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When it comes to coffee-making, things have moved on a bit in our house since my last tutorial. A ROK espresso machine arrived in the post a couple of weekends back (delivered by a delivery man I see so often we’re now on a first name basis…) and has been the cause of a mini-coffee revolution around these parts. As much as I loved my old 6-cup Bialetti stovetop pot, being able to brew just enough espresso for one (sublimely tasty!) coffee is brilliant beyond belief. And it doesn’t hurt that the ROK a thing of beauty, either. Let me tell you more about it…

ROK-portafilter ROK-espresso-machine

The coffee machine is a manual one, which ROK say gives greater control over the espresso it makes. You just fill up the little portafilter with ground coffee, use the tamp to press it all in tight, pour freshly boiled water in to the top of the machine, then push down the two metal arms to force the water through the coffee grounds and brew the espresso! It’s blissfully quiet, and like I said previously, brews just the right amount of espresso to make a generously sized latte/flat white/cappuccino. I’ve been so impressed by the quality of the coffee too- the only thing that isn’t so amazing is the little manual milk frothed that comes with the machine, but I’m still so happy with the little Bodum one I bought during summer that it’s not been a problem at all! It looks so very swanky too- I was nervous that it would look out of place in our little kitchen, but it’s so handsome I’ve been leaving it out on show 24/7!

Now, let’s get on to the cinnamon part of this cinnamon-themed tutorial.

Making-espresso-with-ROK Untitled-1

To make the cinnamon syrup that’ll flavour the coffee, just put one cup of water and one cup of granulated sugar into a saucepan. Then break up 3 cinnamon sticks, and add them in with the water and sugar. Heat the mixture over a medium flame until the sugar has completely dissolved, then simmer for 8-10 minutes until the syrup has thickened ever so slightly. Strain it through a fine mesh sieve, and then decant into a bottle.

To make the latte, brew an espresso using your coffee machine, and heat up enough milk to fill your mug two-thirds full. Take it off the heat just before it boils, then use a milk frother to whisk up the milk and get a nice velvety foam. Pour the milk into the espresso, and then add in a couple of drops of the cinnamon syrup. It makes the coffee taste extra rich and smooth, and more festive than should be legal so early on in autumn!

Cinnamon-syrup-recipe Cinnamon-latte-recipe Homemade-Starbucks-cinnamon-latte-recipe

The ROK espresso machine is available to buy from Selfridges, who sent me through this one to test and review here on Cider with Rosie. It’s definitely more of an investment than the pod coffee machines that are so popular right now, but in my opinion is in a whole league above when it comes to making great coffee. Perhaps one to put on this year’s Christmas list?

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  • Madeline
  • Catherine

    Agreed – the flavour of a proper espresso is so great and the pod machine refills can be pricey, and think of all the plastic caps going into landfills!

  • Clare Marie

    That machine looks so cool, it’s definitely not as expensive as I thought it would be! I’ve been thinking about making some flavoured syruo for a while – I was going to try a caramel one, but a cinnamon one looks more appealing at this time of year. I love your mugs, too, where are they from?

    Uncia + Tigris

    • Rosie

      Thanks lovely! The blue patterned mug is actually from HomeSense! Was a bargain find over the weekend! :)

  • Tessa / Bramble & Thorn

    Yum, this looks delicious! Great idea :)

  • Laura

    Yum! I love my Tassimo but that coffee does look particularly tasty. Will definitely be trying the cinnamon syrup this Autumn.

  • Lily

    This sounds wonderful – definitely going to try this as the colder weather creeps in! :) x

  • Lisa

    I will definetely put up the coffee machine on my christmas list, but I don’t want to wait that long! I will test to make this lovely recipe with the milk in a sauce pan instead. I am sure it will not be the same but it is an acceptable choice for us who don’t get have the machines. :)

    • Rosie

      Oh I heat milk for coffees in a saucepan! We don’t have a microwave and the machine doesn’t heat the milk for you, so I always use a saucepan to heat the milk. Works a treat! :)

  • Jessica Edmunds

    I’ve always wanted a coffee machine or a coffee press just to make some delicious drinks at home and this looks loooovely xx

  • Miranda | Miranda’s Notebook

    Yum! I’m not a huge coffee fan I have to admit, but I think that latte could tempt even me!

  • Michelle

    We just head out for coffee but I do love your cup. Would be perfect for a cup of tea!

  • Sarah

    Ah I have been wanting an espresso machine for ages, I will definitely keep this one on my list! I agree that the manual ones are much nicer than the pod ones. This cinnamon latte looks amazing– perfect drink for fall!

  • Anca

    Yummy!! The espresso machine looks so pretty.

    Anca @ ancaslifestyle | UK

  • amanda

    there’s a coffee shop across the street from my work that does a latte they call the happy jack with cinnamon and honey. a nice syrup made with honey instead of sugar would be taking their latte to the next level. yuuuummmmm. makes me want to buy an espresso maker and a frother just to make this like 3 times a day.

  • Ala Skrakowski

    I’m so glad you’ve posted this as I’ve just brought back a LOAD of cinnamon sticks from Turkey! This looks delicious! x

  • Caro

    I just tried your recipe and it turned out lovely. A perfect start into the weekend! :) I couldn’t find a small bottle, so I just poured the syrup into a little jug. Do you think it will be okay to keep it in there even though there is no lid on it?

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