Crosstown Doughnuts, Piccadilly Station.


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From yoga to…doughnuts? #balance.

If there’s one culinary trend I wish would filter over across the Atlantic at a quicker rate, it’s the artisan doughnut movement. From what the internet/TV/those lame episodes of Man vs. Food I just can’t help but watch on slow Sunday afternoons tell me, the streets of the good ol’ U S of A are positively littered with bakeries selling hot from the fryer, freshly glazed/sugar-rolled do(ugh)nuts! American readers- is this true? Is it really as easy to find great doughnuts in the States as I’m imagining? If so…I think I need to move.

Whilst it’s true that we have got Krispy Kreme here in the UK and you really can’t ever go wrong with a KK original glazed, I’ve sort of fallen out with them ever since they got rid of my all-time favourite doughnut (the vanilla cruller, FYI). I’d heard of Crosstown Doughnuts on the grapevine a couple of weeks ago, so made plans to visit when I was in London with Tania a couple of days ago. It’s a funny location- a mini cafe tucked down one of the passageways out of Piccadilly Station- with seating for maybe four or five people at a push. We ordered a little selection box of four- a cinnamon swirl, vanilla bean glazed, banana cream, and peanut butter and jam- and settled in for a taste test.

The doughnuts at Crosstown are all made fresh daily, which meant that by the time we visited at around 3pm they’d been out a little while and maybe weren’t as fresh as they could’ve been. The flavours of the premium doughnuts more than made up for a little dryness in the dough though, and the originals (vanilla glaze, + cinnamon swirl) were saved by giving them a bath in a little shot cup of the hot chocolate supplied on-site by SAID (our favourite chocolate cafe!). A totally decadent and delicious experience. And yep, those are two words I never thought I’d associate with a London tube station cafe…

If you’re in the area or just passing through, stop in for the banana cream doughnut. Or, to give it its full and deservedly fancy title- the ‘Sea Salt Caramel & Banana Cream Doughnut’! It’s beyond delicious.

Crosstown Doughnuts- Piccadilly Tube Station, W1J 9HS.
Doughnuts:  approx. £3 each.

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  • Miranda | Miranda’s Notebook

    Oh yes, you’ve definitely got me at at sea salt caramel and banana cream doughnut!!! That sounds amazing! I’ve haven’t had a doughnut in years (I’m not actually a huge fan of KK), but will definitely have to try these out. xxx

  • Megan McPherson

    Oh my, these look amazing! I haven’t even tried KK yet but these I would just not be able to resist!

    Love M

  • Aisling

    Back when I lived in Canada the artisan doughnut trend was quite big. There’s a place in my hometown (Calgary) called Jelly Modern and they are fab. I loved their Peanut Butter Cup doughnut. And their Maple Bacon. In general, doughnuts are super popular in Canada because our main coffee chain (Tim Horton’s) sells them. Sadly, I cannot eat doughnuts anymore. They need to start making gluten free options!

    Aisling | aisybee.

  • Anca

    The doughnuts look delicious, much better than Krispy Kreme.

    Anca @ ancaslifestyle | UK

  • Rosie McKay

    Woah, a PB and jam doughnut! PERFECTION!
    Krispy Kreme have just started doing a reese’s doughnut in the UK, I need to try one!

  • Sophie

    They sound and look delicious!

    Sophie x | SophiesMakeupBlog

  • Mimmi

    I’ve actually never been one for doughnuts, but those look absolutely amazing. Mouthwatering, even! I think I associate doughnuts too much with the cheap, mass-produced variety, which always disappoint me. Would love to try one of those though!

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings

  • Little Miss Katy

    That peanut butter and jam one though!!! <3

    It looks amazing. And I'm very conveniently not far from Piccadilly… :D xx

    Little Miss Katy | UK Lifestyle Blog

  • emily couture

    the doughnuts look yummy :D

    emily xx

  • Amanda @ Rhyme & Ribbons

    Crosstown are the best! A girlfriend and I sometimes plan our weekends around going! x

  • Lauren S

    Oh my goodness, artisian doughnuts! That is just sweet heaven <3

    Lauren x

    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Fashion Beauty –

  • Polly Rowan

    Ahhh this looks insanely good! And yes, of course doughnuts/desserts/ice cream are pretty much the only reasons I exercise.

  • Denton & Lou

    Ahhh the cruller! The absolute best, only because all the glaze get stuck in the ridges. I’m hungry!

    Megan ||

  • Kelsey Douglas Short

    Crosstown Doughnuts have been on my list since forever! It’s made me so hungry for doughnuts now.

