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I’m so excited today to be sharing an interview with a blogger I’ve followed for at least two years now…Jenni, from Bows, Bangles and Bakes! Jenni’s is a lifestyle blog, and on it she posts, quite simply, about the things that make her most happy! I love how relaxed Jenni’s attitude towards blogging is- she simply posts when she wants to, about the things that she loves! It makes her blog all that more lovely to read. So, enough from me, and on to our interview with the wonderful Jenni!

1. Will you tell us a little about how you got started writing Bows, Bangles and Bakes?

Bows Bangles and Bakes started out of my very early wedding plans. Soon after getting engaged I started trawling the internet for inspiration and ideas an came across various wedding blogs. Before that I didn’t really know what a blog was! I think it was A Beautiful Mess that really prompted me into thinking about starting my own blog and eventually giving it a go. My first posts were pretty terrible (honestly go look!) and I think I tried a little too hard to emulate other bloggers writing style before I eventually found my own style and starting blogging about what really interested me.

2. What three words would you use to describe your blog?

This is a difficult one! When I was thinking of name for my blog I read various posts which suggested it should reflect what it is about so I chose three words, Bows, Bangles and Bakes to reflect fashion baking and generally girly-ness which is kinda what my blog was and is. I’ve contemplated changing it – particularly as I don’t bake so much, but I’m a little bit in love with my header. I guess three other words I would choose now are simple lifestyle adventuring! 


3. Has blogging brought about any changes in your life? And do you have any advice for anyone who might like to start a blog? 

Hmmm not particularly, probably not in the way it has for many other bloggers. I certainly don’t see myself making a career out of blogging and it has nothing to do with (or impact upon) my day job. In fact I very rarely mention my day job on my blog. I think blogging has made me see the beautiful in the simplicity of the everyday and appreciate it much more. I think with how much social media we consume it easy to think everyone is having a better time than you, but actually when you stand back and look at things a different way, you’re probably having a pretty awesome time of it yourself! I think bogging has definitely changed my perceptions!

In terms of anyone thinking of starting a blog I’d say go for it! When I started blogging there was a lot of focus on ‘finding your niche’. When I stopped trying to find my niche and blogged what I cared about and from the heart, I felt much happier in what I was doing.

4. Do you have a favourite type of post to put together?

Out of all the questions I found this hardest to answers as I tend to only do blog posts I enjoy putting together if that makes sense. I certainly don’t do many ‘sponsored’ posts unless I feel really passionate about it or it’s a product I would have considered anyway.

I’m a big book lover so I can happily blog about books all day long – although I do have a tendency to stick to the same author so I have to make a concerted effort to not keep banging on about the same ones!

I do enjoy blogging about my days out and adventuring such as my vintage trip to Kelham hall and especially our family holiday to Northumberland a couple of years back.


5. As a fellow newlywed, tell us a little about your beautiful wedding! You did a lot of it yourself, right? :) any moments of trial, or particular highlights during the process of planning?

Aww thank you J Yes I practically DIY’ed my entire wedding. Some out of necessity (budget wise) and some out of wanting my wedding to really reflect me and my husband and be very personal to us.

There was a serious point during the making of my bouquet when I seriously questioned what on earth I was doing. Ultimately I’m so glad I persevered as its so special and unique to me but there was a few tears shed over it.

Every element of our wedding was personal to us. So, as my husbands parents come from Glasgow and way back in my linage we also herald from Scotland, we wanted to feature that in our otherwise English wedding. We both have very Scottish surnames and chose a tartan that both of our clans could have traditionally worn (see we really thought this through!) which set the whole colour scheme from there. I think my venue stylist coined it “homemade highland vintage” which is definitely what it was. Our table names were rare Scottish whiskeys which got everyone talking, and my card box was a vintage suitcase which I lined with copies of my great grandparents love letters which we had found inside.

We did have particularly good fun picking our wedding song – again we wanted to stick with our Scottish theme but have a little fun. I found an acoustic version of The Proclaimers 500 miles, by a band called Sleeping at Last (after watching the Commonwealth games opening ceremony) and gt our DJ to mix the original version in once everyone was up on the dancefloor. Again this provided a real talking point, even now, when it gets played and no one believes its your wedding song!


6. What might Cider with Rosie readers be surprised to learn about you? Any secret skills or party tricks?

I’m a bit of an open book really (aside from my work life) so probably not much. Sorry this is a terrible answer – even my husband couldn’t think of anything! 

7. Your recent posts tell me you’re in the process of buying a house at the moment! Would you share with us your vision for your dream new home?

I recently shared some of my ideas for my plans for my interior, but my dream house would be something really period. We are buying a 1950s ex council semi which doesn’t have much in the way of period features but is big on space and solidly built. In an ideal world (and if we had many in our local area) I’d love a big old Victorian property with big bay windows, original coving, beautiful wooden floors and gorgeous original feature fireplaces. Even though that’s not what we are getting I’m a big believer in any house can be a home, even if its not your dream one, if the right special people are in it. 


8. And finally, it’s our old favourite Desert Island Discs! If you were stranded on a desert island, what would you bring along for the ride? You can bring two albums/CDs, two books, two films, ingredients to make a meal, and one luxury item!

My first CD choice would have to be Stereophonics as I’m a pretty big fan. I’d normally choose the first album, Word Gets around, but as it’s desert island disc I’m cheating slightly and choosing Decade in The Sun (which is a Best of collection.)My second choice I my current car album which is ‘When Cool Was King’ which is a collection of Jazz and Swing classics, from Etta James and Frank Sinatra, to Amy Winehouse and Michael Buble – for when I’ve had enough rocking out and just need to chill. 

When it comes to books you’ve got a take a Harry Potter book right? No matter how many times I read any of them I never get bored. My favourite is Prisoner of Azkaban but as that’s mid way through the series I may get a bit irritated by the story not being finished so I’ll go with the Philosophers Stone on this occasion. Second book would be The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton. I love all Kate Morton’s books, but that is my favourite. 

Films I’d take Footloose as its always been one of my favourite musical dancey type films. The second would be the Notebook as everyone needs to have a good cry sometimes.

I love cooking pasta dishes – especially creamy ones! So the ingredients to make a super creamy cheesy carbonara.

Luxury item would have to be skincare. I can cope without make up straighteners etc but I’m really particularly about my skin, so my cleanser toner and moisturiser would be my luxury item. I’ve recently swapped from super expensive (but still amazing) Clarins, to Tropic, which I discovered at a friends home skincare party and I’ve loved ever since.

~ ~ ~

Didn’t you just love Jenni’s answers? Head over to Bows, Bangles and Bakes now and say hello, and don’t forget to follow along via Bloglovin‘!

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  • http://sophies-edit.blogspot.co.uk/ Sophie

    When i first started blogging in 2010, I used to read jenni’s blog religiously!! I need to read it again. xx

  • http://www.lazypencil.blog/ Hannah Venables

    i love reading interviews like this! you don’t often know a lot of the life of the person behind the blog!


  • http://jesandbleu.com Jes Cohen

    This is great! Thanks for sharing Rosie.


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