How to spend an hour in Guildford :: with coffee + doughnuts.



Continuing on in our little theme of lunchtime dates in Guildford, Jason and I headed out Friday in search of coffee (always) and doughnuts (a sometimes treat). Guildford’s looking pretty swish these days, all lit up for Christmas. My favourite lights are the ones strung up and down the lanes that connect North Street and the High Street, and the beautiful wreaths and garlands in Angel Gate.

We had a few errands to run first of all, and then went in search of sustenance. We’d never been to the little coffee shop on North Street called ‘Harris + Hoole’ but had heard good things, so decided to make that our spot for the lunch hour. It’s the cutest cafe- not least because there’s already a (real!) Christmas tree in the window! That tree made me very, very happy. And also excited to get our own in a couple of week’s time!


^^ Just my handsome man, in my most favourite jacket of his, walking through a picturesque little cobbled lane <3 ^^


The coffees at Harris + Hoole were good, and the place itself completely charming. Friendly baristas who take your name for the order but then continue to use it whilst serving you, rustic decor, leather sofas to stretch out on. We snagged a window seat, and spent a while talking and drinking and watching the crowds of harried-looking Christmas shoppers rushing past the windows. I also spent a lot of time stealing Jason’s raspberry lemonade whenever possible, because it was totally delicious and I regretted not getting one for myself ;)

Guildford-shop-Christmas-tree   Cider-with-Rosie-flat-white Better-coffee Rosie-Reynolds-Guildford

Once our drinks had all been drunk, I decided it was time to fix the doughnut craving that’d been bothering at me all morning long. So, to Krispy Kreme! I realised whilst we were there that my favourite doughnut (the vanilla cruller) has been discontinued, and it’s kind of broken my heart. That doughnut was the BOMB. Understated and plain and kind of doughier than a regular doughnut, and basically just straight up delicious. We settled for a couple of original glazeds in the end, which did hit the spot but not quite in the way the good old cruller would’ve done.

Speaking of doughnuts, we’ve been talking over honeymoon destinations and possibilities a lot lately, and one of the ideas we keep coming back to is a trip to Canada (you’ll see where I’m going with this whole doughnut-honeymoon connection in a sec, just bear with me). We’re thinking a getaway in a lake cabin somewhere beautiful and tranquil, and then some road trippin’ and maybe a visit out East to the cities. It would be completely amazing! But also, what I keep secretly thinking to myself, is that I reckon we might be able to score a box or two of Tim Bits at Tim Hortons whilst we were there, if we mentioned we were on honeymoon ;) And I mean, doughnuts are never the reason to opt for one honeymoon destination over another…but there’s nothing wrong with at least adding them to the ‘pro’ side of a ‘pro vs. con’ list, right? ;)

Guildford-street-musician Pink-bike-Guildford-Cider-with-Rosie

^^ The cutest pink bike spotted on our walk back to the office! I wanted to take it home with me. But then I guess I’d have to try and relearn how to ride a bike. They say you never forget…but I definitely have. ^^

Guildford-Christmas-lights Navy-pea-coat-Rosie-Reynolds-Cider-with-Rosie

And that was it, lunch hour up! We moseyed back to the office in the rain, eating our doughnuts and talking about plans for Christmas and wedding things and what’s in the diary for the couple of weeks ahead. It was a happy way to while away an hour in my favourite little town, with my favourite man.

What I wore ::
Scarf {past season Aubin + Wills, similar here}
Jeans {I’m obsessed, can’t stop wearing them!}
Doughnut eye mask optional, but delicious.


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  • Ellie Harman

    It’s so strange seeing you posting about Guildford! I live and work here and have probably just missed you on multiple occasions! Love your blog it’s one of my favourites <3 x

  • Lou

    That coffee looks amazing! I always steal my fiance’s drinks (isn’t that a perk of being engaged?!). I would definitely recommend Canada for a honeymoon! I lived there for a while (Toronto) and the log cabins by the lake are so ridiculously perfect! Oh and of course, the TimBits are worth it alone!

    Lou x

  • Miranda | Miranda’s Notebook

    That cafe looks lovely! I may be going to Guildford soon, so will bear it mind if I do! How sweet to have a real Christmas tree – I can’t wait to get mine too. You must be so excited to be thinking of a honeymoon – Vancouver is gorgeous if you’re thinking Canada! Also, if you’re thinking West Coast in the States and log cabins, may I recommend Lake Tahoe? It’s gorgeous and would be such a romantic spot for a honeymoon.

  • Jennifer Polly

    I’ve definitely planned trips based on doughnut availability before – why should honeymoons be an exception? ;)
    Unfortunately, I think Guildford’s around 150 miles away from me so I might have to spend more than an hour! But this cafe looks beautiful and I’m very excited to see a real Christmas tree, definitely jealous of where you live!

  • Imogen

    I absolutely adore Harris & Hoole! It’s such a cute little coffee shop, and the lunches they do are yummy as well :) I love living near to Guildford when I’m back home because it’s such a lovely place (and perfect for shopping!)

    Imogen x

  • Kate

    Beautiful pictures as always, love your coat :) x

  • Tara

    As I live in Victoria, BC I may be biased, but I’d say you can’t go wrong with a honeymoon to Canada. ;) So many beautiful places to stay in BC alone and if you want to head to some cities back east I’d add Ottawa and Montreal to your list (Toronto is just…Toronto. Meh!) I’ve never been to the East coast (ie. Nova Scotia and Newfoundland), but hear it’s beautiful too. And, yes, you’ll find donuts wherever you go in Canada–it’s our national food, LOL!

  • Charlotte

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone that happy about having a donut in front of their eye!

