I quite like the feeling of being exhausted come bedtime each evening, even when there’s a pile of washing up to do and another half hour of work to get finished before I can hit the hay. Weirdly those moments make me feel sort of…alive. I don’t know how else to put it other than like that! I guess it’s a hard feeling to describe, but it’s one I kind of like.

But lately it’s been a different kind of tiredness, the type where your head feels foggy and you drop things all the time because your coordination’s off, and you feel drained, as opposed to just plain old tired. I think it’s partly down to last year having been my first year of full-time work after years of academic timetables (god bless those endless school holidays, hey?), to me running my own little business and finding it so hard to switch off from it all at the end of the day, and to also being really really crappy at knowing when to say ‘enough is enough’ and take some actual holiday!

I’d love to know- did you find this during your first year at work after university/college/school? That it was kind of a shock to the system? I’d love to hear too from those of you who run your own businesses- do you have a technique for switching off your mind at the end of the day and at the weekends?

Rosie-summer-walk Pine-trees

So, the resolution that I came to during this happy walk, was that it’s probably time to take a few days off in the new couple of weeks! And I mean proper time off, too. Not the kind of faux time off I usually take, where I still check emails and faff about endlessly on Pinterest and wind up blogging anyway because I really do love it so much! I think it’s a good resolution to have made :)

Aside from all this detailed introspection, Teddy and I spent the rest of the walk soaking in the early morning sunshine, climbing up piles of stacked logs, and jumping right back off again. It was a good one! Then we headed home, I exchanged wellies for flip flops, and Ted flaked out on the living room floor for several hours.

Cider-with-Rosie-Stacked-logs Cider-with-Rosie-summer-walk   Cider-with-Rosie-summer-walk-2

Previous visits to these beautiful woods documented here (in frost), here (in early spring), and here (just one lone photo of this year’s incredible bluebell carpet).

** Chambray shirt is a new favourite from GAP, navy blue shorts are old ones from Hollister, & Hunters are Hunters!


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7.30am :: Poor Teddy woke up sick on Friday morning, and wasn’t himself at all. He wouldn’t even get out of bed when I first went down to him, and just lay in his bed looking sad and sorry for himself. We spent the first half hour of the day having a little cuddle on the living room rug. Even though Teddy wasn’t quite himself, it wasn’t a bad way to start a Friday.


8am :: I took the little man out to stretch his legs, and admired the beautiful iris currently blooming in our garden.

Iced-latte Iced-coffee-Cider-with-Rosie

9am :: I know I’ve mentioned it a hundred times here recently, but I just can’t get enough iced lattes at the moment. And drinking them through stripy straws makes them taste all that much better. (For reference, I use this Bialetti mokka pot to brew my coffee. It’s brilliant!)


9.30am :: Teddy distracted me from my task of email-answering by bothering around my feet, looking cute. I try to blast my inbox early on in the day, or else I wind up answering them ad hoc throughout the day and get all in a muddle. Beginning to plan our wedding recently has taught me how important it is to stay on top of communication, and I’ve been trying to be more prompt when it comes to replying to emails.

Morning-yoga Doughnut-peach

10.00 :: A little morning Pilates, and post work-out snack.


11am :: Side-table reading (Elizabeth David’s books are so lovely).


11.30am :: I sat down to edit yesterday’s recipe video, and realised that I kind of looked a complete mess in the original intro and outro so decided to reshoot them. This photo was taken partway through my attempt to make myself look less of a mess. It really amazes me how bad fluffy hair looks on camera, and by ‘amazes’ I definitely mean ‘really annoys’. Sidenote: I need a haircut.


12am :: Video editing involves a LOT of waiting…


1.30pm :: Lunchtime! I last week bought a loaf of sunflower and linseed bread, and have been loving eating it with peanut butter. Also: grated carrot, cucumber, and quinoa salad, with a little dressing on the side. Yum. (p.s. I found my glasses! I thought I’d lost them a few weeks back, not long after losing my RayBans, and was so sad about it. But when we went hunting down the back of the sofa the other night for the Apple TV remote- which is small to the point of being invisible- and lo and behold, there they were! It made me very happy indeed!)

Wisteria Tea-reflection

3pm :: A break from staring at screens, and to notice the little things- wisteria creeping its way in through our front bedroom window, and beautiful bright afternoon light.


4.30pm :: The afternoon was spent recording a voiceover, which I actually did whilst wrapped up in the living room curtain because it gave the best sound quality. No photo of that though, so this more normal one will have to do instead ;)


6pm :: Spring vegetable & chicken risotto a-cooking. (Making risotto in the summertime is one giant recipe for overheating. So much standing over the stove required!) Jason said that the risotto was his favourite I’ve ever made, but it looked so unappetising in the bowl I’ll spare you a photo…


7pm :: Some very much needed end-of-week beers. We also drank a couple of those lemon flavoured beers, which were kind of amazing. Like faintly beer-flavoured lemonade. I’m not selling it, I know, but they were really were great!


8pm :: We spent the evening watching Orange is the New Black (we’re trying not to binge-watch it so as not to burn through the series too quickly) and snacking on popcorn. Teddy felt back to his usual self again, and alternated between snoozing by the back door and taking each and every toy out of his toy box. It was a lovely, relaxing one.

How was your weekend? :)


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It was kind of an unofficial New Year’s resolution of mine this year to print more photos. I’ve always been terrible for making albums and actually getting around to framing the photos I take, but when my hard drive broke last year and I lost about 3 years worth of photographs (sob!), I thought it was probably time I got my act together and started having my favourite photos printed more regularly. A whole batch came through yesterday (I use Photobox, and am always pretty happy with their print quality) and it’s been so lovely to be able to sift through my favourite photos from the past few months in a tangible form, rather than just pushing the left and right buttons on my laptop.

Printed-photos   Teddy

I mentioned yesterday that I’m on a bit of a gallery wall kick right now, and will be sharing photos of the finished results when I’m all finished. I’ve been hoarding cards, letters, and prints over the past year or so with the intention of framing them at some point, and it’s been so fun to sort through them all and pick out the most special ones for framing. The ‘Best Day Ever’ postcard above was my birthday card from Tania back in December, and I love it so!


Do you print your photos? It’s the sort of task that always gets pushed to the bottom of a to-do list, don’t you find? :)

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