I sometimes wonder what it must be like to see the world through Ted’s eyes. I mean, not from the literal perspective (super tall everything!), but more from his actual perspective. He seems so thrilled with life all the time, you know? He wakes excited, he spends his days excited, he goes to bed sleepy, but still, pretty darn excited! His tail has only stopped wagging for longer than about twenty minutes once in his whole life (when it was paralysed by a fall into freezing cold water, of all things!), and unless you try to take away his favourite toy, you’d be hard pressed to make him anything other than happy as a lamb!

It turns out though, seeing life from Teddy’s point of view, that is, from down at knee-height (via a camera strapped onto his back) does give you a pretty great understanding of how happy he is. I was hard pressed to find footage from all that we recorded from Teddycam that wasn’t so shaky it felt like being inside a washing machine (the above video is, if you can believe it, the most serene footage of the bunch!), and it’s clear as day, to me at least, that this bouncy little dog has a pretty well-developed sense of joie de vivre!

Here’s Ted’s perspective on it all…

‘I’m awake. This is absolutely fantastic! I love being awake! Mornings are my favourite thing! I’m the first one awake again, so it’s handy that my people put a door with ridges on it in the kitchen because my claws make the most distinctive sound when I scratch on it, and it always sends someone running to open it for me.

Mum asks if I want my breakfast, so I look at her like the fool she is. I mean, have we even met before? Doesn’t she remember the time I did a wee on the floor when I was small because I got so excited about breakfast? (Mum says she likes breakfast too, but not as much as me. Obviously). Wonder what it’ll be this time. She said the word ‘biscuits’ so I think it’s biscuits, but if Dad’s not around she’ll probably give me a lick of yoghurt and an apple core too. Win.

Want to know what the main difference is between dogs and people? It’s that people haven’t learnt yet that it’s actually really easy to eat a whole bowl of food in three bites. You just have to be okay with choking a bit.

OUT. She said out, and out is my favourite thing! I knock over her wellies in my excitement, which is fine because we do it every morning and so it’s a game I think. Portal open- freedom is here! Run fast- bark at cat – surprise old person neighbour – arrive at car! Mum’s car is nice because it used to be cream but now it’s brown inside and smells of me, and she must really like it like that because it’s been ages since she made it not smell of me. She says she’s ‘given up caring’. I don’t know what she means. She tells me to get into the back, so I jump onto the front seat, and then onto her seat too whilst she’s walking round to get in. It’s fine because we do this every morning so it’s a game I think.

We’re at the forest, and now I’m *really* excited because this is my actual real favourite thing! A rude dog just barked at me, because I sat in front of its person to get her to give me a treat. She said no, which is also rude because usually when I sit nice I usually get treats from strangers. (Jokes on them, I knew how to sit when I was 8 weeks old. Puppy’s play. Give me something hard to do.) Mum said ‘sorry about him’ to them, which she says lots when we’re out. I don’t know why.


Here are three reasons why the forest is the best place on earth:
1. You can run really really fast everywhere and feel the wind in your ears.
2. The smells are fantastic. Second to none. Sheep, deer, pheasants- you name it, I can smell it here in these woods! The pheasant smells are my favourite smells.
3. The water here is the brownest and stinkiest of everywhere we go ‘out’, and Mum loves it too because she makes loud noises and big flapping hand movements when I jump into it. I think it’s her way of cheering me on.

A BALL. Some dogs are dumb and leave their tennis balls behind in the woods, and today’s my favourite day because I found one! Mum tries to get it out of my mouth so she can wave it in front of my face, then throw it all the way down the path like it’s some piece of garbage. The woman wouldn’t know quality if it slapped her in the face. Idiot.

The walk is over. I am forlorn.

The hose is being brought out, and I’ve got a bad feeling about this. Someone call the RSPCA, because I’m about to maltreated. The issue is that Mum clearly doesn’t appreciate how much effort I go to to gather smells when we’re out. I mean, I roll in dead stuff. I tread deliberately and carefully into the big mounds of horse poop. I eat things the smelliest things I come across. And for what! For her to wash it all away with horrible clean water when I get home? No thank you. I’m off, this is an injustice.