    Charlotte x

  • Amanda @ Rhyme & Ribbons

    Lovely photos as per usual! I feel like you light up when Jason is around ;) x

  • Rebecca

    Wow, what an adorable place Guildford looks! I especially love the little cobbled streets, I think that’s why I love my hometown York so much – lots of little quirks & charms!
    I spied a Bills sign too, I’m yet to try food there but I’ve heard really good things so far!
    Rebecca xxx

  • Victoria

    I’m feeling so festive after reading this post! Honeymoon in Canada sounds perfect- we went to BC a few years ago and I would really recommend visiting Vancouver (as I know others have suggested too) and Vancouver island- stunning scenery and amazing wildlife! We went there via San Francisco which was awesome too xx

  • Anna

    Hi Rosie! I’m a reader from over ind Canada and I can’t help but get excited that you’re thinking of crossing the pond to visit the “Great North.” Where were you and Jason thinking of staying for the cabin: the Praries? It’s most definitely beautiful there, but B.C. offers some stunning water views/big cities/a warmer climate! By Eastern Canada were you thinking Eastern Ontario? I’ve never stayed in Toronto longer than a day, but I live in Ottawa currently and love it. If you’re roadtripping I’d recommend the quick drive up to Montreal (around 2 hours), because I absolutely love the city for its colour. If you’re looking for something a little more quiet with beautiful old architecture: visit Old Quebec in Quebec City! In my opinion, it is a million times better than Old Montreal and still has the majority of the fortification walls up. I originally hail from the east, east Coast..the Maritimes! Definitely a lot slower pace and much quieter with small fishing villages and lots of greenspace/fewer people. I love being next to the bay and the ocean though, so I’m biased. Let me know if you have any questions! I always love reading your posts to make mental lists of spots I have to visit when I get over to England!

  • arielle

    very cute post! I love your jacket and you’re expertise on good drinks and doughnuts. and so much of canada is absolutely gorgeous! I’m 100% positive you’ll find your box of timbits before you even leave the airport. I wouldn’t be surprised if they handed you a box when you got off the plane! have a happy tuesday, rosie!

    love, arielle

  • jennie

    Oh I miss Guildford so much! Your pictures are so lovely. I’m a Guildford girl, but I’ve been living 8000 miles away for the last 4 years. I’m coming home for Christmas this year and I can’t wait – especially for the real Christmas trees :) x

  • Katie

    Ughhhh too much lovely! <3

  • Hannah

    Guildford looks really lovely!I’ve only been there once and it was for a funeral so I only relaly saw St Lawrence (?) church and the crematorium which was way out of town. I’d love to go and have an explore! x

  • Pilar

    That place LOOKS so nice! Your pictures are lovely!
    Great job


    Wow, reading your post makes me feel so energetic for the Christmas season. I hope that I will visit Guildford soon. The coffee and doughnuts look delicious ^^

  • Ala Skrakowski

    Awww sounds like a lovely way to spend a lunch hour. Despite coming from so close by, I’ve never actually been to Guildford, only ever got off the train to change to go to Weybridge/Walton. BUT I am thinking of heading there for a change of scenery whilst I’m back for Christmas so I’m grateful for the recommendations.

    Plus you can’t beat a Krispy Kreme! Every time I walk passed a stand the temptation is there. Maybe I’ll have one next time! x

  • Kate

    Oh do come to Canada! We’ve had so much family come from Britain to visit over the years and everyone has loved it. The west coast is the best coast. :) Stay in Vancouver with jaunts out to the west coast of Vancouver Island, a road trip through the Rocky Mountains and Tim Hortons a plenty! The honey crullers are my favourite too.

  • Anca

    The eye mask looks delicious, I have to try it :))

    Anca @ ancaslifestyle | UK

  • Carly

    Sounds like such a lovely way to spend your lunch hour together. Guildford looks like a a very pretty town – it was wonderful to get a glimpse of it :) I love that it’s only a month until Christmas, all the decorations are appearing in our town too. Ad yesterday I discovered to my delight that our little town is hacking a Christmas festival! I’m so excited!
    Have a great week!
    Carly x

  • Christine

    Come to Toronto!!! and you can drive up to Algonquin Provincial Park and stay in a cabin. It’s beautiful there!

    We have all the tim bits that you could want ;)

  • Lulu

    Lovely photos! You look so adorable with your doughnut eye patch ;)
    I love H&H – they have a few branches around me in London and their coffee is so good. That raspberry lemonade sounds de-licious! x

    p.s. Canada is gorgeous, I’ve been to the lakes a few times and could not recommend it more!

  • Jessica Edmunds

    You both looked absolutely lovely, I adore Guildford at christmas must make another trip this year xx

  • Aimee

    What a cute little place! A xo

  • Amanda

    Your pictures are always incredible. This looks like such a lovely little trip and the coffee shop looks heavenly x

  • Livvy @ drinkthewildair

    Harris + Hoole coffee shops are super cute, but it kind of ruined it for me when I found out they were owned by Tesco!

    The honeymoon idea sounds incredible, by the way! A roadtrip around BC, Victoria and Alberta is definitely on my bucket list :)


  • Silje Mari

    I used to go to Guildford a lot when I lived in Cranleigh couple of years ago. I loved the atmosphere, and it’s so beautiful there. I miss it a lot, so I think I might need to go back there the next time I’m visiting the UK! :)
    Spending your honeymoon in Canada sounds like a great idea! I’ve always wanted to go there myself!

    Silje Mari xx

  • Leanne

    Oooo I live near Guildford, but I’ve never been to Harris + Hoole! Definitely need to get that sorted. Lovely photos, as always. Leanne x

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