1. Watching Ottilie devouring fresh peas straight from the pod in the garden, with little soil-flecked fingers and joy on her face.

2. The morning pot of coffee. I’m not awake until it’s on and brewing…

3. Baking a loaf of bread and it coming out *just* right! I find bread tricky at times so it always makes me happy when I have a real win.

4. Finding my favourite La Roche Posay serum in a French pharmacy for about two thirds of the price it is in the UK! I stocked up…

5. Our first taste of homemade elderflower cordial, so delicious and refreshing! And we’ve frozen some in little ice cube moulds to add to gin and tonics later in the year, when I’m no longer pregnant. I’d like a cold one ready and waiting for after I give birth ;)

6. The look of delight on Ottilie’s face when she saw Jason at Arrivals in Gatwick on Thursday. She was so happy, and it made my week!

7. Having my Mum feel the baby kick for the first time <3

8. Fajitas for dinner. I always eat at least one more than I really am properly hungry for, but they’re so delicious I can’t stop!

9. Rediscovering old blogs, the ones that made me fall in love with blogging way before I even thought of starting my own. Have you ever read David Lebovitz’ work before? I’ve loved it for so long now, there’s just something about the way he writes that captures my imagination and makes me want to head straight for the kitchen. Either that or to get on the first train to Paris!

10. Ottilie having had her first truly happy nursery session after a difficult first month! She made a little friend, joined in with all the activities, and was just generally a different child to how she’s been for all her other sessions so far. It made my week!

What’s made you happy this week?

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So in case you didn’t happen to catch my little Instannouncement (is that a word? It is now.) last weekend, then yep! I’m expecting baby number two!

I’m exactly 19 weeks at the time of typing this post up, with a mini bump that’s growing away nicely and a baby roughly the size of a courgette, according to my pregnancy app. It’s been so magic to do this all over again, and the joy of feeling a real little baby wriggling around inside you just doesn’t get old! In a moment of postpartum hormonal madness after Ottie was born I cried to Jason that if we had another baby it wouldn’t be as magical and exciting as it did first time, but I can confirm that’s truly not the case!

I thought I’d write up a little Friday pregnancy update in place of my usual ’10 things that’ve made made me happy this week’ round up, to catch you up on my pregnancy experience so far. So here we go!

~ ~ ~

1. I’m totally convinced this baby’s a boy! Apropos of absolutely nothing other than instinct, especially considering my pregnancy’s been exactly the same as with Ottilie down to the very last symptom, but I always ‘knew’ she was a girl so maybe I’ll be right this time too!

2. We won’t be finding out this time either, just like with our first pregnancy. I’m not tempted at all in the sense that I’ll just be absolutely delighted either way, but am ever so slightly tempted just for practicality’s sake so I can get Ottie’s old clothes organised and washed ready for this baby, or packed away in the loft!

3. I’ve had another (luckily!!) very easy pregnancy so far! I was sick just once and had about four weeks of nausea, food aversions and major fatigue, but since about week 11 have been heaps better and almost back to normal. Last time though I had a very difficult and painful final month with sciatica and a breech baby who had to be turned manually back to head-down, so am fully preparing myself for what could be to come in the final few weeks!

4. And it’s true what they say about second bumps popping faster- I’ve been in maternity jeans since about week 8 this time! Though at first it was just major bloating, the bump is well and truly here now! I don’t think it’s massively bigger than I was with Ottie, though I’m definitely not as toned all over as last time. Probably due to the fact that when she goes down to bed at night I’m really struggling with the energy to head out to a workout class!

5. It’s definitely a whole new ballgame being pregnant with a toddler to look after too! I’ve been having to give in and nap when Ottie naps which isn’t something I’ve done since she was a tiny baby, and finding time to keep up with work, the garden, and all the household upkeep is a challenge! Also, Ottilie’s only sleeping for an hour a day now vs the two and a half hours she used to have until just lately, which makes me want to weep a little bit…

6. But speaking of Ottilie, oh my goodness this little girl of ours is obsessed with her sister or brother already! She loves all babies, and so knowing there’s one in Mama’s tummy is the best thing ever as far as she’d concerned. She talks about it all day long, and wants to kiss and cuddle my belly non stop. I’m not concerned at all about any jealousy on her part when the new baby is here, more how to manage her over-enthusiastic sister love!!

7. I’ll be doing hypnobirthing this time round, and also am signed off with my local home birth team! My experiences in labour and delivery with Ottie taught me that nothing is a dead cert when it comes to having babies, and so until I’m at the very end of my pregnancy and know this baby is head down, engaged, and behaving themselves I don’t think I’ll truly believe that I’ll really get the home birth I want so much, but so far so good! It’s so lovely having dedicated midwives and all my antenatal appointments at home too!