She caught me. I am now clean. Got my own back by shaking next to her laundry and running inside with wet paws. Sucker.

The best time of day (D.I.N.N.E.R.T.I.M.E) comes after nap time, so I sleep by Mum’s feet whilst she sits and ‘works’  all afternoon (yeah right, as if sitting and staring at a flat box with the light inside it is work). I spend the rest of my day barking at people who come and knock on my front door (how dare they), putting my toys on the sofa next to Mum to show her how fantastic they are, and making sure no-one steals the bone she gave me earlier because you can’t trust anyone and that’s a fact.

You know what? You should try this whole running-sniffing-chasing-eating-sleeping thing some time. It’s pretty great.’

** This post was created in collaboration with PetPlan. Ted’s been insured with PetPlan since he was a pup, and we’ve always been impressed with their service.


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Oh Friday, I’m so glad you’re here! And that the most disgusting Thursday in the history of the world (aka. yesterday), is over. Because really, how on earth can weather *that* bad even be possible this far in to May? Sometimes I wish the UK were less fickle. It would make life a whole lot less unpredictable. But anyway, to the happy things! This weekend’s set to be a good one- we’re having dinner with friends, are hearing our banns read for the third time at our parish church, will no doubt catch up with family, and also maybe do a little tinkering around with DIY projects in the house too. It’ll be fun! Here’s a little round up of what’s made the past week a lovely one…

1. Lemsip. All day everyday since Tuesday evening. It’s a miracle worker, isn’t it?

2. Listening to Mumford & Sons new album. (God bless Spotify)

3. *All* the fruit. I’m not sure if it’s because my body’s been craving vitamin C and stuff, or that the sunshine’s brought on a mango/raspberry/banana obsession, but all I’ve wanted to eat this week is fruit, and eat it I have! With the kind of gusto I usually reserve for cheese, which really is saying something…

4. The kind nearly-husband who left work in the middle of the day on Tuesday, drove for half an hour, then walked 20 minutes into the forest to come and help me find the GoPro I’d managed to lose (…it’s a long story) in the middle of a patch of thick undergrowth. It was a fairly disastrous morning, but Jason made it come good in the end. Grateful to have him on my team.

5. Iced water, with add-ins (citrus, mint, cucumber). I’ve been drinking litres of the stuff every day! {See also: fruit obsession listed as point no.3}

6. Being able to pick fresh herbs whilst cooking, from the little planters in our garden. They’re thriving out there too, which is seriously happy-making! Who ever would’ve thought herbs survive better outside than on a kitchen window ledge?!

7. Sitting out in the sunshine, and soaking in the rays like a sponge. It felt *so* good.

8. Spotting a sweet old lady tending to the flowerbeds and lawns in the centre of the village just next to ours. She looked so adorable with her gardening gloves and her shears, and she does the finest job keeping those flowerbeds in tip top condition. This is the sort of insignificant moment that makes my heart sing, though I’m never quite sure why.

9. Hummus! Because apparently Wednesday was International Hummus Day (or maybe National, I can’t quite remember), and so it needs mentioning! And also because I have a tub-a-week habit…

10. Eating spoonfuls of Acacia honey, because I can tell myself it’s medicine for my throat but honestly and truly it’s just my favourite sweet treat at the moment.

Three posts I’ve loved reading this week :: Garance’s simple recipe for a superfood pancake || Joanna’s collection of unforgettable wedding moments || & Kathryn’s sweet balcony garden update!

What’s made it to your happy list this week? :)


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Does it feel like an age to you since we last had a proper sit-down-with-tea-catch-up type post? It does to me, at least. Please consider this your polite notice that now’s the time to go and make a cup of something. Maybe go for an iced coffee (for me the year goes Autumn, Winter, Spring, Iced Latte season), or a green juice, or whatever’s about to become more trendy (…fleek? Am I using it right?) than green juice.

I’ve nothing and everything to fill you in on. Important stuff and nonsense, something and nothing. Probably more nonsenical nothings than important somethings, to be honest.

