A ‘p-update’!



E L S I E   A T   1 0 . 5   W E E K S

I’m not sure if it shows at all in these photos, but this little lady is growing at a rate of knots!

She’s definitely longer and leggier than Teddy was at this stage- he grew up looking like a solid little chunk from the start, whereas Elsie’s got a much more lithe shape and some crazy long spaniel-supermodel hind legs ;)

We’re still just loving having her as part of our little family, and it feels like she’s been ours forever!

Here’s a little update on the tiniest member of the Chappel household…


T H E   H O A R D E R .

Right from the day we brought her home, Elsie marked out a spot by the radiator in the living room as ‘hers’, and just loves to pile up all her toys there. Well, I say ‘her toys’, but really they’re just toys she’s commandeered from the toybox that Teddy used to have sole dibs over…


C U S H I O N   T H I E F

Give the girl a cushion or two to nap on, and she’s happy. Though once we start taking her out and those lovely clean white paws get dirty, it’ll be an end of that particular treat!

Cider-with-Rosie-Elsie-springer-spaniel-puppy-9 Cider-with-Rosie-Elsie-springer-spaniel-puppy-7

C A N   I   G O   O U T   N O W ?

And speaking of going out, we’re counting down the days until we can take the little ball of energy out on her first walk! She’s so smart and curious, and is getting seriously bored of our teeny tiny garden.

Thank goodness we can start taking her out this coming Monday! Though I don’t think Teddy will be best pleased to have her now intruding on every part of his life ;)

Cider-with-Rosie-Elsie-springer-spaniel-puppy-4 Cider-with-Rosie-Elsie-springer-spaniel-puppy-5 Cider-with-Rosie-Elsie-springer-spaniel-puppy-6

C O N S T A N T L Y   C R U N C H I N G

Our garden is constantly littered with beech nut shells from the tree at the end of our garden, and both our dogs eat them like it’s their own private snack selection! Yesterday I caught Elsie eating two at once. I did wonder why she let me fish the first one out of her mouth with so little fuss and resistance…


D O E – E Y E D   F O R   H E R   B I G   B R O T H E R

It’s so sweet to see how much Elsie just adores Teddy, and how desperate she is to get as close as she can to him at all times.

He’s really started to accept her now, and even will deliberately parade past her carrying one of his toys to instigate a game of chase! Her charm offensive still needs a little work though, as she’s taken to running at him when he’s curled up sleeping in his bed, and performing these huge flying leaps to get in there with him.

Needless to say, he never is best pleased with the situation, and either hops out straight away looking cross, or else lies there as she tries to bury herself into his belly fur making ‘please help me’ eyes at Jason and I.

~ ~ ~

And that’s the latest on little E! Now I’ve written this post, I’ve got a nasty suspicion it’ll be interesting so no-one but Jason and myself. But everyone loves a selection of cute puppy photos, right?!

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  • https://theslowtravels.com Louise Brown

    These photos – that face, I just can’t – all too cute!!

  • http://www.alittlelusciousness.com/ rosie alittlelusciousness

    TOO cute, keep them coming!!!
    Rosie xx

  • http://www.mascaraandmud.com/ Cerys {mascara & mud}

    IneedapuppyIneedapuppyIneedapuppy…I need a puppy!!

  • Ashley Christabelle

    So much cuteness in one blogpost x


  • http://mutedmornings.blogspot.com Mimmi

    Aah she’s too adorable! My heart is melting. Spaniels are just the cutest. Sounds like she’s got a lovely personality as well!

    Mimmi xx
    Muted Mornings

  • http://thisiscaz.blogspot.com/ Caz

    Elsie is so cute! I’m looking forward to seeing more photos as she grows up :)

    Caz | thisiscaz

  • http://www.elinesreturnticket.blogspot.nl Eline Punt

    Elsie is the cutest. We might get our own puppy around may. I’m beyond excited and these photos aren’t helping at all haha.

    Love, Eline

  • http://www.màrriedtoachef.co.uk Nicky Nelson

    Cute puppy, cute name! Our Springer is a leggy one too! They do have the prettiest faces don’t they?!

  • http://www.intherightplaces.com Aimee

    Absolutely everyone loves a collection of adorable puppy photos! Elsie is gorgeous!


  • Beccy

    Oh what a lovely post! We’ve had our little monster for almost 3 weeks now and I am delighted to hear that we are not alone with having a cushion thief in the house (and a scarf thief…a phone thief…a train ticket thief…)

    Elsie is gorgeous – enjoy the cuddles!

    Beccy || http://www.bluebellandbumpkin.com

  • http://www.lifeoutsidelondon.co.uk Michelle

    Oh stop*. You must. I can’t have any more pooches at home…unless I turfed out one of the teens…or a husband. And that would be LUNACY…wouldn’t it?
    M x

  • http://www.ameldi.com Amy Eleanor | Ameldi

    Oh my, she is so precious! Please continue with puppy updates, those ears are just so adorable! We’re hoping to get a couple of cats later this year, but unfortunately I haven’t quite managed to persuade the boyfriend that a dog is integral to our lives!


  • http://heysof.com Sofie

    She looks like such a sweetheart! I have been dying to get dogs for a while, but my boyfriend and I live in an apartment in the middle of a city; there just isn’t enough space. For now, looking at your puppy pictures will have to be enough!

