This outfit features pretty much all of the pieces I’ve been wearing most frequently over the past few weeks. An autumn uniform, if you will. Stripes make an appearance in my outfits a good 50% of the time, and these black skinnies from Hobbs are still the best skinnies I’ve ever owned, hands down. But that Olivia Burton beauty? Well, that’s new in my wardrobe. I’ve been wearing the same two watches on rotation for a good few years now- a delicate silver D&G watch I was given by my Godparents for my 21st birthday, and a rather battered old one that once belonged to my Grandad. But then the lovely team behind The Watch Hut got in touch a few weeks ago to see if I might like to try a new watch on for size, and that’s the story of how that gold, white and tan beauty wound up strapped to my wrist! I’m very grateful for it, not least because the face has actual numbers on it which makes it oh so easy to tell time from! I’ve been wearing it pretty much non-stop ever since it arrived (it goes with *everything*!) and now would most definitely consider myself an Olivia Burton disciple.

And now, let’s talk tartan. I’m going to say it now- this is the best scarf I’ve ever owned. It’s giant (basically a picnic blanket masquerading as a scarf), 100 times softer than I expected it to be when I spotted it online, and…it was twenty pounds. TWENTY! It’s so amazing that I just know I’ll be one of approximately fifty billion women and girls wearing it this autumn and winter, but you know what? It’s worth it. There’s nothing better than being able to bury down into a huge, plush scarf on chilly days, and I think this one is going to get a whole lot of airtime this autumn and winter.

Zara-tartan-scarf Olivia-Burton-watch Tartan-scarf-and-Breton-top breton-top-leopard-print-slippers Zara-tartan-scarf-Autumn-uniform

L I N K S ::
Scarf :: Zara
Breton top :: Boden
Skinny jeans :: c/o Hobbs
Flats :: c/o Hobbs
Watch :: Olivia Burton c/o The Watch Hut.

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A solo shopping trip in Guildford on Saturday afternoon. As much as I love shopping with other people, every now and again there’s nothing nicer than being able to shop entirely at your own pace, and with nobody to dissuade you from buying four candles in one go ;) Also, Jason owning parking spaces in central Guildford will never not be amazing. I’m grateful for it every time we use them at the weekends, and don’t have to feed a meter with a billion pound coins!

Late night cinema trips. (We saw Before I Go to Sleep, and in spite of what some rather scathing critics might say, thought it was amazing!)

Salted popcorn + lemonade + peanut M+Ms. (Though the popcorn wasn’t as tasty as I’d imagined it would be. Isn’t that always the way with cinema popcorn?)

An impromptu catch up with friends on Saturday afternoon, and an even more impromptu garden centre shopping trip!

Making time for an at-home Body Balance workout on Sunday morning. Felt torturous beforehand (and during, too), but so amazing afterwards.

Brioche french toast with more crispy bacon and maple syrup than you could shake a stick at. (Seriously, it was incredible. Just the right amount of cinnamon on the toast, so much syrup I didn’t even need to ask for more, and plentiful bacon. Jason’s eggs benedict was pretty great too!)

Reading newspapers + magazines over coffee and eggs on Sunday morning.

Getting the house looking pretty much spotless by the end of the weekend. Jason took charge of bathroom cleaning + vacuuming, I did the dusting, tidying and laundry, and all in all, we made the house look pretty sparkly! It feels so nice to be starting out the week with a house that’s not nagging to be cleaned.

Reading magazines in bed, with a hot water bottle against my back.

Getting the ratio of time spent out and about, and time spent at home exactly right. For me, a great weekend is all about finding that perfect balance.

How did you spend your weekend? I hope it was a lovely one!


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Fancy adding a whole load of wonderful new blogs to your reading list this weekend? Well, you’re in luck because I’m about to get you good and acquainted with a bounty of amazing blogs! And not just blogs! This month there’ve been some amazing online shops linked in my sidebar, and I’ll tell you, it’s been an exercise in self control! So, if you’re planning on curling up on the sofa with blankets and tea this weekend, why not have a little browse through the blogs and sites linked below whilst you’re at it? :) I can’t think of a nicer way to while away a Saturday afternoon!

Daydreams of Summertime
I’ve got to know Sarah and her lovely blog well over the past few months since she first advertised with me, and it’s been such a pleasure! Her posts are always so beautifully put together- full of dreamy photographs and the sort of personal writing style that draws you in right from the off! Daydreams of Summertime features a whole lot more travel posts than many of the lifestyle blogs I read, which is part of why I like it so much. Sarah always seems to be doing something exciting! Most recently, she went on a ‘Neighbours’ tour in Australia! Be still my beating heart!
Favourite post of the past month? Weekend Scenes: London

Lisette Loves
Oh, I just love Lisette’s blog! There’s never a bad time to sit down with a cup of tea and read Lisette Loves, and this month has been no exception! In September, Lisette’s shared posts about her move to London (exciting!), beautiful home inspiration, my favourite ‘thankful Thursday’ posts, and, *very* excitingly, this month we’ve been introduced to her handsome man! If you’re fond of the sort of charming, beautifully curated lifestyle blog that makes you feel as though you’re getting a peep into someone else’s world, you’ll just adore Lisette Loves!
Favourite post of the past month? Thankful Thursday.