Let’s kick off with a little round up of all the things that’re swimming around in my mind most frequently at the moment!: Female friendships, and how life-enhancingly beautiful they are. Capsule wardrobes. Puppies and babies. YouTube and videoing and cameras. The wedding. How Time Flies. And also all the usual nonsense, like how I need to buy a mop (OH MY GOSH MY LIFE RIGHT NOW SUCH EXCITEMENT), and how annoying it is that the stupid living room curtains shrunk at the dry cleaners last week, and that I wish I could be someone who didn’t scuff their shoes to buggery after just a handful of wears.

To friendships, first.


Working for yourself, in whatever capacity that may be, can sometimes be an isolating experience. Incredible and exciting and freedom-providing, yes, but also tricky. I spent hours (and I really mean hours!) chewing the fat with my friend over drinks a couple of weeks ago about the logistics and nuances and challenges of being your own boss. Of being at once creative and free-thinking, yet also logical and evaluative and driven. To act as your own greatest champion (self-belief, yeah!), but also needing to be your own greatest critic too. I feel especially that sharing content online can sometimes feel like shouting into the abyss- we pour out our hearts and souls via photographs and stories and posts and updates, then try to make sense of the numbers and statistics that come back so that we can learn and grow and progress. It’s an imprecise art! And if you ask me, it’s for exactly these reasons, for the imprecision and the sometimes-solitude, that friendships and connections become so vital.

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt over the past three years of running this online space, it’s that there’s nothing as powerful as collective creativity. Nothing as strengthening as a pep-talk from kindred spirits, or as empowering as being part of a community that encourages sharing and cross-promotion and leg-ups as much as it does personal growth. It’s the brain-picking WhatsApp messages sent to blogger friends 11 o’clock on a Thursday evening that matter, and the sharing of contacts, and the passing along of opportunities.

The expression ‘all ships rise in high tides’ is a true one, that’s for certain.


And now, to the dumb stuff! Like capsule wardrobes! I’ve nothing to tell you really other than that I’ve become a bit obsessed with them as a concept. Many hours have been spent scouring Caroline’s blog, and looking at ‘how to capsule wardrobe’ thingies on Pinterest.

The idea of havingsomething resembling a uniform is so very appealing to me. My uniform at school was beyond hideous- a shades-of-green striped blazer with brown shoes that made your feet look about 8 sizes bigger than usual- and yet despite the ugliness, I adored it. Loved the ease of getting dressed each morning, loved the feeling of well-worn fabrics against my skin, loved how it became a part of my identity. The focus on mixing and matching within a capsule wardrobe seems so much more sensible to me than constantly trying to reach some impossible state of ‘enough’ within a larger wardrobe, and surely would stop me doing the whole ‘I need more tops- now I need more jeans/skirts/trousers to go with the tops- a few new dresses wouldn’t go amiss- oh look coats and jackets’ thing year round. I feel like it’s a big life decision (it’s not, I’m being dumb, but dumb is fun and that’s kind of a rhyme so there’s that), so maybe I’ll think on it. Start ‘capsuling’ after the wedding, when I’m a wife who just totally gets this sort of stuff done, and never ever scuffs the toes of her nude ballet flats whilst running for trains or forgets to buy tickets for said trains then has to bat her eyelashes at the ticket inspector to avoid getting a fine.

That’s it. August. Rosie Chappel- wife, organised, tidy, never late, owner and creator of capsule wardrobe. It’s happening. Watch this space.


What’s next on the agenda to discuss? Oh yes, puppies and babies! I’m feeling clucky and would like some (of each, though probably not simultaneously), essentially. And also some chickens, and maybe a horse. I’m going through a ‘let’s have a smallholding’! phase- can you tell? I opened Jason’s phone the other day and found he’d been researching sheep farming. I mean, at least we’re both on the same page, even if that page is coloured in all fanciful and ridiculous and nonsensical. Speaking of colouring, I’m still making my way through that colouring book I told you I’d bought a couple of weeks ago. I’ve moved onto *shading* now. That’s right. Pretty impressive, isn’t it?

