Magnolia trees, pheasants, + the Big Stuff.



I feel like life’s been getting bigger and bigger recently. I can’t even really articulate what I mean by ‘bigger and bigger’ exactly. I guess I mean…busier? Fuller? More serious?

I think it’s just that, as the months are passing and the wedding planning is progressing and Jason and I move forward with both our individual and shared goals (and begin to think about making steps towards moving house and all that other crazy serious stuff)- life, and all that it entails, seems to be looming larger and larger by the day. Whereas up until maybe two years ago or so ago the biggest of our worries was broken dishwashers, and can we get out to Canada to visit family this winter, and What’s That Stupid Dog Eaten Now and How Much Will The Vet Bill Be, now we’re thinking about things like stamp duty. Mortgage rates. Wedding seating plans, and the related politics of said seating plan. (Sidetone: Who on earth knew it could be quite so hard to figure out where to seat 80 odd people for dinner? I mean, I’m contemplating having it be a free for all…).

It’s not to say that we’re not enjoying ourselves at the moment, not at all! Nothing that’s going on is particularly stressful, or arduous even, I guess it’s just more…big! In fact, the good thing is that what with the big stuff taking up so much brain and to-do list space, it’s making the little stuff so much sweeter. The moments of relaxation, and switching off, and total escapism. This whole Easter weekend was like that, really.
  Teddy-and-sheep-CiderwithRosie Teddy-spring-walk-CiderwithRosie

Jason spent most of last week and the Easter weekend building the deck in our back garden (which he’s now finished, and it looks completely fantastic!), and so we spent a lot of time pottering around at home. And by ‘pottering around’, I do of course mean eating chocolate, and watching The Good Wife. (Sidenote- You should know that I bought the Nakd Basics II palette yesterday for the sole reason that I spend each and every episode of The Good Wife swooning over Alicia Florrick’s amazing matte eye makeup looks, and want to try and recreate them. Isn’t she just so insanely awesome?)

On Easter Monday, my Mum, sister and I took Ted up to the almost-bluebell woods for a walk, ahead of a family lunch at Mum’s later on in the day. The walk was totally idyllic. Mum lead the way up to a big lake I’d never found my way to before, which happened to take us along a path through the woods so thick with pheasants it was all I could do to keep Ted under control! We must’ve spotted easily seven or eight, all glossy and fat and brightly coloured.


^^ Spot the flying pheasant! ^^

Cider-with-Rosie-Spring-walk Magnolia-tree Magnolia-CiderwithRosie

^^ Isn’t that magnolia tree spectacular? I always think magnolia flowers look sort of like birds, though I’m not really sure why. ^^

We finished up our walk a lot muddier and soggier than it began, after Ted took a dip in the lake and then had to be hauled out by the scruff after getting stuck up against a steep bank. (These photos were taken during an identical but separate walk, and thank goodness! I came home from Monday’s walk with muddy patches on my knees, forearms, and just about every other part of my body from having to go fishing for the dog!)

The remainder of the day, that beautifully sunny and warm and quintessentially spring-like Easter Monday, was spent at my Mum’s- eating mountains of food, trying to stop Ted from ‘making friends’ with the cats, and talking with my sister about everything from Snapchat (I still don’t really understand it…) to the stresses of GCSE revision and our shared memories of childhood holidays.

I’m glad of spring days like these. I’m grateful for family and muddy dogs and afternoons spent in my Mum’s sunny kitchen eating hot cross buns and talking for three hours solid. And, most of all, I’m so, so happy that in these months where it feels like we’re rushing as fast as we can towards the wedding and all our plans beyond this coming July, slow days like these help make the Big Stuff seem a little less…big.


What I wore :: Breton top || Grey jeans (older and scruffier than time itself, hence why I’m totally cool with wearing them on a dog walk!) || Wax jacket || Wellies.


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  • Imogen H

    Looks like you had a beautiful day for the walk! I love seeing pictures of Ted, he is so cute and beautiful and reminds me of my Cocker Spaniel (who is a lot less well groomed and a lot scruffier, haha!) Wedding planning must be so, so exciting. I was joking the other day with my friends about where I’d sit people on a seating plan but am obviously far, far away from having to deal with that stress in real life!

    Imogen // imogenscribbles

    • Rosie

      It really was beautiful! It’s so funny you should say that about Ted though, because he’s never, EVER been groomed! We brush him every couple of weeks and bath him frequently, but he’s actually never had a trim in his life! He’s actually the scruffiest he’s ever been right now, but hopefully his winter coat will be gone soon and his lovely glossy summer coat will come in!

      Oh the seating plan thing is mega hard. Especially deciding what to do about top table and all that stuff!


