Try this in Winter :: learn a new skill, or rediscover an old one.


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During these cold winter months whilst the days are short and the evenings draw in far quicker than we’d like, the time is ripe for picking up a new skill, or, as I am, rediscovering an old one.

Though it can be tempting to switch on the television at 6pm and leave it blaring away all evening (we do, frequently), for a little serenity, I find there’s nothing lovelier than listening to a favourite soulful album instead, whilst working away at something practical. For me, the focus of my winter evenings will be knitting. I took a course back in summer with Siobhan, and since then let all my newfound knowledge slip away until I was sure I would have to book in for another masterclass! I’ve found though that knitting is a little like riding a bike, in that you never really truly forget how to do it. Especially not when YouTube’s on hand to provide a tutorial or two, anyhow…

I unravelled all my previous efforts (they were looking a little shabby-not to mention dusty- after lingering unfinished for months on end) and now am starting afresh. It’s the loveliest way to pass a cold wintery day- tucked up indoors, layered up with blankets, counting stitches and getting totally absorbed in the task at hand.

If knitting isn’t your thing, why not try mastering the fiddliest but tastiest-looking recipe in your favourite cookery book? Or start to learn vocabulary from a language you’ve always fancied trying out? Or have a go at making bread for the first time, or follow along with a yoga class online? The possibilities are endless! :)

Try this :: festive baking.
Try this :: get lost in the countryside.
Try this :: have a hot chocolate picnic.

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  • Sophie

    I really need to start knitting again, I made some really quick and easy slippers for me about a year ago, my boyfriend wanted some but as his feet are a lot larger than my size 2 feet I felt like I was knitting them for ages! I got bored and stopped knitting for a while, maybe i’ll finish them and surprise him! x


  • Sarah @ DaydreamsofSummertime

    I love the idea of trying something new. I tried knitting once but it’s not for me, I think I might try and start baking again as I used to really enjoy it but haven’t actually baked something in nearly a year which makes me a bit sad! xx

  • Debbie

    I’ve been trying crochet and origami. It’s great to learn a new skill and get away from the telly for a bit. I love those needles! x

    • Rosie

      Ooh origami, what an awesome one! What’ve you made so far? I used to know how to make little intricately folded paper boxes but have forgotten- YouTubeing right now to see if there’s a tutorial! x

  • Zoe Newlove

    Aw I love knitting, I used to do it all the time with my mum. She loves it and buys wool like she does handbags! I really want to start another hobby, maybe baking or painting :)

    Zoe Newlove Beauty Blogger & MUA

    • Rosie

      I wish I was a proficient knitter, still, practise makes perfect I guess! Ooh painting is a good one! My Mum paints and draws, and loves it! x

  • Ala

    I’ve started sewing and making my own clothes and it’s just the best hobby in the world! Along with baking OBVS! x

  • Rosie McKay

    Great idea to try something new whilst the days are cold and dark!
    I’m thinking of trying to improve my baking skills, particularly macaroons.

    Rosie x

  • thelikelylady

    Lovely post! I’m on the hunt for new hobbies to take on in these winter months, so your ideas are right up my street

    The Likely Lady xx

  • Michelle

    Oh so satisfying to wear something you’ve made yourself, keep going with the knitting!
    Don’t let Teddy near those wooden needles though, I’ve lost a LOT of good needles that way!!
    M x

    • Rosie

      Haha, thanks for the tip off my friend! ;) He has had his eye on them a little while now! I also just caught him ripping up and eating a piece of kitchen roll. Spaniels eh? ;)

  • Emily

    This sounds like a lovely idea :) I’m trying to learn how to cook, and I am also trying to read more!

  • Sara Beth

    I’m pretty skilled in crochet, but knitting is one of those things I’ve picked up a million times but never been able to follow through on. Good luck with your crafty journey, and keep us updated!

  • Rosie | Girl In Awe

    I started knitting about a year ago and I’ve only done a few projects, but these horrible dark, cold nights are making me want to whip out the needles again and finish off my Harry Potter scarf.

  • Jennie

    I started to learn to knit last year. I stopped while I was away travelling (after a few attempts to knit on 24 hour Chinese train rides attracted far too much attention!). I’ve been meaning to start again but just haven’t got round to it. You’re completely right, this time of year is the perfect time to dedicate a few hours to practical hobbies or skills. Doing something that brings such a sense of accomplishment and achievement really does help in these dark cold months.


