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Oh, you have NO IDEA how good it feels to have finally been able to share the news of my pregnancy here on Cider with Rosie! Keeping the secret from you all has been so hard, and made me realise quite how much of myself I do share here. Finding out that we were expecting and my first few months of pregnancy have been totally all-consuming, and so not being able to share what had immediately become the hugest, most thrilling part of my life really was such a challenge. I’ve missed you!

Today I wanted to share with you a little round-up of my first trimester (I’m actually 18 weeks pregnant now, so roughly a month into my second trimester…), and update you on this whole pregnancy experience so far. If you’ve already watched my 15 week update video on YouTube then there might not be anything new to find out, so you can just look at the pictures if you fancy ;)

(p.s. The baby’s busy kicking me over on the left hand side of my stomach as I type, so I like to think it’s on board with this whole blogging thing already…)

Rosie-Chappel-Richmond Rosie-Chappel-pregnant-7

Jason and I found out we were expecting on New Year’s Eve, though we did suspect I might be pregnant over Christmas. This meant that the whole of this ┬áChristmas turned into a game of ‘hide the fact that Rosie’s not drinking from our friends and family’…Jason stepped up and subtly drunk everything alcoholic that came my way, so he had the best Christmas season of his life! ;)


I feel as though I was relatively lucky during my first trimester, since I escaped the dreaded ‘morning sickness’ and got away with just some nausea.

Instead, my main symptoms were fatigue (oh my GOODNESS the fatigue!!! It’s like nothing I’ve ever experienced! I feel as though I basically dozed my way through the whole of January and February…), a loss of appetite combined with crazy hunger (all I could stomach was bland carbs, but needed to eat constantly!), a sense of smell that I reckon rivalled even Teddy and Elsie’s, and (this might be kind of an overshare, but hey!) the most INTENSE boob pain ever!

In fact, that pain was pretty much my first clue I might be pregnant, and is still with me three or so months later! The worst thing was it meant I had to stop sleeping on my stomach at 8 weeks, even though my ‘bump’ was non-existent enough at the time that I otherwise could’ve stayed on my front for at least another month or so. Sob!

Rosie-Chappel-pregnant-3 Cider-with-Rosie-pregnancy-announcement-2

I felt as though the first 12 weeks or so of pregnancy passed me by in a haze of bone-aching tiredness, nausea, worry, and…have I mentioned the exhaustion enough times yet? Being able to tell our families after the 12 week dating scan was absolutely magic (I secretly filmed a lot of their reactions, and the footage is priceless!), and the scan itself was an incredible, emotional experience. I breathed a sigh of relief, seeing our baby wriggling away on that screen, and hearing its heartbeat so strong and loud. I’ll never forget what a joyful, grateful moment that was.

At around the beginning or March it felt as though I ‘woke up’, and started to feel more like myself again. And since then, the pregnancy’s been racing past!


Spotty dress || Stripey dress

I know I said it yesterday, but I’m so excited to share this next chapter of our lives here on my blog. When I first started Cider with Rosie I was at the end of my second year of university, lost in a fog of grief and trying to will myself to complete a course I wasn’t interested in, and Jason and I were only a year or so into living together for the first time in our relationship.

You’ve been with us as we found our feet and grew up, got engaged, got married, and now (I’m feeling a little choked writing this), I hope you’ll be with us as we enter this next chapter of our lives as parents.

Thank you, all, for continuing to read. It means more than I can say.


p.s. I’ve begun sharing pregnancy videos over on YouTube (this ones going up this week are from earlier in my pregnancy, and from next Sunday onwards they’ll be up to date), so if you’d like to watch and follow along, you can find my channel here!

~ Photos by Freya Dowson ~

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  • Tasha Parker-Kosak

    Congrats! Beautiful photos!

  • Jes Cohen

    Hey, at least you didn’t have crazy morning sickness! But the fatigue wouldn’t have been fun by any means.

    Congrats again Rosie xx

  • Polly Rowan

    Oh this is such a beautiful post and I am certain you will be amazing parents! How lovely to have footage of the moment you told your family that you are expecting. Such a wonderful idea. x

  • Anda Alexandra

    Oh, that is so lovely :D I haven’t gone full public yet but I am 21 weeks in now as well. No morning sickness but an endless need for my bed and pillow ;)))) We learned about it around Christmas and I even travelled by plane in the first weeks, as I had no clue that… he/she is there :D (we still dunno the gender, one doctor said one thing and the other another…). It is lovely you got to have the family on tape ;))) and such lovely photos of the baby bump <3 Congrats!!!

