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4   R U E   D U   M O N T   T H A B O R .

Our flight from London was an early one.

We didn’t mind a bit though, because (and I don’t know about you) I always kind of revel in early morning flights. Shutting the front door as quietly as I can behind me and stepping out into the dark with my case trundling along by my side- there’s something about it that makes my stomach fluttery with excitement.

We left London a little after 8am, and after a short skip across the channel, Jo and I were safely installed in our beautiful sunlit hotel room, throwing down suitcases and applying concealer by the bucket load to try and fix the bags under our eyes.

Cider-with-Rosie-Renaissance-Paris-Vendome CiderwithRosie-Paris-city-break-Renaissance-Paris-Vendome

Our hotel, the Renaissance Paris Vendome, was set just one street back from the Rue de Rivoli, which runs along the Northern edge of the Jardin des Tuileries. It turned out to be the most perfect spot to explore from- a stone’s throw from so many incredible sights!

With guidance from the hotel’s concierge team (who helped us with everything from picking which museum to visit, to where to head for a quick bite for lunch), we set about making a plan for our first day in the city, then armed ourselves with cameras and the obligatory paper map, and headed out!

(P.s. Jo and I remembered, whilst using an old-school paper map for navigation during this trip, why it is we both love Google Maps quite so much. Turns out, when you’ve not got a little blue dot telling you where exactly you are, map-reading becomes a lot more tricky! ;)

CiderwithRosie-Paris-day-1 CiderwithRosie-Paris-Castiglione

D E J E U N E R.

Our first port of call was Le Castiglione, a little restaurant tucked round the back of our hotel serving French-Italian fayre.

The restaurant was as quintessentially Parisian in style as you could hope to find- with tables set on the pavement underneath an awning, and sharply dressed waiters on hand to recommend a wine to go with our lunch.


Our lunch was tasty (a burrata and tomato salad for me, and a classic Croque Madame for Jo), but the real standout of the meal was that glorious basket of bread and butter up there!

There’s nothing better than French bread and butter, and even the most mediocre is still better than the contents of most bread baskets back home, but even so, those chewy rolls and the little pat of Buerre d’Isigny stood out by a country mile.

The butter was rich and salty and creamy, and so very flavoursome I could quite happily have just sat there all afternoon long eating my way through baskets of the stuff!


I N   S E A R C H   O F   M A C A R O N S . . .

With our meal over and done with, we made our way down towards the gardens, both complaining about how we’d eaten far too much of that delicious bread and butter at lunch.

‘I couldn’t eat another bite!’, I remember us both saying.

And yet, as we walked past Les Marquis de Laduree, and the beautifully arranged macarons with their crisp edges and ganache-filled centres inside the windows called out to us as we passed, we couldn’t help but about turn and head inside…

CiderwithRosie-Paris-Marquis-de-laduree-18 CiderwithRosie-Paris-city-break-6

The shop was a dream- polished glass counters filled with glossy chocolates, cocoa-dusted truffles, and, of course, row upon row of candy coloured macarons. And the flavours! White chocolate and passionfruit, pistachio, raspberry and dark chocolate…it was heaven.

It would’ve been rude to walk out without buying any, wouldn’t it? Well, that’s what we told ourselves at least, and so bought up a little selection of flavours to sustain us on the walk down to l’Orangerie..

CiderwithRosie-Paris- CiderwithRosie-Paris-city-break-7 CiderwithRosie-Paris-city-break-8 CiderwithRosie Cider-with-Rosie-Arriving-inParis-2

I N   T H E   G A R D E N S

With only a couple of days to explore in the city, we decided (taking heed of the advice given to us by the team at the Renaissance) to forgo visiting a larger museum and instead head to l’Orangerie for a pint-sized dose of culture.

The ‘musée’ is set on the far Western tip of the Tuileries garden, right on the banks of the Seine. The building alone is worth a visit, with its glass ceilings flooding the whole place with light, and the contrast between the modernity of the smooth, concrete inner walls and the century-old art displayed within.

Cider-with-Rosie-lOrangerie-2 CiderwithRosie-Paris-city-break-9 Cider-with-Rosie-Arriving-in-Paris-3

On display at l’Orangerie are paintings from Monet’s Water Lilies collection, in two great oval rooms that lead on one from the next.

The paintings wrap around the entirety of each room, and the way they can be viewed and appreciated is said to change throughout the course of the day, as the light streaming through the glass ceiling alters and changes from sunrise to sunset.

