I’m Rosie. I live in a small village in Surrey, England, with my husband Jason, our daughter Ottilie and our two spaniels Teddy and Elsie.

Jason and I are old souls. We like crosswords, walks in the woods, and are forever on the search for the best pizza dough recipe. Jason makes a killer ragu, is absurdly brilliant at pretty much everything he turns his hand to, and once ate two roast dinners back to back. I have absolutely zero sense of direction, make great eggs, and can fall asleep at the drop of a hat. And we’re both fond of staying home. A lot.

On Cider with Rosie, I share the little moments and joys that make our life together so wonderful. My beloved Grandma kept a diary every day for almost eighty years that documented the joys of her life, and her joie de vivre was so great it touched the lives of everyone who met her. Cider with Rosie is my way of emulating her incredible ability to make note of, and appreciate the beauty in each and every day. Here you’ll find stories & photographs from our day to day life (which I like to call ‘our happy mundane’, because it really, truly is), recipes we’re currently enjoying, lists of the things making me happiest each week, and collections of recent creative inspiration. I really, really hope you like it here :)

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