10 things that’ve made me happy this week!



1. Picking up a new copy of The Simple Things, and taking it up to bed with me along with a cup of lavender and chamomile tea earlier in the week. Such a relaxing way to end the day.

2. The crisp bite in the night air that’s come about over the last few days. I’ve loved this beautiful summer we’ve had but am excited for the colder months ahead, too!

3. Ordering some adorable party bits from Etsy for Ottie’s 1st birthday party next week. I’m a bit addicted to buying all things customised…

4. Trying out a new workout class, BodyPump! I’ve been meaning to try it for years and finally did on Thursday, and it was such a fun, tough workout. Two days of workout classes on the trot, so I’m going to be aching this weekend!

5. Homemade jam on toast and in my porridge. Ottilie suddenly much prefers eating Mama’s porridge to her own, I wonder why? ;)

6. Lighting a candle in the evenings. I never burn candles during the summer, and love how warm and cosy they make things.

7. Fresh tomatoes from the garden! The variety I’ve grown is a bit rubbish (‘Alicante’, if anyone’s wondering!), but it’s still so great being able to nip out into the garden whenever I need a tomato or two for lunch!

8. Game of Thrones finale (OH MY GOD AMAZING) new Great British Bake Off (not as great as before, but I’ll take it)…it’s been a good week for TV!

9. Pad Thai for dinner! The recipe was a new one that I found in a vegetarian food magazine a month or so ago, and it’s so tasty. Brings back memories of our Thai honeymoon <3

10. The sweet way Ottilie repeats ‘yeppees!’ when we prompt her to say ‘yes please’ in answer to a question. It’s the most gorgeous sound and makes my heart melt! (In other news, she’s also learnt to ask for milk by saying ‘boobies’ which isn’t nearly so great and I’m not sure how to stop her saying it…!)

{Photo above taken during our trip to France- more to follow next week!}

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