  • Talia

    Ted is so cute! I wish I could take my dog on walks through the woods, but unfortunately she is a tad too adventurous and would wander off! I also love your red stripy top, I might have to get myself one similar to layer for autumn (I’m from New Zealand!) And that magnolia tree is gorgeous! It’s so nice to see that even though you are swamped with different things that you have to focus on, you still find the time to ‘chill out’ and go for a stroll outside. It’s very refreshing!

    Talia x

  • woodenwindowsills

    I had just about the same level of stress on my most recent dog walk. 2 Deerhounds, a lot of lead crossing and resultant dancing around the dogs trying to untangle them and then a farmers dog got very interested in Lark, the younger of our two which was fine until she managed to slip out of her collar and sprinted off into the distance with the farm dog. Definitely a “FENTON” moment, but luckily after I’d raced through a spinney to find her, she was just stood sniffing around the corner. Heart in mouth, but luckily all was ok! Beautiful photos as ever! Alice x

  • Miranda | Miranda’s Notebook

    Sounds like the perfect Easter weekend! What a lovely country walk – those woods must look gorgeous when the bluebells are out! I’m also completely addicted to the Good Wife and love Alicia’s flawless makeup. xxx

  • Anca

    We talked so many hours about the sitting chart at our wedding, but in the end we’ve decided to let the guest choose where they want to sit and it was great. Everybody was happy.

  • Anna

    love how honest you are with us!!! Maybe now is all a bit too much but everything is going to get better :)

  • Caroline

    Ahh i know exactly how you feel! 6 weeks on Saturday until my big day, and I feel like every spare moment is taken with planning the few final bits and pieces (although I haven’t started the dreading seating plan yet) and as much as I’ve enjoyed every second of planning a wedding, I can’t wait for it to be here, and then for life to be calm again, that sounds bad, and I don’t mean it to be, but I’m looking forward to having quiet weekends again!

    Ahh well, enjoy the last few months of it, and prioritise quiet moments like these, as they will get few and far between as the big day gets closer :) xx

  • Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    I’m a fan of the little things in life :) They make me feel, idk, connected to everything somehow. Good luck with the bigger things, and I’m sure all your hard work will pay off! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  • Maja Molière

    I’ve been going through the same big things lately and have been wondering exactly the same: is this really my life, talking about buying houses and all that other grown-up stuff? Nutsooo!

  • Laura Hampson

    This is so true, sometimes you really need to take a step back and recharge. Gives you a more positive outlook on the exciting things to come!
    I also love magnolia trees!
    Laura xx

  • Alexandra

    I totally agree and i am a big fan of the little things personally:) Your photos look lovely!x

  • PinkCatJo

    I completely agree. Big stuff can be so scary, so stressful and yet so exciting when you get to the other side of it. Sounds like you had a lovely weekend though.
    When we were doing our table plan we started off trying to sit people with things in common together but then we decided it was all a bit tenuous, thought about the weddings we’d been to and thought the times we’d sat with friends and family we’d loved it but the times we were with strangers we mostly ended up talking to each other anyway and didn’t enjoy it so much. In the end we sat people who knew each other together and it all worked really well. As Andy’s parents had both passed away we decided we didn’t want to have a big showy top-table and had a round table instead with my parents, his sister and godparents and the best man, his wife and little boy. It all worked out well and didn’t feel too unusual. I’m not sure we would have wanted to sit on our own as some people suggested – too weird! x

  • Camille

    Growing up is necessary but also overrated. Spring seems so lovely where you are!

    Silly Medley: Lifestyle and Travel

  • Free Core

    Looks like a lovely walk! You’re right about Life getting bigger. The more you learn and your mind expands, the greater the world can seem! Glad you’re enjoying the little things in life and looking forward to the big things too!

    Growing Positive

  • Rosie McKay

    Lovely Spring time photos Rosie, really capture the beauty of the British summer time!



  • Kirsty W

    Lovely post Rosie – sounds like an idyllic bank holiday weekend. Every time you share pictures of walks in the woods it makes me wish I lived in the countryside! I love being right in the centre of Edinburgh but I do miss having beautiful places to walk right on my doorstep!

  • Cat

    Ahh you always post such beauuuuutiful photos! This walk looks lovely x

  • b r o o k e | ordinary-joy

    Wow you’re quite beautiful! It’s great to hear about all of your life updates, especially the wedding :) It’s just such a happy subject.

    Brooke | brookewrote

  • Georgina

    Looks like a lovely weekend spent with family, excited for you that you are seriously looking into moving too, you will not regret it if you do, countryside life makes me stand and appreciate the small things with wonder and awe every day :) xx

  • Bethany Dale

    I can totally relate to your sister there! GCSE revision is driving me round the bend

  • Mimmi

    Sounds like a lovely day. It does seem like you’ve got a lot of big stuff happening in the near future. Enjoying the slow days and the little things, and taking one day at a time, probably makes it much more manageable though :) Lovely photos!

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings

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