  • Laura

    Love this! My favourite is to pick one of the things they’ve cooked on the Great British Bake Off or Masterchef to try for myself. It’s lovely to potter about in the kitchen and say afterwards: wow I actually made that!! (Not that they ever look like theirs mind!!)

  • Samsam

    I’ve flirted with knitting a time or two but never really fell in love with it. However, I quite enjoy crocheting :) Glad you found a new hobby, it’s always exciting!
    ~ Samantha

  • BookwormsCloset

    I love knitting! it’s such a cozy activelity – esp. during the Winter. I ogten knit while listening to an audio book or watching Netflix

  • Sarah

    I wish I could knit as well but I’m too impatient :) Lovely pictures though, I just discovered your blog and really like it!

  • Monica – Mocha and Moccasins

    Everyone at work seems to be taking up knitting! Or arm knitting! My mom tried to teach me how to knit last winter, but I gave up after 5 minutes. I think I’m going to try again soon, because it’s so satisfying to have a finished product.


  • Lemon Freckles

    These photos are so utterly lovely! I really want to learn how to knit and it is on the list for doing this year. Thanks for the inspiration. x

  • Jessica

    Oh I am so impressed, I find it so difficult! I was doing a german course at home following from gcse but I got bored…might have to go back to that! xxx

  • Elizabeth Rebecca

    Hmmm…now just to decide what to do.

    Lizzie Dripping

  • Katie Huxtable

    I’ve done very little so far these past months as it’s been getting dark so early all I’ve felt the need to do is crawl into the warm comfort of my bed each evening! This post, on the other hand, somehow makes me feel the need to crawl out of bed and do something a bit more productive with my time.

    I love the photographs you’ve taken to go along with this post.

    Katie at X

  • Bea

    I would love to knit!
    Anyway you’re right!There’s so many things we can do in our lives, not just watching tv!
    I really like the photos!

  • Jennifer

    I got my mum to teach me how to knit a few months ago. Then I had a few weeks when I was living on my own in hospital accommodation with no tv and poor internet. My lovely mother sent me a parcel of knitting needles and wool and it was so therapeutic to just sit and knit. I’ve been practising and now it’s about time I knitted something that has an actual shape and purpose!

    Jennifer x

    Ginevrella | Lifestyle Blog

  • Charlie

    I love knitting, it’s so relaxing although I must have a weird way of sitting when I do it cause I always end up with back pain the next morning, but anyway, personally I’ve been working on a book, not sure that I will ever finish it but it’s a nice project to work on, keeps me busy when my insomnia kicks in.

    Charlie xx

    • Rosie

      It is so relaxing isn’t it? I find myself hunching more and more as I knit too- I always have to remind myself to lift my head up and straighten out my neck! How amazing that you’re writing a book- I am in awe! What’s it about? :) x

      • Charlie

        Oh you really shouldn’t be, I’ve done a lot of pre-planning but I’ve only written the first 5 or six chapters so far and it’s nothing extraordinary as it’s my first long story. It’s just a good hobby. :)
        My main character is in her twenties and moved to Korea for work after a tragic episode in her life. The story is really about her journey to self discovery and acceptance of the past.

  • Fi @ this and that blog

    I love knitting and it’s most definitely worth persevering with. So good luck with it. I can’t wait to see what you create. x

  • Kathryn

    Knitting is one of those things that I’ve always wanted to try, but have never actually given a real stab at. You’re right though – winter especially is the perfect time to learn a new hobby!

    xx Kathryn

  • ninegrandstudent

    I’ve tried knitting, but it never turns out right. Determined to give it a go though! x

    NINEGRANDSTUDENT: A Student Lifestyle Blog

  • Clare | Uncia + Tigris

    Knitting is amazing to do in the evening, I always stick the TV on, pick up my most recent project and switch off for an hour or so, it really relaxes me! Glad you’re getting on with it again (: x

  • Crystal @ Dreams, etc.

    One of my goals this year is to learn how to knit. :)

  • Shannon

    Definitely going to be crafting to hold me over until spring! Yoga is a good idea too – have to keep moving when you’re not particularly inspired to go outside and move.

  • Stiina S

    Every winter I pick up my knitting again :) Best to knit all cozy by the fire – rather than in the warm summer months you’d rather be outside!

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