The Peppermint Pencil
Anya’s blog is another truly beautiful one. It’s become a firm favourite read of mine over the past few months, and is one that I jump to read each and every time Anya shares a new post. The Peppermint Pencil is a lifestyle blog, that features recipes, travel posts (I’m so envious of Anya’s recent trip to Edinburgh!) wishlists, and posts about Anya’s life! Her photos are so incredibly beautiful, and it’s hard not to fall in love with The Peppermint Pencil from the moment you first start reading it. I can’t recommend it highly enough!
Favourite post of the past month? Letting go of summer.

The What Now Blog
The What Now Blog is so fantastic, and so unique. Louise’s posts are always so well written and thought out, and are designed to help her readers generate a positive attitude towards their life and work. And they really do the trick! I always find the a quick browse through Louise’s posts perk me up when I’m in need of a creativity and motivational boost, and it doesn’t hurt that I know for a fact what a love Louise herself is too :) A fantastic blog to add to your reading list, to turn to for inspiration and advice and just a plain old good read!
Favourite post of the past month? Time for a digital detox?

Mel Bakes Things
Mel’s blog is the first of a few amazing new food blogs I’ve been introduced to this month! And it’s such a great read! Mel’s recipes are just gorgeous. They’re inventive, well written, and what’s more, beautifully photographed and styled! If you’re looking for a whole lot of material for your Pinterest boards, well, you just found it! I’ve especially enjoyed reading Mel’s blog since she’s based in the US, so her recipes all have that wonderful North American vibe to them! Think rice krispie treats, pumpkin spice goodies, doughnuts/donuts…oh man, it’s a feast for the eyes!
Favourite post of the past month? Miso caramel + toasted coconut rice krispie treats.

The Noble Foodie
From America, to the UK! The Noble Foodie is (you guessed it!) another food blog, but this time its author Bridget is half Australian, half Chinese, and lives in London! If healthy eating is your (sugar-free) jam, then The Noble Foodie is the blog for you! Bridget’s recipes are all gluten and dairy free, and all look so totally delicious that they totally shake off the old idea that healthy food has to be boring! Her recipes range from sweet treats, dinner ideas, simple snacks, and breakfasts- truly a recipe for every occasion!
Favourite post of the past month? Banana crepes.

Fox + Star stationery
Oh my. If you’ve not already discovered Fox & Star, you are in for a treat my friend! It’s pretty much my new favourite shop. Think Paperchase, but better.  Fox & Star’s stationery is so beautifully selected (their autumn range alone is a sight to be seen!) and they sell a selection of washi tapes that will set your heart a-flutter! It’s the sort of shop that sells all the ingredients for making the sort of ‘curated workspace’ you see pinned 5000 times over on Pinterest, and that you kind of wish had a ‘add one of everything to basket’ button. The wish list I’m currently compiling is about four foot long, honestly…
Favourite items? Le Cahier notebook, Thinking Of You card, and Corner Peach washi tape.

Rhyme & Ribbons
I had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Amanda this month at a dinner in London, and she truly is the sweetest! Rhyme & Ribbons has quickly become a favourite read of mine since I first was introduced to it, for so many reasons! I love the humour Amanda infuses into her posts, her quirky style, and the fact that she’s a fellow GBBO obsessive ;) Aside from Paul-and-Mary themed posts, Amanda posts about her adventures in London, food (check the recipe linked below! oh my!) and lots more besides!  It’s just such a lovely read- I’m sure you’re going to love it!
Favourite post of the past month? Chicken and mushroom casserole with cider. 

Cocktails and Caroline
I just love reading Caroline’s blog. Ever since I first came across it (months and months ago!) it’s held a firm place in my reading list as the blog I turn to when looking for inspiration about which restaurant to try next in London! Caroline’s travel and restaurant review posts are always so comprehensive, and she’s always so impossibly glamorous that even if her posts weren’t so wonderfully written, I would enjoy her blog for the photos alone! A true dining-out and travel guidebook, and one that I really recommend adding to your reading list!
Favourite post of the past month? The gooiest, most chocolatey brownies ever!

Shu Likes Clothes
It’s such a pleasure to have the lovely Shu’s blog linked in my sidebar this month! Her blog is such a good one! As you probably guessed by the title, Shu’s blog is a fashion-focused one! Shu’s outfits are always so beautiful, and I wind up wanting to go shopping pretty much every time I stop by her blog! I love her lifestyle posts too, and the videos she puts on her YouTube video are also pretty stellar! If I think about it actually, there’s nothing not to love about Shu and her blog! One to add to your reading list for sure!
Favourite post of the past month? Through my lens #1: Sunsets in London.