  • emily couture

    Such a lovely and beautiful post! Congrats :)

    emily xx

  • Ashley

    Congrats!! You look beautiful!

  • Rachel

    Congratulations! I’m just 2 weeks behind you, so look forward to following your journey. It was as though I could’ve written that post myself – extreme fatigue, nausea but no sickness, hunger/loss of appetite and boob pain! :D

  • Cuteinstgram

    you look so beautiful <3

    JULIE ||

  • Amber Baker

    This is so sweet, congratulations!!

    Amber | y a c h t s m a a n

  • Steph Marston

    Congratulations Rosie!!! This is so exciting!! Good luck with the pregnancy :) Steph xx

  • Samantha @ Samantha Rose Says

    Just discovered your vlog for the first time and I love all your videos! Once I’m done studying this week, I might have to take an hour and catch up on all of them :) congratulations on your pregnancy! You look stunning.

  • Sarah W

    How exciting! You’re about a week behind me and I totally hear you with the exhaustion! It’s just so brutal! Best wishes!

  • Kate Ritchie

    Such exciting news! I am sixteen weeks pregnant with my first (so just behind you) and i am so enjoying seeing fellow mother-to-be begin to share their news online. :) I haven’t purchased any maternity clothes just yet, but you have me eyeing that polka-dotted dress! So cute. Congratulations!

  • Sophie Blumenthal

    I am loving these pregnancy posts, so excited for you and as always -gorgeous photos.

  • Ala

    Oh well this is just the loveliest news, congratulations to you and Jason! The photos in this post are absolutely wonderful and you’re gona be a mummy! So exciting, loved reading this! xxx

  • Kayleigh

    Loving the pregnancy posts and videos on YouTube! Lovely photos in this post, that maternity dress looks so pretty! :)
    Kayleigh |

  • Lynnsay

    Congratulations! What beautiful pictures, you look incredible – pregnancy obviously suits you :) xxx

  • Sally Crangle

    Oh lovely Rosie it made me fill up a little bit reading the last bit of your post! I’m so so very happy for you both. I can’t wait to ‘meet’ what i suspect will be the sweetest little cherub of yours! So glad that you are feeling much more ‘you’ and can;t wait to read/share along with your magical journey into motherhood.

    Big congratulations to both of you!

    Sally xxx

  • Lucy Claire

    Oh Rosie I am so excited for you and Jason! I love following along with your blog and it’s going to be a joy to do the same as you become a mama! You both look so happy! Congratulations! xx

  • Lucy

    Congratulations Rosie! Also… you are glowing and rocking that maternity wear! x

  • Ceri

    Huge congratulations! You look amazing – definitely have the pregnancy glow! So excited to follow your journey into parenthood :) xx

  • Yelle

    I must have missed the pregnancy announcement – I’m so happy for you two! The best wishes are going your way. This is such a wonderful time. I know that we hope to be pregnant in the next few years, so it’s such a joy to share in the adventure of others! xo!

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  • Lauren S

    Congratulations again Rosie, such a wonderful moment for you both! Glad all is well and I too am a belly sleeper so I don’t know how I’ll manage come my own children. Great to hear everything is going smoothly and can’t wait to keep up with your updates.

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Beauty Wellbeing

  • Sonia

    Such wonderful news Rosie! A big congratulations. Wishing you, Jason, and the baby all the best! Look forward to following along.

    P.s you look so lovely!

  • Stephanie Sadler

    Congrats Rosie!! So happy for you two. :)

  • Charlotte

    This is lovely news, so happy for you and Jason. Good luck for an easy rest of your pregnancy!xx

    Charlotte’s Web |

  • The Small Things Of Life

    Huge congratulations to you and Jason. It must be hugely exciting along with being terrifying at the same time. I found out this week after an op that I actually can have children and I was thrilled so I can’t imagine how excited and happy you both must be :-) I look forward to reading your journey.

  • woodenwindowsills

    This is so wonderful to read, I love it! i’m so excited for you both and can’t wait to keep up with it all over the next few months! Alice xx

  • Abby | Lace & Lilacs

    Oh, how wonderful, Rosie! You look just stunning, and I am so happy for you and Jason. Sending love and heaps and heaps of happy wishes!! <3 xx

  • Beckie

    Absolutely brilliant news! Congratulations Rosie and Jason. I look forward to reading about your adventure as your family becomes three (plus dogs!). Beckie x The Sussex Girl

  • My Two Mums

    Congratulations. Best of luck planning for your little one’s arrival.

  • Ellie Crossley

    Congratulations to you both! What a beautiful surprise! And you look positively radiant! Xxx

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