8. Two words: Maternity. Leggings. Why on earth didn’t I invest in a pair of these first time around?!

9. We were bad at keeping the secret this time around! With my pregnancy with Ottilie only my cousin knew for the first few weeks, we told our Mums after our 8 week scan, and then the rest of our friends and family after the 12 week scan. This time? I was on FaceTime to my Mum within about 10 minutes of taking the test, and my mother in law found out when I thrust Ottilie upon her so I could run off and be sick days before a test even came up positive!

10. I’m enjoying this pregnancy even more than last time, I think because this time I’m so aware that there’s really and truly a little person growing inside me. First time round that just felt like a concept, and pregnancy felt all about me and what I was experiencing and how my body was changing. This time round, I’m just counting down the days until we get to welcome this new unique, amazing little person into our family!

I’d love to know if you’d be interested in pregnancy blog content this time around- I’m thinking hospital bag packing tips, pregnancy style inspiration (not that I’m an expert, I forgot how crazy hard it is to dress a bump!!), that kind of thing? Let me know! :)

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1. Raising the blinds in the living room in the morning, and seeing a row of little lambs up at the fence line that runs along the edge of our garden. The very best sight for first thing in the morning!

2. Discovering my local farm shop, which is basically my new favourite place in the entire world! They have the most amazing array of fresh fruits and vegetables all loose and free from plastic, spices and dried herbs and grains all available to buy in bulk (again, plastic free!), beautiful fresh bread, a bakery, a deli counter of dreams, AND in the summer they do PYO berries! Can you tell I’m in love?

3. Burning the Diptyque Ambre candle Jason treated me to for my birthday. It smells like the sexiest men’s aftershave you could imagine, and I totally love it.

4. Nocella olives. I can’t stop buying them and snacking on them non-stop. And Miss Ottilie is just like her Mama and totally addicted too…

5. A house full of daffodils! Even though they do turn from perfect to wrinkled and gross within the blink of an eye, they still make me so happy.

6. Seeing Ottilie wear a little yellow and white fairy dress that was mine as a child. It’s so strange seeing her run around in it, when I remember loving it so much myself as a little girl!

7. Being able to eat breakfast with the patio doors open wide, whilst watching the sparrows and robins and blue tits visiting the bird feeder for their own breakfast whilst we eat.

8. So many seeds popping up in the trays on our living room windowledges! Courgettes, peas, sugar snaps…they’re making me so excited for summer!

9. Meeting my sweet baby nephew! I forgot how scrummy newborn cuddles are <3

10. Watching Ottie tuck into a plate of watermelon for the first time since last summer. She ate the most insane amount, and was in absolute heaven!

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1. Seeing the first shoots of the year peeping up through the compost! The garlic in one of the raised beds in the garden is just starting to shoot, and the broad beans are popping up in trays on my kitchen window ledge. The promise of things to come!

2. Taking Ottilie swimming. She shouts ‘splash splash’ non stop and wants to jump in from the side approximately 75 billion times, and it’s the best! (Even if the floor of swimming pool changing rooms make me want to bathe in Dettol afterwards.)

3. Doing yoga each evening after Ottie goes to bed. It makes me so relaxed, I feel as though I’m melting into the floor at the end of each practise!

4. Beautiful tulips from my beautiful husband. Spring flowers are my favourite, and he knows it!

5. Pasta pasta and more pasta. I can’t get enough of it at the moment- linguine with simple tomato & basil sauce is my favourite!

6. Seeing the birds eating from the feeder outside our dining room French doors all day long. My Mum bought Ottie and me a beautiful bird feeder for Christmas, and it’s so lovely to sit at breakfast and watch the blue tits and great tits and robins flitting back and forth, eating their seeds.

7. Eating nori sheets as a snack. I’m weirdly obsessed with it at the moment!

8. The smell of fresh coffee rising up the stairs, when it’s my turn for a weekend lie-in and Jason’s taken Ottilie downstairs to do breakfast. Bliss!

9. When Elsie curls up in my lap in the evenings. She waits all day for her chance for a cuddle, and sneaks onto my lap as soon as we’ve eaten dinner and sat down to relax in the evening. Even though she does smell like horse poo 90% of the time thanks to her penchant for eating it from the paddocks on our daily walks, it’s still pretty cute <3

10. An evening shower with the lights on low and a candle burning, and then fresh PJs just before bed. Basically a trip to the spa ;)

What’s made you happy lately?

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