Six months more.


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Last weekend, when these photos were taken, marked exactly six months until Jason and I get married. I’m not usually a countdown kind of person, but now that we’re this side of January and the wedding feels so very close, it feels right to be counting down the months until the day itself.

I’ve kept the majority of our wedding planning off this space, on the whole. I didn’t really intend to do so. When we first got engaged, I thought I’d like to document the process largely on YouTube, but also via my blog too. Series were started, playlists made, Pinterest boards set up (okay okay, I’d maybe already had a wedding board up and running long before I even got engaged…). But so far, it feels as though the most of our wedding has been planned in bursts of productivity and enthusiasm- bursts that last for one or two days, and are only long enough for us to find whatever band/hotel/suits we’re looking for, and then disappear as quickly as they arrived. They don’t last long enough for me to manage any sort of documentation here, that’s for sure! I think also, part of the reason I’ve not found myself wanting to post much about the planning process here is because really, the wedding isn’t really where our focus lies. We both are so incredibly excited about the day itself, and I get butterflies in my stomach every time I think about walking down the aisle, but the larger part of me is really just looking forward to being a wife. As great as those ‘walking down the aisle’ butterflies are, the ones I get thinking about the first moment I hear Jason say the words as ‘my wife’ are even greater.

Jason and I both grew up in families that didn’t fit the conventional 2.4 mould…though whose does, really? My family has always been small and tight-knit, Jason’s large and welcoming. Our childhood experiences are vastly different in so many ways, and yet despite their differences, they’ve given us both an identical craving for stability, and routine, and the comfort of sure-footedness. A nagging desire to put down roots, and a love for home comforts. I never stop feeling surprised by how much happiness a Sunday spent walking the dog miles and miles through the mud then stopping by our favourite local restaurant for lunch can bring me.

I have a really vivid memory of sitting in a coffee shop with my Grandma about 18 months before she died, and her telling me about how, when she was a new Mum, there weren’t so many little cafes and coffee shops that made it so easy to pop out of the house with her babies. I asked her, ‘Did you ever feel bored, or frustrated being at home?’, and she replied ‘Never. You’ve got your home, and your husband, and your beautiful children- what more could you ask for?’

I made a note of that conversation at the time, in the back of an old notebook, because I knew one day it’d really mean something to me.

And now, in this six month countdown to the rest of my life, it means absolutely everything.

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  • Debbie

    I feel exactly the same. I’m looking forward to my wedding day, but I get butterflies at the thought of being married and having a loving husband. We recently bought a house and are looking into getting a dog, so that feeling of stability is coming together. I’m excited to do long muddy walks in the country and then find a lovely welcoming pub for lunch. It seems like you’ve got the right idea about your wedding. It’ll be an amazing day, but it’s the rest of your lives together that’s most important.

  • From Lucy With Love

    Rosie, that post brought tears to my eyes. It is funny how priorities shift as you grow older and know that you will be more than happy with settling down and feeling safe and secure, your grandma’s sentence really it true. I get married in 2 months time, unconventionally really as it is just the two of us. I have been thinking a lot like you – I want the marriage more than the wedding, although the day is special as it seals your bond, but the marriage…that’s the important part. I love hearing about your day and hope all the preparations are going really well xx Lucy xx

  • Anca

    Beautiful post. The story with your grandma is lovely, thanks for sharing xo

  • Clare | Uncia + Tigris

    Aw, this is such a lovely post to read, Rosie. That story of you and your grandma is really sweet, it’s so nice that you’ve found someone that really makes you happy and gives you those butterflies! Hopefully the next 6 months flies by and the next thing you’ll know, you’ll be getting married! x

  • Natasha

    What a beautiful post Rosie – really did bring a tear to my eye! xo

  • Camille

    This was a lovely read. It will be here before you know it!

    Silly Medley: Lifestyle and Travel

  • Polly (Follow Your Sunshine)

    Beautiful post. It looks as though we’re getting married at a very similar time this summer, and your words just expressed exactly how I feel about the whole thing! There is sometimes far too much emphasis on the day itself and it’s refreshing to hear you speak of the important ‘what comes next’ bit!!

    Follow Your Sunshine

  • Imma Dou

    This was absolutely beautiful Rosie!

    Such a great post. In my opinion Life is all that little things you have or someone says to you… this is what really matters!

    Good Luck with this last 6 months to the rest of your life!


