Blooms + bonfires.



T H E   P E R F E C T   S A T U R D A Y .

Our Saturday began the same way as ever other day- with a 6am wake up call from the little pup downstairs. She’s as regular as clockwork, always ready at 6am on the dot with a whine and a scratch at the gate to let us know she’d like to be let outside and then to have her breakfast, please.

Jason and I had sat out around the fire pit until almost 11pm the previous night, and so waking up so early on a weekend morning felt pretty tough going. Good practise though, I guess…

We always take it in turns to do the early shift, and Saturday was my day to be up with the birds. The morning was hazy but warm already, and I opened the curtains in the living room to find the bunch of peonies I’d bought a couple of days previously in full, beautiful bloom.


There’s no flower that makes me happier than the peony. They’re always the most spectacular, don’t you think?

After a leisurely breakfast, and an even more leisurely walk with the dogs, our first order of the day was to visit the garden centre to pick up some new greenery for our little garden.

I feel like I’ve talked a dozen times before about how much I wish I was naturally green-fingered (and how sadly UN-green fingered I actually am!), but since I know that I’ll never get better at keeping our garden looking ship-shape if I don’t try at all, try I will!


We bought a few new plants to fill up the beds- purple and white dahlias that I would just love to grow tall and flower every year without fail, a huge rosemary plant to sit potted on the deck, a lovely ornate fuchsia, and some strawberry plants to put in place of the herbs that didn’t make it through the winter in our wall planters.

Oh, and a hanging vine tomato plant too!

I’m thinking that maybe the fact it’s hanging, as opposed to on the ground, will help to keep pests like slugs and snails away…though perhaps that’s just wishful thinking?

But still, we’ve dutifully given all the new plants a good feed with Baby Bio (which we bought purely because I remember using it with my Grandma as a child, to feed the tomatoes we grew in a gro-bag on our patio), and now we’re keeping our fingers crossed that they all flourish!

Cider-with-Rosie-Spring-weekend-23-weeks-4 Cider-with-Rosie-Spring-weekend-23-weeks-7

And speaking of growing, this bump of mine seems to have suddenly popped!

About time too, given that I’m now only week away from being six months pregnant. Can you even believe that? I’m starting to worry about stupid things, like that we haven’t chosen curtains for the nursery yet, and how many layers to dress the baby in at night. I need to get a grip…

This dress was a treat from my lovely Mum around Easter time, and I’ve been saving it since then to wear when A- the weather finally got warm (and now it has- hurrah!), and B- for when I could actually fill the belly part with bump!

And it turns out that maternity clothes, funnily enough, actually highlight your bump rather than it just looking kind of awkward when you wear your regular stuff. Who knew? ;)

Pale blue polka dot dress

Cider-with-Rosie-Spring-weekend-23-weeks Cider-with-Rosie-Spring-weekend-23-weeks-8

We had family coming over later that day for a barbecue, and so my afternoon was spent tinkering in the kitchen.

Salads were prepared (my favourite of all- caprese- was made with those fist-sized tomatoes in the photos above), chicken was marinated, and the sweetest pineapple I ever had the pleasure of tasting was sliced up and laid out ready to become the basis of a tropical fruit salad.


^^ Sweet pineapple, ripe mango, tart passionfruit, and fresh (homegrown!) mint. The best. ^^

Cider-with-Rosie-Spring-weekend-23-weeks-11 Cider-with-Rosie-Spring-weekend-23-weeks-13

The evening become our second in a row spent sitting around the fire until late, toasting marshmallows and talking as the night drew in.

We’re really trying to make the most of these calm, peaceful months, both by spending as much time as we can savouring all the free time we have right now, but also by trying to fit in as much as possible whilst we only have ourselves to think of!

Cider-with-Rosie-Spring-weekend-23-weeks-12 Cider-with-Rosie-Spring-weekend-23-weeks-3

I think it’s the fact that we’re on something of a countdown right now that’s making everything feel that bit more heightened. I’m happier, more emotional, more ‘in the moment’, more sensitive, more appreciative, just more…more!

It feels so lovely to just soak in weekends like this, all whilst wondering and dreaming about how wonderfully different our lives will be in a year’s time.

And I think that that, combined with the flowers and the sunshine and the quality time spent with some of my favourite people, and all that delicious food and the smell of woodsmoke in my hair, is what made this particular weekend such a perfect one.

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  • Victoria Wade

    Sounds like a lovely weekend- mine also involved lots of gardening and bonfires! The key to happy dahlias is making sure that they are staked securely. And keep deadheading (or cutting the flowers for the house!) to keep the plant flowering as long as possible. They are not fully hardy, so if you want to guarantee they will come back next year you will need to lift and dry the tuber (the knobbly bulb like root) which is a bit of a pain. Otherwise you could leave them in the ground and mulch over them with lots of chipped bark or a pile of straw to keep them as warm as possible. Then (unless we have a particularly harsh winter) they should start shooting up again next summer! :) xx

  • Laura

    What a perfect weekend, your photos and descriptions are always so calming, I feel relaxed just reading the post. I have a cat that likes to wake me up at 5.30am too, it’s even worse when the clocks go back and so suddenly she’s waking me up even earlier! Good training though indeed!

    Laura xx | Loved By Laura

  • emily couture

    Sounds like a perfect weekend! Love the dress :)

    emily xx

  • Eline Punt

    This sounds pretty much perfect. I always love it when you write posts like this. You make everything sound so amazing and serene. It makes me wish I could have been there. Love your photos and storytelling. Also, the dress looks stunning on you. Love, Eline

  • Stephanie Sadler

    Beautiful post all around. :)

  • Rachel Elizabeth

    Oh my goodness this sounds so perfect! This is like my dream Saturday. The dress is gorgeous, I can’t wait till I get to be a mummy, I hope I look as good as you with a bump. I also love peonies, they are stunning I really wanted them as my wedding bouquet however getting married in January means they aren’t really available but never mind. Hoping for the good weather to come back so I can have a few marshmallow toasting evenings.

  • Georgia Christakis

    You’re glowing! Since you were wondering, babies like to sleep at a temperature of 65-70 F (about 20 degrees Celsius, I think)- so slightly on the cool side (currently training to be a pediatrician, lol)- hope you have a safe and comfortable pregnancy!

  • Aleksandra // bunniesaremagic

    Looks like you had a fantastic weekend :)

  • Amy Eleanor | Ameldi

    Sounds like a really lovely peaceful weekend. I love that dress too, it’s such a pretty colour! Your fire pit is making me crave smores and also invest in a fire pit of our own to make copious amounts of them! I hope your week is as lovely as your weekend :)

  • Kenzie

    This sounds like the loveliest weekend. That dress is so cute :)
    x Kenzie //

  • woodenwindowsills

    This dress is beautiful on you, and wow look at the bump! So jealous of the fire pit, must be really good fun, and useful when the sun has gone down and the temperature drops! Alice xx

  • Marsya Jauzi

    Oh my god, it looks like you have a best day! You look beautiful with that baby bump and those flowers are pretty! Such a lovely post to read. <3

  • Francesca

    Loved this post, Rosie. :)

  • Foodie Laura

    We have tumbling toms in baskets too and the birds have taken to using the rattan basket bits as nesting material – no slugs though!

  • amelia may

    What a perfect day xxx
    Lovely in every way.

    Keep Calm & Start Writing


  • April @ aprileveryday

    It sounds like you had a perfect weekend! Those digestive smores look amazing! I’ve been meaning to make some for so long! I hope your tomatoes turn out good! Homegrown tomatoes picked fresh are SO delicious!
    xo April | April Everyday

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