Lastly, weddings! I was talking with Jaclyn the other evening on Twitter about how weirdly, the smaller our wedding related to-do list becomes, the more stressed about it I feel. I think because it feels like perhaps we’ve forgotten something, or made some horrendous oversight, or maybe it’s just that in all honestly I actually lost the wedding to-do list itself about 4 months ago, and so am relying solely on mine and Jason’s collective brain power (HA!) to make sure we actually *don’t* forget anything. The wedding anxiety dreams are still here, largely still centring around some sort of panicked rush on the morning of the wedding, though just one that involved me realising that Tania and Freya hadn’t to the wedding. I don’t think I need to worry about that circumstance one bit though, since if I know one thing about my friends, it’s that if they’re given opportunity to eat burgers and toast marshmallows, they’ll be there with bells on ;)



And now, actually lastly (not like the last time I wrote ‘lastly’ at the start of the previous paragraph, which was quite clearly a lie), I should probably give these photos some context.

They were taken during an admin-y kind of day spent in East London with Tania on Tuesday, that involved a few hours spent blasting through emails in the Albion cafe whilst on a caffeine high, a lunch meeting over in St Katherine’s Dock, and then a trade off of photo-taking in the afternoon. Turns out though, sometimes it’s just not sensible to take photos with someone who sets you off laughing and encourages you to pull faces and prance around like a fool in front of a camera. You wind up with photos like the below, which look more like stills from some modern dance piece (I was going back to my roots, I guess!) instead of super slick and uber-Pinable blog photos. What can I say? We’re just too good an audience for one another ;) (I should say that it was the model’s fault, not the photographer’s. The photographer was a total pro. It was the other party who let herself down. The worst of the photos will never been seen on the Internet, and for that you can thank me.)


^^ Hopeless. ^^

What I wore :: Trench || Chambray || Breton || Silk trousers || Ballet flats || Watch

Oh MY it felt so good to write! Guess I needed it too, because we’re 1200 words in and still going.

Now, what’s new with you? Are you doing thrilling things like I am today, such as purchasing mops and arguing with your significant other about whether straight or rotary washing lines are better (I say straight, Jason says rotary, you’ll likely not care which is totally understandable)?

Fill me in on what’s up!



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As weekend breakfasts go, I think you’d be hard pushed to find a finer one than that of pancakes. It’s the ritual of whisking batter and melting butter and watching them puff up as they cook, as much as the eating, that makes them such a treat. I’ve been fiddling with my recipe for thick American-style pancakes for years now, and have, if I do say so myself, absolutely cracked it. It’s the extra egg white that makes these a total light-as-air dream. Top them off with some sliced banana and a drizzle of a light, floral honey (I bought this jar of Acacia honey in France last month, and am desperately trying to eke it out!), and then eat whilst dreaming up ways to make the most out of your weekend…

I N G R E D I E N T S  +  I N S T R U C T I O N S  ::

1 cup plain flour
1 cup semi-skimmed milk
1 whole egg, plus 1 egg white
1/2 tsp bicarbonate of soda
Pinch salt
2 tbsp butter, for cooking
1 banana
Honey  {Acacia is my absolute favourite}

- Put the flour, milk, bicarb, pinch of salt, and the whole egg into a large bowl, and whisk until just combined. In a separate bowl, whisk the egg white until it forms soft peaks (about 2 mins of whisking, by hand), and then gently fold into the batter, taking care not to knock out any air.

- Melt the butter in a large non-stick frying pan, then pour it out into a small bowl for greasing the pan as you cook.

- To cook the pancakes, grease the frying pan then get it good and hot before pouring in three small puddles of batter. Wait until you begin to see bubbles forming on the top, uncooked side, before flipping and cooking for 20 seconds or so longer. Repeat until all the batter’s used up {I get about 10 pancakes from a batch of this size}.


More morning inspiration ::
BREAKFAST INGREDIENTS :: eggs + avocado.

** I meant to say earlier, breakfast tray is c/o The White Company, & I adore it! 

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