  • Georgia Furness

    Oh gosh, those last few lines gave me goosebumps. So beautiful, I couldn’t be happier for you! xxx

  • Amanda @ Rhyme & Ribbons

    Very lovely Rosie. It sounds like you and Jason are just perfect for each other! x

  • Chelsea Roderick

    What a lovely memory with your Grandma. Both yours and your fiancé’s family sound indentical to that of mine and my boyfriends. I’m excited for you – let the countdown begin!!! Xx

  • Fi @ this and that blog

    This is such a lovely post and your Grandma’s words are just beautiful. I think knowing what you want to do with your life and what’s truly important is key and I’m so pleased you’re on your way to that life. x

  • Laura

    Oh this post is still lovely. I feel so proud every time I see my hubby wearing his wedding ring. Your wedding day will be fabulous of course, but it’s everything after that makes the whole process worth it! xo

  • Charlotte Roberts

    Lovely post! Looks like you had a lovely trip. The photos are stunning!

  • Bumpkin Betty

    What a lovely post Rosie! I can’t agree with you more really, ever since we got engaged I’ve just been so looking forward to being married to my other half and being able to call him my husband. I am super excited for the wedding day too of course but its just one day after all and the act of being husband and wife is what really gives me the butterflies. I’ve actually quite enjoyed writing about the wedding planning process and have in fact been the opposite to you and probably divulged more than I planned, but it’s mostly because I’ve actually found the whole thing much more overwhelming than I thought I would and it feels good to let it out and have a rant every so often. I’m thoroughly looking forward to seeing and reading about your day, not long to go eek!

  • Pili G

    This photos are so cute! Congratulations on your engagment! You’ll be a lovely bride!




    I love reading this post. It reminds me of the moments with my beloved family. Time flies so fast and I am looking forward to your wedding too.

  • Ala

    This post! I love what you’ve written Rosie!!!!! I think it’s especially important about the recognition of the day itself, but looking forward to your marriage the most. I’ve always felt the same way :) x

  • Lauren S

    This is so lovely and exciting to read, what an amazing journey and chapter you’re embarking on. Being an only child, I would love to be welcomed into a larger family – busy family meals would be a joy!

    Lauren x

    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Fashion Beauty –

  • Mimmi

    This post was such a lovely read! You and Jason seem to really have something special :) Good luck with what’s left of the wedding planning. I bet these six months will pass really quickly for you guys!

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings

  • The Beauty Load

    Such a lovely post. Wow 6 months til the big day, you be really excited as well as nervous. I can’t wait to watch your lead to your big day on youtube as well on the blog.

    Zeynab x

    The Beautifully Disastrous

  • Georgia Christakis

    That is such a sweet memory of your grandmother- and so true about the planning process! We are tying the knot June 5th, and I even impress myself with our flurries of planning in between days (or weeks) of radio silence. Sometimes I feel like I’m not doing enough but I suppose the only way to know is to show up the day of and see how it goes, ha!

  • Louise Brown

    Your grandmas quote is so beautiful Rosie, and rings home on so many counts. Can’t believe it’s gone so quickly since you got engaged, I wish you both all the luck in the world! x

  • Elizabeth Rebecca

    What a lovely post Rosie.

    Lizzie Dripping

  • Sofie

    Thank you for this post. I can definitely relate to the feeling of wanting to put down roots. Having a loving, secure home base just makes everything else in life so much sweeter. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

  • Caroline L.

    This was absolutely lovely and tender and everything sweet :) I think that’s the kind of love everyone yearns to have – extraordinary in its ability to seep into everything ordinary! So excited for you two lovebirds!!

  • theconbonz

    Congratulations!! Being a reader of your blog for quite a while now, it just feel so nice to see that you two have finally tied the knot. <3

    Connie from theconbonz

  • Migle

    This was such a nice, lovely and somehow very comforting read. I’m really happy for you two, I wish you all the best in the world! x

  • Lyndsay

    Aah, congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Not long to go now, this was a beautiful post, thank you for sharing :)

    Lyndsay xx

  • shannan jessie

    Congratulations, you are going to be a beautiful bride I wish you lots of happiness.

  • Brit Savage

    I’m so excited for you two! Those six months are just going to fly by so you make sure to cherish every second! I love being married and spending everyday with my best friend, it’s the best decision I ever made and one that only makes me even more excited for my future with my guy by my side ;) xx

  • Kate

    Hi Rosie, what a beautiful sentiment. Reading this I’ve just realised I think you and me are getting married on the same day! Fingers crossed for beautiful weather for the both of us! Been enjoying your blog for a while now. Thanks.

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