If spring is the time for anything, it’s starting over. Taking a little time out to reflect on the year to date, noting the changes of the season, breathing in warmth, and letting go of the foggy hangovers of winter.

Last week was a week free of screens, for me. I shut my phone away the vast majority of the time, left my laptop to gather dust, and went out with my camera only once- to capture this most picturesque of spots in the bluebell woods.

With no time restraints, we allowed ourselves to linger. Walked farther than usual just for the sheer joy of being out in the sunshine, and seeing Teddy so happy to be charging around after birds and peering at the sheep through fences. I caught a new smattering of freckles, and gathered bites and bruises and bites and scratches on my legs from goodness knows what.

It’s amazing what you notice, sitting quietly in the woods for twenty minutes or so. The coarse pheasant calls punctuate the near-constant chorus of delicate bird song, and the wind sets the bluebell leaves squeaking as they rub up against one another. The sun streams though the trees bright as anything one moment, then fades away in an instant the next. Even the tiny insects sit and bask in the sunlight on tree branches and logs, and don’t seem the slightest bit phased to be sharing their turf with a busy spaniel. Though, to give credit where credit’s due, after five minutes or so of my sitting quietly on that fallen branch, Ted came and stood by my side and seemed to enjoy listening peacefully to the birds just as much as I did.

Lemonade-picnic-Spring Lemonade-in-the-woods

The crowning glory on top of an already overwhelmingly lovely moment was that little flask of lemonade. It had added to it a few ice cubes, a couple of slices strawberries and orange segments, and a few sprigs of marjoram- and it really was the most refreshing thing you could think of to enjoy mid-dog walk on a warm May day. I drank the lemonade, Teddy got the strawberries and crunched through the ice cubes, and the orange slices were a treat both for me and a few bold ants.

There’s a reason this patch of woods is the happy place I imagine myself in when I can’t drift off to sleep at night. There are even sheep to count, just beyond the bluebell patch…

Cider-with-Rosie-lifestyle-photography-lemonade-in-the-woods Bluebell-woods Lemonade-picnic-Cider-with-Rosie Cider-with-Rosie-lifestyle-photography

What I wore :: Breton top || Jeans || Welly boots.

Bluebells-CiderwithRosie Cider-with-Rosie-bluebell-woods-lifestyle-photography

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