Thursday’s blooms.



It’s not every day you get flowers from Holland. Well, technically they came from within the UK, but were sent to me as part of the Flower Council of Holland’s campaign to spread happiness via the giving of beautiful bouquets. Isn’t that just about the loveliest campaign you ever heard?

The idea behind the campaign is that the happiness can be shared by not only receiving flowers, but sharing and passing them along to continue the chain of happiness. This particular bouquet appeared on my doorstep on Tuesday afternoon, and were quite the ray of sunshine in an otherwise rather grey day. In the spirit of ‘spreading the joy’, I decided to divide up the bouquet so that we’ve got fresh flowers in most of the rooms of our house. There’s a little jam jar full of yellow roses on my desk, lilies by the front door, and bottles full of that amazing structural greenery (I haven’t the faintest idea of its name!) in the living room and on my bedside table.

And now I guess it’s my turn to share the joy by passing along a bouquet of flowers to someone else! I think I know just the person, too…

Tidy-workspace Structural-greenery White-desk-workspace

Oh and speaking of sharing, I couldn’t not share the sweet video above called ‘The Flower Effect’ that goes along with the campaign- it reminds me so much of Amelie! Isn’t it so sweet?

Here’s to a very happy Thursday!

** Post created in collaboration with the Flower Council of Holland.

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  • Victoria Wade

    Gorgeous! The foliage is eucalyptus :) x

  • Cath

    I love the lily and eucalyptus on the lounge shelf. Just gorgeous and subtle at the same time. I never do subtle flowers (peonies, lilies, daffs – they’re my faves) and those look completely beautiful…

  • Ala Skrakowski

    They are beautiful! I bought a gorgeous little bouquet for my grandma for her birthday, there’s something very sweet and sentimental about sending and receiving flowers! x

  • laura

    How does a bunch of flowers make so much difference to your mood? It is magic. I love that you split the bouquet up- I love doing that. finding a little posy in an unexpected room brightens things up so much. The greenery is eucalyptus- if you put it under the hot water in the shower you’ll get that amazing minty fragrance, it’s incredible.

  • Imogen H

    I’m surrounded by beautiful flower shops in France and I’m so, so tempted to buy some for myself! I’ve always wanted to wait to be given them but never have been so I think I should just give in and pick some out myself! Roses are my favourite, but I’ve never actually seen many yellow ones and didn’t realise that they would look as beautiful as they do! What a lovely campaign idea :)

    Imogen // imogenscribbles

  • Tessa / Bramble & Thorn

    Your photos are so pretty, the flowers completely brighten every picture! I never really buy flowers for myself, but your post is inspiring me to do so!

  • Sophie

    They look like such pretty flowers and such a lovely idea behind it! Your photos are always so amazing! x


  • Bec

    Flowers are so special and I hope they helped YOU feel special! Lovely photos x

  • Mo Ray

    Aww I really love that video! It is so cute hehe. And the concept is one I can definitely get behind :)

    Mo x

  • Tamzin

    Flowers always bring a smile how lovely, that video has made my day : )

  • arielle

    what a cute video! flowers are definitely a special way to say you care. I love that notion of passing them around.

    love, arielle
    a simple elegance

  • Lil Ashton

    Ooh, I’d love to see that framed illustration a bit closer, looks very cute indeed.

  • Elizabeth

    There’s nothing like a fresh bunch of flowers to lift your mood and make you feel special.

  • Rachel

    What an amazing idea for a campaign!

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