  • http://natalieleanne.com NatalieLeanne

    What a cutie!


  • Lizzie Woodman

    Oh no it’s definitely interesting – I’d be happy to read about puppies all day! She’s gorgeous. Good luck with the first proper outing!

  • Erica Field

    Hi, just found your blog and having a read through, it’s lovely. Elsie is so cute, we got a cocker spaniel puppy just before Christmas. We called her Rosie, she’s now 14 weeks old. Hope your first outing goes well, can’t wait to see photos of her as she grows. x

  • http://elevatormusik.com/ Gillian

    She is the cutest wee thing – that little face! x

  • Trudy Johanna

    she is ADORABLE and i wish to steal her x
    TrudyJohanna | UK Lifestyle Blog

  • http://jesandbleu.com Jes Cohen

    It’s really nice that Elsie is already looking up to her big brother, Teddy. I bet she feels right at home. She definitely looks it.

    She’s such a cutie. :)


  • https://hayleyonholiday.com/ Hayley | Hayley on Holiday

    My dog would never sit still long enough for a photo, so I’m super impressed you got such amazing photos. She is a total cutie!

  • http://www.aprileveryday.com/ April @ aprileveryday

    Oh my gosh – she is absolutely adorable! I love that she loves Teddy so much. I’d love to get another cat (I’m a total crazy cat person hah) or possibly even a dog, but I’m pretty sure that Mr Toff would have none of it after 14years of being by himself, so we’re holding off. I’ll just live vicariously through you guys for now! :)

    xo April | April Everyday

  • http://thrivergirl.com McKenzie

    Oh my word, she is the cute thing in the world! I’m so happy you updated us with her adorableness! Lovely pup you’ve got there! xo

    McKenzie | http://therosynook.com/

  • Island Living 365

    You can never have too many puppy pictures! Just what we need to warm the cockles on this freezing day :-)

  • https://sweetpassions07.blogspot.com Antonia

    She is so adorable. Now I want another dog although I already have two handsome guys. They are such an incredible creatures, aren’t they? must say that she is very photogenic. I would photograph her all the time. Hope you’re going to update us about her growing up. I would definitel like to see this pretty face again. xo

    Antonia || Sweet Passions

  • http://www.lovedbylaura.com/ Laura

    This post is just adorable. I love hearing your everyday goings on and that description of her enthusiastically launching herself at your less enthusiastic older pup reminds me of when we brought a new kitten home. Our well established cat Mr Darcy was having none of it. Luckily they’ve grown a lot closer over time!

    Laura xx | Loved By Laura

  • http://charlottes-web.wix.com/blog Charlotte

    She’s just the cutest! Spaniel pups are always so adorable and fluffy and energetic and she certainly looks like she’s all of those!!

  • The Gossip Darling

    OMG!!!! I’m dying!! This pup is wayyyy too cute!! Thank you for sharing! xo


  • http://www.happymelodie.com/ Melodie | Happy Melodie Blog

    Oh my i could never get anything done if i had a puppy like her at home!! Honeslty Rosie, please keep the puppy photos coming, she and Teddy are the prettiest dogs i’ve seen, i just love them!! :)))

  • http://www.long-may-she-rain.blogspot.co.uk/ Katie Bedlow

    Absolutely gorgeous, those eyes! I can imagine she’s very smart and so excited about going out and seeing the world of walkies! Glad she’s settling in so well, and her big brother hasn’t been too grumpy about it!

    Katie x


  • https://ohliv.blogspot.co.uk Liv

    Oh my goodness, how adorable! I so desperately want a puppy & this post is really not helping! Keep the pupdates coming! Liv x

  • http://edoublemamurray.blogspot.com.au/ Emma Murray

    OH my goodness. Those eyes! I doubt I’d ever get anything done if I had a little puppy! I’m bad when we have little chickens haha so I don’t want to think what a puppy would cause! Such a gorgeous pup! Em xx


  • http://www.hellosaralou.blogspot.com Sara

    I have to say Springer Spaniels are by far my favourite breed of dog, so crazy hyper and eager to please and just all round good fun. Your puppy is one of the cutest things I have ever seen besides my own of course, but hey I’m biased. :D


  • http://Www.supernaturallyhealthy.org/ Kezia @ Super Naturally Health

    Cutest thing ever – make me want to get one so bad!!!

  • Peppermint Dolly

    Such a beautiful dog!!



  • http://millijarlett.com Milli J

    Love reading about the little one! She’s such a pretty little thing!

  • http://www.bethaniejane.co.uk Bethanie Jane

    I am in love with your dog!

  • http://lizziedailyblog.blogspot.co.uk/ Elizabeth Rebecca

    She is so lovely Rosie – bless her hoarding things.

    Lizzie Dripping

  • http://hannahmadam.blogspot.co.uk/ Hannah

    So cute! We’ve got a 6 month old spaniel and can’t believe how much he’s grown. I miss him being such a small little pup!

    Hannah x

    Pictures on my blog – hannahamdam.blogspot.co.uk

  • https://thepositivelifeblog.wordpress.com Simone

    So so sweet! Reminds me of our pup when I was younger ^_^

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