CiderwithRosie-Paris-city-break-19 CiderwithRosie-Paris-day-1-3

I do love a gallery visit, but since I’m pretty clueless when it comes to art I usually tend not to have the longest attention span for it all. My dream would be to visit a gallery with an art expert, who could explain each painting in detail to me so that I could really *get* it!

But with l’Orangerie being both compact and ultra-focused (exhibiting only paintings from the Water Lilies collection), it was just perfect!

I’d really recommend it to anyone who, like me, prefers to take their art in small, easy to swallow doses ;)

CiderwithRosie-Paris--2 CiderwithRosie-Paris-city-break-11

^ Oh hi there, Eiffel tower! ^

CiderwithRosie-Paris-city-break-13 Cider-with-Rosie-lOrangerie-3

T O   T H E    M A R A I S > >

After a brief stop to admire the Eiffel tower and Arc du Triomph in the distance, we hopped on the Metro and headed over to the Marais in search of a cold drink and a wander through the city’s shopping district.

The Marais area was probably one of my favourite places we visited in Paris- a maze of tiny streets flanked with a mixture of small, understated boutiques, chic higher end brands (Maje caught my attention…), and of course, an array of awning-covered cafes and restaurants.

We took up seats outside one of the tiny cafes, ordered ourselves a couple of ice cold beers, and sat back to enjoy a burst of Parisian sunshine.

CiderwithRosie-Paris-city-break-14 CiderwithRosie-Paris-city-break-15 CiderwithRosie-Paris-day-1-4

A   D E S S E R T   S T O P . . .

CiderwithRosie-Paris-city-break-3 CiderwithRosie-Paris-city-break-18

Our final stop of the day was fuelled by a sugar-low, caused by eating a few too many macarons in the afternoon.

Angelina, a patisserie I’d heard so very much about ahead of our trip, was located just one street in front of our hotel. Dangerously close, some might say, especially since we found ourselves popping in there more times than was strictly good for us during our stay…

We stopped by on our way back to the hotel to get ready for dinner, bought ourselves a couple of treats to take away with us, and then squirrelled them away in our room as the evening’s dessert.

CiderwithRosie-Paris-city-break-17 Cider-with-Rosie-Paris-weekend-trip-Angelina

And I’ll tell you, sitting in my pyjamas later that night, sharing a selection of French patisserie with my very best friend in the plushest hotel bed I’ve ever stayed in?

Well, it was pretty magic! Oh, and if you happen to be nearby Angelina any time soon? Stop by and order a ‘Pompadour’ {pictured above}. You can thank me later…

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  • Miranda | Miranda’s Notebook

    What a perfect start to your Parisian holiday!! It looks like you had the most gorgeous weather. You’ve visited so many of my favourite places – lovely to catch glimpses of them again through your beautiful photos. xxx

  • Jas

    This looks so beautiful and amazing, I would really love to go there now! Really gorgeous photos too. <3

  • Keri Bainborough

    Love Angelina’s!

  • Lauren S

    I’ve been reminiscing my recent Paris trip and this has made me want to go back and look around properly – Angelica, Laduree, the museums….it’s all beautiful

    Lauren x

    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Beauty

  • Sara Rose

    I agree, early morning flights are the best because then you have the rest of the day to explore your destination! What a lovely little trip to Paris!

  • MeghanSara

    Your photos are AMAZING! I’ve got serious Paris envy over here! And that green sweater is DIVOOON.

  • Caroline L.

    Giving me flashbacks to some of my favorite days in Paris… I see so many snippets of my favorite places!

  • Laura

    Seriously missing Paris! Stayed in Montmartre with my two best girl friends last Christmas and we had such a great time. Love the photos Rosie x
    Laura //

  • Kelsey Douglas Short

    As they say, Paris is always a good idea. It looks like a fantastic trip. And I love the outfit Rosie.

  • Morgan Gifford

    You have such amazing pictures! I’ve always wanted to visit Paris! So amazing.
    Morgan |

  • Mimmi

    Really want to go back to Paris after reading your posts from there! The Musée de l’Orangerie is my favourite. Monet’s water lilies are just incredibly beautiful! And Marais is one of my favourite neighbourhoods :)

    Mimmi xx
    Muted Mornings

  • rosie alittlelusciousness

    I can’t wait to go this weekend. Am staying right in the centre of Le Marais so anymore tips appreciated!
    Rosie xx

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