The Vintage Pearl
The Vintage Pearl is the sweetest shop! They sell a range of personalised, keepsake jewellery that can be stamped with the name of loved ones, favourite quotes, or even your own initials! They’d make the most perfect presents for friends and family- it’s definitely a shop I’ll be returning to around Christmas time when the shopping rush begins! The Vintage Pearl are offering a discount of 15% off their whole range right now with the code ‘CWR15′, so head over there on the double to bag a bargain!
Favourite piece? Gold initial chain necklace.

A Dash of Ginger
Kirsty’s blog has been another new one to me this month, and one that I’m so thrilled I get to add to my reading list! It’s just gorgeous! A Dash of Ginger is a food blog, full of some of the most divine looking recipes I’ve ever come across! Those cinnamon rolls! That caramel sauce! The sun-dried tomato soda bread! Kirsty’s photos and styling are absolutely beautiful, and I’m so excited to watch her (fairly new!) blog develop and grow! And in the meantime, I’m really just excited to get following her recipe for cinnamon rolls…
Favourite post of the past month? Easy Homemade Cinnamon Rolls.

The Awkward Blog
Angela’s blog is just such an amazing read. Her posts are always so beautifully photographed and written, and there’s something about it (that I can’t quite put my finger on!) that makes it so very unique. I fell in love with it about 0.5 seconds after landing on The Awkward Blog’s homepage for the very first time! The Awkward Blog features recipes (Angela’s recipes always look amazing!), ‘life lately’ kind of posts, beautiful photos (of kittens, and London!) and restaurant reviews. I always jump to read Angela’s posts when they appear in my feed, and am sure you’re going to love it too!
Favourite post of the past month? Sushi at Lingo.

A few more blogs + sites to fall in love with! ::
The University Project || Favourite post? :: Things that’ve made me happy #8
Designed by Artists || Favourite item? :: Hello Deer blanket
Life Enchanted || Favourite post? :: Headed North
Uncia + Tigris || Favourite post? :: Hello Autumn + seasonal recipe roundup.
Mengsel || Favourite item? :: ‘Pomegranates’ silkscreen print.
Polly’s Pocket Book || Favourite post? :: Pause for thought. 
Gemzicle Sprinkles || Favourite post? :: What I Ate Wednesday

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** Image via Up Knorth.


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It’s been feeling a whole lot more brisk and cool round these parts this week, and I couldn’t be happier. I mean, I finally got to wear my new scarf! It was a happy day ;) The week has been mainly made up of the usual (writing, photography, editing, cooking…) and also a lot of time spent browsing online for holiday cottages in the Scottish Highlands. Jason and I are looking into taking a trip away during December, and I’m starting to look into places to stay. I did find an incredible cottage last night on a private island (!) just off the West coast of Scotland…but it had no electricity or running water. And as much as we do want to switch off, and the views from this place were incredible, I’m not sure we could hack a week with no interaction with the outside world at all! So, back to the drawing board! This weekend we’re planning a bit of shopping, and a trip out for breakfast on Sunday morning. I hope you have a lovely one! And now, let’s count up this week’s ‘happy things’…

1. Wednesday pizza-and-GBBO-night! It’s become a bit of a tradition, and a happy one at that!

2. The sweet older couple I saw walking round the lake on Monday, who held hands the entire four and a half mile walk. Kind of a heart melter :)

3. Fairisle print socks!

4. Putting together an inspiration board for my little office space! It’s like Pinterest’s come to life ;)

5. SNACKS. All the snacks. I’ve been grazing like a sheep (as in that I’ve eating constantly, not been snacking on grass…) all this week, I don’t know what’s been up! Carrots and hummus has been my weapon of choice a lot, plus apples with Nutella, nut bars, bananas, and many (many!) a bowl of cereal.

6. Jason. All the time, but this week in particular I’ve felt so grateful to have him as my other half. Some days I just can’t believe I get to marry him!

7. The peach iced tea I sat and enjoyed whilst looking out over the lake, after Teddy and I finished our walk on Thursday.

8. First Aid Kit! Their album is our new favourite evening washing-up soundtrack!

9. The smell of eucalyptus in our house, thanks to yesterday’s flowers! So beautiful! (And thanks to everyone who told me what that it was in fact eucalyptus!)

10. A certain pair of red skinny jeans, that might just be the most comfortable jeans I’ve ever owned. I can’t get enough of them! (p.s. see them in action here!)

Three posts I’ve loved reading this week! :: Sarah’s scenes from the Southbank || Joanna’s three autumn outfits || and Heather’s caramel bourbon brownie milkshakes (I KNOW!)

What’s on your happy list for this week? :)

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