  • Anna

    You look like such a lovely girl Rosie <3 seriously, love your blog

  • Ala

    Great minds! I wrote about Crosstown a month or so ago – they’re just so good! Dangerous as Piccadilly is my closest station to work… uh oh! x

  • Giada

    Believe it or not, I’m not a huge fan of doughnuts, but maybe it’s only because here in Italy we aren’t really able to taste the real proper deal with them! Though, the banana cream doughnut sounds and looks seriously amazing and mouthwatering! I’ve note Crosstown down and will make sure to give it a whirl next time I’ll be in London!

    x Giada | Miel Café

  • Amanda Leigh

    Oh dear. I work down the Haymarket, and now know where I am going on my lunch break today.
    Amanda Leigh – Desperately Seeking Something

  • Maiden in Cornwall

    Wow they look delicious!

    Liv |

  • Ekaete

    Well isn’t this a dangerous discovery?!
    These look unreal!

  • Georgina

    I’m desperate to try the St John’s bakery doughnuts after getting the head chef’s book Bread Cake Doughnut Pudding by Justin Gellatly. Making the home is fun but there are some seriously amazing looking ones I daren’t try myself just yet! If you go please let us know if they live up to the pictures! Xx

  • Carina

    I haven’t had doughnuts in a long while. Perhaps now’s the time!
    I never thought to stop and try food from a tube cafe, i hope i change my impression of them with this! Crosstown Doughnuts is going on my list of food places to visit in london!

    X, Carina
    Running White Horses | Fashion + Travel

  • Elizabeth Rebecca

    Those look delicious – I love doughnuts, berries and custard especially.

    Lizzie Dripping

  • Izz
  • Kenzie

    I can positively tell you that here in the states it is quite easy to find a spot that sells doughnuts! My town used to have a Krispy Kreme as well but I think people still stuck with a family owned bakery! They’re the best! We have Vanilla Krullers too! They’re delicious! Especially when they’re super fresh! They just had a doughnut where I work and it was filled with brownie batter…I had to stay away after I had a few! haha So yummy!
    Great post!

  • Iga Berry

    Banana cream sounds delicious! I have a feeling that my visit in States will not be extra kcal free. :)

    Do you like red lipsticks? If the answer is yes, I would love to hear your opinion here:

  • megslifeenchanted

    The most popular artisan doughnut place in the Pacific Northwest is probably Voodoo Doughnuts in Portland, Oregon. I’ve never tried one myself but there is almost always a line of 50+ people waiting for those things when we are downtown! – this one was on the Bizarre Foods TV show in the States.
    Where I live we have a few small doughnut shops, one of which has been around since my grandmother was in high school – the “Spudnut” shop in Richland, WA makes a world famous potato doughnut and they are absolutely amazing! I’ll write a post about it sometime soon!
    I have definitely decided that I need to try Crosstown next time we’re in London! Thank you Rosie!

  • Caroline L.

    Oh man, these are such pretty little things! But yes, you definitely need to come to the US for some amazing donuts. NYC, SF, Portland, Seattle… has em all!

  • Free Core

    These look insane!! I need to check this place out. Vanilla Cruller was actually my favourite too, I do not understand why they thought it was a good idea to take them away! I’ve got a big sweet tooth so definitely gonna make a mental note of this and go here when I’m next in London! Thanks for letting me know :D

    Growing Positive

  • Laura

    I kind of do want somewhere like this by where I live… and at the same time don’t as I’d end up bankrolling them… they just look too good to resist!! xx

  • Jessica

    Oh god I am always looking for somewhere to match KK so maybe I will have to pop in next week xxxx

  • Josune

    omg, I’ve never seen doughnuts this delicious looking, love how rustic they look! :) x Josune, Your Beauty Script

    Latest post :

  • Shelby Rae

    Those donuts look fantastic!

  • Molly

    I love dounuts- the new biscotti one by Krispy Kreme is amazing! I’ll definitely check this out next time I’m in london. The jam and peanut butter one sounds amazing!

  • Guest

    Oh wow, all those doughnuts look incredible! I think i’d find it impossible to pick a flavour. I think you did completely the right thing getting a box to sample and share :) I’m making a mental note to visit next time i’m in London!

    Jennie // Scarletscorchdroppers

  • Jennie

    Oh wow, these look incredible! I think i’d find it impossible to choose, although that peanut butter and jam one looks out of this world good! So much filling! I think you did completely the right thing getting a box to sample and share, I think I might have to give it a try next time i’m up in London :)

    Jennie // Scarletscorchdroppers


  • Emily

    Oh these look delicious! I wish I could go and try some.

    Emily // Beauty and Lifestyle Blog


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