A Tuesday in London, in numbers.



4.5 :: hours spent talking non-stop with lovely Megs! We met up for the first time after having spoken online for easily two years now, and it was amazing!

20” :: the size of the pizza Miss Meg and I demolished between us (from Homeslice, one of my favourite places to get pizza in London)

30 :: the amount of seconds I’d been sat on the train up to London, when I realised I’d forgotten my headphones. A tragedy, since I’d downloaded the 1975′s album especially!

10 :: minutes spent walking slowly over the river on the way home, admiring the sunset.

1 :: pair of cashmere socks worn in the evening, that are almost certainly the best pair of socks I’ve ever worn.

3 :: extra stops than usual on my train journey home (the perils of travelling home in rush hour)

47 :: minutes spent on the phone with my lovely Bess, talking blogging and business and so many other things besides.

9.30 :: the time we went to bed yesterday evening, about 2 hours earlier than normal.

1/2 :: a chapter read aloud from our new book, ‘A History of English Food’ by Clarissa Dickson Wright. I bought it for my Grandma the last Christmas we had together, and had been reading it aloud to her in the months before she died. I promised her I’d finish reading it aloud on her behalf, and now Jason and I are fulfilling that promise! It’s such a fascinating read, we’re just loving it.

0 :: blisters gained, even though I walked everywhere in London yesterday and didn’t get the tube once! All thanks to the magic of my mint green Boden brogues :)

1 :: portion of Snog frozen yoghurt eaten (with oreos, raspberries, and caramel sauce) even though I was full to bursting after that colossal pizza.

500+ :: times I regretted wearing an autumnally-themed outfit, when the weather was most definitely more summer than autumn (much to my dismay).

Tell me, how was your Tuesday? :)

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  • http://www.mirandasnotebook.com/ Miranda | Miranda’s Notebook

    What a fun post! Sounds like you had a truly lovely Tuesday. I keep hearing about Homeslice but haven’t been yet – must rectify this soon!

  • http://brambleandthorn.blogspot.com.au/ Tessa / Bramble & Thorn

    Sounds like a lovely day, and what perfect weather!

  • http://www.rhymeandribbons.com Amanda @ Rhyme & Ribbons

    The weather yesterday was ace! Glad you got to walk around in London for some of it! x

  • http://Hannahsundae.blogspot.co.uk Hannah

    It’s so frustrating when you’ve picked out a fabulous autumn outfit and then get all sweaty because it’s so warm! It’s really windy today but I was hot with a coat on. Bloomin’ weather! Xx

  • http://www.waterpainteddreams.com Hayley

    Sounds a lot more exciting than the 3 hour chemistry lab I had yesterday! Go you on not getting any blisters. That sounds like an achievement.
    Water Painted Dreams xo

  • http://www.lifesopenpages.blogspot.co.uk Jade @ Bits & Bobs

    This pesky weather we’re experiencing here in the UK at the moment is so hard to dress for – glad it isn’t just me!

    I love these number posts, it’s a fun little wrap up.

  • http://www.blondeofcarbs.com Jessica Edmunds

    I need these magic brogues that save your feet I think!

  • Laura

    Sounds a lot more fun than my trip to the dentist and then Morrisons to pick up antibiotics for my painful wisdom tooth issues! Not my favourite Tuesday… Now I’m really craving pizza and/or frozen yogurt!


  • http://icecreambird.blogspot.com claire

    love this! I’ve never got into the thing of wearing headphones, I think I like to be aware of people around me too much. Maybe I’m just nosy!?

  • http://helenaterry.blogspot.co.uk Helena

    I love these types of posts! Such a unique idea, it really gives a different perspective of the day and so much better than the ‘i did this and then i did that’ type posts. Those cashmere socks sound heavenly.
    Helena / helenaterry.blogspot.co.uk

  • http://brunchataudreys.blogspot.com Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    Haha that last one is definitely my struggle right now! Autumnal clothing is my FAVOURITE. It’s so hard to hold back! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  • http://www.thewanderlusthasgotme.blogspot.co.uk gina

    good post – love the numbers theme! http://www.thewanderlusthasgotme.blogspot.co.uk

  • http://www.melissalovesthis.co.uk Melissa

    Cashmere socks sound like a dream! <3

  • http://www.adashofginger.co.uk Kirsty

    That’s so lovely that you’re continuing reading the book aloud :)
    oh, and cashmere socks sound incredible!

  • http://mutedmornings.blogspot.se Mimmi

    Sounds like such a lovely day! I haven’t been to London in a few years now and I really want to go there soon!

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings

  • http://meyouandhayleylarue.com Hayley Larue

    Wow, what a beautiful photo of London! I’m so jealous. That’s the first place on my list right now for places I want to visit. <3

    - MeYouAndHayleyLarue.com

  • http://melaniefontaine.com Melanie Fontaine

    I love Homeslice – I’m still dreaming about the pizzas there! ;) Sounds like a wonderful day in London!

  • http://www.bloglovin.com/blog/5057469 Lauren Bargiacchi

    Lovely post! This post hasn’t made me want to go to London to eat pizza and frozen yogurt at all…

    Lauren x

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