The Weekend Ritual.



For the perfect weekend ::

Wake up with the sun, then spend an hour or so savouring not having to get up straight away.

Dress casual (in your softest denim, oversized knits, a chambray shirt), then head out into the village to buy a new bunch of spring flowers to replace the old ones that you’ve yet to throw out.

Ranunculus-Cider-with-Rosie-weekends Buying-flowers-weekend-ritual

Spend at least fifteen minutes deliberating over exactly which bunch of flowers to buy, and in the end take home the bunch you picked out first of all. Mixed hyacinths, this time, because you’ll be hard pressed to find a more fragrant and beautiful spring flower.

Weekend-ritual-Cider-with-Rosie Cider-with-Rosie-weekend-ritual-Rosie-Reynolds Cider-with-Rosie-weekend-ritual-Rosie-Reynolds-2

Stop to pick up a flat white from the your favourite local cafe, and then take home a slice of their finest carrot cake and a box of macarons too, because it’s the weekend so why on earth not?


Return home, grab a blanket or two, then settle down to read at least three or four chapters of your book. Only move from your blanket nest to make tea, or maybe grab a little lunch. Cheese probably should be on the agenda, because weekend lunches should always involve cheese, right?


Start burning a new candle, and stop for a moment to enjoy the simple joy that comes from lighting a brand new candle. It’s not just me who finds it disproportionately happy-making, right?


Tidy the nest. Folding laundry is the finest of weekend tasks, since it’s as satisfying and therapeutic as it is low effort. Bonus points if you iron it all afterwards…but I never quite get round to that.


Take a little rest from all that rest with tea and something sweet. Try and keep the dog from pinching half a pistachio macaron, but sneak him a sliver of cheddar or a lick of peanut butter for his troubles.

What does your perfect weekend ritual involve?

L I N K S ::
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