Navy + white in the Place Vendome.


CiderwithRosie-Paris-Place-Vendome-9 CiderwithRosie-Paris-Place-Vendome-5

T H E   S T U M B L E D   U P O N   S Q U A R E .

I’d been to Paris on a day trip with my Mum a few years previously (I think maybe before Jason and I even got together, so that really is a long time ago!), and one of my strongest memories from that day was of the Place Vendome.

I remember that we’d walked our way down through the city from the Gare de Nord, stopped for lunch outside the Opera House (and popped inside to marvel at the huge mirrored ballroom, and the grand central staircase) and then slowly made our way down towards the Tuileries gardens.

As we walked, our haphazard path took us through the Place Vendome, a part of the city my teenage self (on her first ever trip to Paris!) had never come across in photographs before. I remember marvelling at the wide expanse of neat square paving stones, and the cloistered shop fronts with their glittering window displays.

CiderwithRosie-Paris-Place-Vendome-8 Rosie-Chappel-Paris-Place-Vendome CiderwithRosie-Paris-Place-Vendome-2

And history repeated itself on this particular trip! Jo and I had been on our way back to the hotel in a taxi, but when we found ourselves driving through the centre of the Place Vendome, stopped the cab early and hopped out to explore the square.

It was every bit as beautiful as it’d been to my younger self. Peaceful in its own bustling sort of way, vast and airy, and with the same feeling of understated glamour that makes Paris so very special.

That day, I wore a feminine A-line skirt and a soft, Peter Pan collar blouse in the same navy and white colour scheme that (quite unintentionally) become my uniform for the trip. All I needed was for the red on my nails to be just a shade or two brighter, and I’d have been about as French as it gets…;)

Pea coat || Collar blouse || Spotty skirt {similar shape, & pattern} || Patent loafers.

CiderwithRosie-Paris-Place-Vendome-6 Cider-with-Rosie-Place-Vendome-Paris Rosie-Chappel-Paris-2  
CiderwithRosie-Paris-Place-Vendome-3 CiderwithRosie-Paris-Place-Vendome-4

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  • Fruzs

    You know what would be a dream? Go shopping with you! Absolutely in love with these Parisian posts.

  • Rachel Harris

    Love your outfit, that handbag is beautiful! Paris looks wonderful! :)

    Rachel – Cake Doesn’t Count x

  • Anna
  • emily couture

    What a beautiful skirt :)

    emily xx

  • Mere Mai

    You look so cute! The top is especially so lovely!

  • Lauren S

    This is such a gorgeous classic Parisian outfit, I am in love! And the mirrored ballroom sounds divine, will have to scour that one out

    Lauren x

    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Beauty

  • Flo

    What a beautiful outfit I love the polka dots and the shade of your nail varnish xx

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