Seven Days of Self Care.



It occurred to me a few weeks ago how little time I dedicate to myself these days.

I used to take so much joy in playing around with different make up looks whilst getting ready in the mornings, or having a lovely relaxing bath at the weekend followed up with a full body-smothering of moisturiser or oil, or even just taking an hour before bed at night to read a book together with Jason.

Naturally, the time I have available to dedicate to all this was cut down suddenly and massively with the arrival of Ottilie, one year, 10 months, and two weeks ago! I mean, it isn’t as though I’m running around with her without catching a breath from dawn until midnight, but it’s just that my responsibilities and general life admin have increased 10 fold, my priorities have changed, and good GOD the general tiredness of parenting leaves very little energy spare for indulgent bedtime routines!


But a couple of months ago, I realised that my lack of self care was leaving me feeling massively run down, and a bit drab. I was throwing on the barest bit of makeup in the car each morning, never taking any pride in my appearance, and wearing the same old clothes day in day out.

So I decided to set myself a series of week-long self-care challenges, all with the end goal of seeing whether making effort to take care and time for myself would have an impact on my overall wellbeing. And of course, I want to blog about it here too!


And the first of those challenges has been to set up a nice, neat makeup area in our bathroom at home, and put on a full face of makeup every day!

I’ve never been into super heavy makeup, but some days it’s been fun to wear foundation, blush and bronzer, a couple of different types of eyeshadow…the whole shebang! Usually on mornings when Ottie’s in nursery and I’ve actually got some time on my hands for once, ha! But more often than not I’ve returned to a very fresh, minimal, pared down look that’s made me feel put together but not at all weighed down by make up.

My friends at Birchbox actually sent over a few of their favourite products for me to try out when I spoke to them about my idea for this challenge, which was so kind and also made putting on my makeup each morning extra fun!

Cider-with-Rosie-7-days-of-self-care-4 Cider-with-Rosie-7-days-of-self-care-5e

And they truly have the best taste, because a couple of those products have become firm favourites so fast that I’ll be repurchasing the very second they run out! I’ve been raving the Lumene Beauty Serum ever since the first day I tried it, and honestly I haven’t worn a thing else on my skin in six weeks. It gives the most effortless glow, just the right amount of ultra light coverage, and feels nourishing too.

The Stila palette in the photograph above too has become a ‘can’t be without it’ product, since it combines eye shadows in exactly the right shades to put together the perfect neutral or smokey eye, and two gorgeous blushers too! A time-saver, through and through…

And that Bourjois matte liquid lipstick has been my go-to for months now- it’s got such great staying power, is the perfect soft pink shade, and can be layered up heavily for a bold look or just dabbed on with topped with lip balm for a subtle pink glow. I love it!

My current favourite products :: Stila ‘Perfect Me Perfect Hue’ palette || Lumene Watercolour Blush || Benefit Roller Lash || Nuxe Prodigieuse eye cream || Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream || The BEST candle ever


Interestingly, and not at all surprisingly, making time in my morning routine to put on a quick, 5-10 minute make up look has had the biggest impact on my mood. I’ve found I’m so much more confident when I’ve taken just a few minutes care over my appearance, and feel like I’ve reclaimed some of my ‘old self’ again!

~ ~ ~

So, fellow Mamas, I’d love to know how you get on if you try this challenge too! I’m of course, of COURSE not suggesting that we all need makeup to feel good and confident in ourselves, but for me it’s been such a lovely way to steal back a bit of time all for myself each day, and to give myself a boost in positivity every morning.

Here’s to self care! <3

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  • Zoe B

    Oh i love this Rosie! I completely hear you-my little is just a bit younger then Ottie and its so exhausting you really don’t feel you have the time for yourself anymore-I’d rather spend those extra minutes sleeping! But just a little bit of pamper and even putting together a nice outfit other than the one with baby food smears on really does give you a little lift. I’m inspired to get my make up bag back out! x

  • Kristian Olson

    I never wore much make-up before having my son (just a bit younger than your daughter at 18 months), but know the feeling your were describing at feeling a bit drab and tired all the time. Getting a quick skincare routine really helped, and then, when I cut my hair all off (er, pixie cut, not all-all) the hairdresser said that short hair really allowed you to play with make-up more. I tried it and did find that a bold lip color really helped perk up my mood! And it doesn’t take long to put on…. funny thing was, my son found my lipstick tube about a month after starting this. He luckily didn’t figure out how to twist it so the lipstick was up, but he did use the tube to imitate how I put it on!

    Excited to see what your other challenges (if any) will be for this.

  • Cindy

    Your skin is absolutely glowing!! I’ve been hearing about Lumene a lot more and definitely think I want to give some of their products a go from the range. The watercolor blush also looks lovely – after the Glossier Cloud Paints I’m a lot more open to giving liquid/cream blushes a go.

    Cindy |

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