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It’s always so much fun putting together these round ups of the amazing blogs and sites that’ve been linked in my sidebar each month. I just love taking a little time out to appreciate how many creative and passionate people there are in the blogging community, and being able to share their sites here on Cider with Rosie. And since this week is turning out to be the rainiest, greyest August week imaginable, what could be more perfect than spending a little time sitting inside with a cup of coffee, adding some new reads to your blog feed? Let’s get to it…

Laughter is Catching
I’ve so enjoyed getting to know Laura and her lovely blog this month. Laura lives in London with her husband (though frequently makes the trip over the Atlantic to San Diego), and shares her adventures life and loves on her blog. Each and every post on Laughter is Catching is beautifully written, and so clearly has come straight from the heart. I especially love Laura’s posts about travel, as her passion for the subject (both the countries she’s visited, and the idea of travel itself), is infectious. And you just must go and read through her entire ‘Five Happy Things’ series, which is just as uplifting as you’d imagine. You’re going to just love this one, I know!
Favourite post of the past month? I Heart Travel.

Silverspoon London
I love getting chance to talk about Silverspoon London here each month, because it really is just the most fun blog to follow along with! Angie seems always to be doing the most exciting things! A few weeks ago was the trip of a lifetime to South Africa, this month- a glamorous trip to Cannes! I love the insight Angie shares in each of her posts, and the fact that her reviews of the beautiful restaurants and hotels and locations she visits always seem to be frank and honest. It’s so lovely too to read each of Angie’s posts, and get the sense that she approaches each new experience with a sense of gratitude and wonder. In short, I’m a fan, and I am pretty certain you will be too! :)
Favourite post of the past month? Summer Food at Tom’s Kitchen, Canary Wharf

Quintessentially Me
‘Lord, I love a cheese fondue!’ is, at the time of writing, the very first sentence of Ashleigh’s most recent blog post, and doesn’t that just tell you everything you need to know about why I like her blog so much? And the fact that Ashleigh’s next most recent post is entitled ‘Learning to brew the perfect coffee’ pretty much seals the deal! Quintessentially Me is a lifestyle blog, focusing on the finer things in life. Each of Ashleigh’s posts has something special and unique about it, and I just love the effortless way in which she puts together her photographs and writing. In fact, it’s Ashleigh’s writing in particular I just love- it’s so eloquent and well-informed. One to click through to on the double!
Favourite post of the past month? Learning to brew the perfect coffee.

The Librarian
Georgina’s blog has become a favourite read of mine over the past couple of months it’s been linked here on Cider with Rosie. There’s just something so uplifting about everything she shares! Over the past few weeks, Georgina’s posted a recipe for ultimate mac n cheese (containing no less than THREE different types of cheese!), opened an Etsy shop (congrats, Georgie!), and harvested a homegrown crop of strawberries and mange tout. I just adore the wonderfully simple way Georgina puts together her posts, and find myself being drawn back by her warm and friendly writing time and again. I just can’t recommend The Librarian highly enough :)
Favourite post of the past month? Midweek Meals: Ultimate Mac n Cheese

The Awkward Blog
Congratulations are in order to the lovely Angela this month, my fellow newlywed buddy! Angela got married just shy of a month after Jason and I, and judging by the photos she’s shared on her blog, it looked like the most beautifully fun and glamorous day! I’ve followed along with The Awkward Blog for such a long time now, and can’t recommend it highly enough to you. Angela blogs about her life in London in such an infectiously fun way, you’ll be hard pressed to do anything *but* add it to your reading list! Whether it’s the restaurant reviews, travel posts, tips for where to head next in London, or photographs from Angela’s day trips and adventures, there’s something for everyone on The Awkward Blog!
Favourite post of the past month? Mr & Mrs.

Helene in Between 
Helene’s blog is so much fun! Reading it, you get the feeling that she’s blogging purely for the joy of sharing her life and loves online, which is just so refreshing! Helene in Between is a lifestyle blog, and on it Helene posts about her recent fun and exciting experiences, updates from her life in the US, and shares the simple moments that’ve made her most happy. I especially loved her recounting of the ‘Mean Girls’-themed Bachelorette party she helped throw for a friend (the bride is to be wed on the 3rd October- MG fans will get the reference!;), and her post about the best spots for dancing and cocktails to be found in Texas. If lighthearted, charming, and uplifting lifestyle blogs are your cup of tea, then you’re in for a treat with this one!
Favourite post of the past month? How To Know If You’re Ready For Fall.

A Little Lusciousness
Oh, I just can’t get enough of Rosie’s blog! Though to be honest with you, reading it should come with a ‘This blog will make you ravenous’ warning- so consider yourself told, okay? ;) A Little Lusciousness is a food blog, and has become my ‘go to’ place for restaurant recommendations over the past few months I’ve been reading it. This month, Rosie’s shared her thoughts on The Real Greek (I got dip envy!), ate an envy-induing meal at Paradise Garage in Bethnal Green, and paid a visit to the new street food market in Elephant and Castle! Rosie’s reviews are always so well written and comprehensive, and her passion for her subject just shines. A true gem of a blog!
Favourite post of the past month? Food Yard Friday, Elephant & Castle.

Little Miss Katy
And lastly, I bring you the ray of sunshine that is Katy, of Little Miss Katy fame! Katy’s blog is just so lovely to read, I can’t stop clicking through to it at the moment! Each and every one of her posts is so   full of joy and has such a warm tone, it’s like catching up with a good friend instead of simply reading words on a screen. On her blog, Katy shares restaurant reviews, happy lists, photos and stories from the press events she attends, and fashion posts to boot! I just love the way Katy infuses everything she shares, from her photographs through to the writing itself, with such a strong sense of personality, and am pretty inspired by the effortless way she does it too. You’ll just love it!
Favourite post of the past month? London | Superfood Ice Cream at the OXO Tower Bar.

 A few lovely more blogs + shops to get to know ::
Get the Skinny || Favourite post? Find your summer. 
Emma Inks || Favourite post? Dubrovnik, Croatia.
Michael 84 || Favourite post? What To Wear To A Summer Wedding
And She Made || Favourite post? Vogue V1102: A dream backless dress
Lace & Lilacs || Favourite post? lovely little things: photographs. thoughts. links.
Happy & Glorious || Favourite product? Organic vanilla & chilli triple-wick candle
Feet Meet World || Favourite post? 40 Questions

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