I decided to take my camera out with me whilst walking yesterday, for no reason other than that it makes me happy. Fiddling around with depth of field, exposure, continuous shooting- all the things that only a year ago I didn’t reeeaaallly know how to use to my advantage- it’s the best! Sometimes the happy accidents are what make the best photos- like the blades of grass blurring out the bottom right hand of the above photo. I’m grateful to those blades of grass, because they create the kind of snazzy effect I would otherwise have had to get Jason to create for me in Photoshop ;)

But hey! This isn’t a post about photography, it’s really just a post about the lovely walk Teddy and I took yesterday morning. These little woods that we walk in are probably my favourite place around here to walk. They seem to change constantly. There’s not a day I visit them where I don’t notice some new carpet of ferns or flowers or moss on the forest floor, or find that a path that only a week ago was an easy one to walk along has become completely overgrown and impassable. That’s kind of what I love about them though, even though some days walking through cobweb after cobweb is pretty stressful. The bluebell carpet right in the middle of the woods died back weeks ago and was taken over by huge, shoulder-high ferns, which then were in turn beaten out by even taller foxgloves. Now the forest feels hot, and verdant, and like it’s right at its peak before it begins its slow fall back into the beautiful richness of autumn.

Foxgloves FernsTeddy-in-the-forest

^^ That little butt. It melts my heart. I think these woods are Teddy’s favourite place to walk, too. He gets more excited when we arrive here than any other place we walk in, and always seems to be on the scent of something when we’re there. Usually pigeon or squirrels, but I guess maybe deer too. We do see lots of deer there. ^^

We did our usual route yesterday morning (minus the little loop I’ve had to cut out from our walk recently, because the path had become SO cobwebby it was giving me nightmares), and walked for about an hour or so. I try really hard not to look at my phone when I’m out walking, or else Teddy winds up running around my legs like a loon whilst I stand still, distracted, trying to download emails on patchy 3G signal. It’s all part of this ‘switching off’ thing I’ve been trying recently, where I spend a little less time each day plugged into a screen, and try not to allow myself to be distracted by my phone quite so much!


Recently I’ve found that there’s been a slight imbalance in the way I spend my time, and I’ve been feeling a little wrung out. Usually I quite like being tired, in a funny sort of way. Back when I was younger and was dancing, I used to relish the way my body felt after a particularly exhausting dance class, where everything would ache and groan and I used to stagger back home with this weird John Wayne-style gait. I quite like the feeling of being exhausted come bedtime each evening, even when there’s a pile of washing up to do and another half hour of work to get finished before I can hit the hay. Weirdly those moments make me feel sort of…alive. I don’t know how else to put it other than like that! I guess it’s a hard feeling to describe, but it’s one I kind of like.

But lately it’s been a different kind of tiredness, the type where your head feels foggy and you drop things all the time because your coordination’s off, and you feel drained, as opposed to just plain old tired. I think it’s partly down to last year having been my first year of full-time work after years of academic timetables (god bless those endless school holidays, hey?), to me running my own little business and finding it so hard to switch off from it all at the end of the day, and to also being really really crappy at knowing when to say ‘enough is enough’ and take some actual holiday!

I’d love to know- did you find this during your first year at work after university/college/school? That it was kind of a shock to the system? I’d love to hear too from those of you who run your own businesses- do you have a technique for switching off your mind at the end of the day and at the weekends?


So, the resolution that I came to during this happy walk, was that it’s probably time to take a few days off in the new couple of weeks! And I mean proper time off, too. Not the kind of faux time off I usually take, where I still check emails and faff about endlessly on Pinterest and wind up blogging anyway because I really do love it so much! I think it’s a good resolution to have made :)

Aside from all this detailed introspection, Teddy and I spent the rest of the walk soaking in the early morning sunshine, climbing up piles of stacked logs, and jumping right back off again. It was a good one! Then we headed home, I exchanged wellies for flip flops, and Ted flaked out on the living room floor for several hours.

Cider-with-Rosie-Stacked-logsCider-with-Rosie-summer-walk Cider-with-Rosie-summer-walk-2

Previous visits to these beautiful woods documented here (in frost), here (in early spring), and here (just one lone photo of this year’s incredible bluebell carpet).

** Chambray shirt is a new favourite from GAP, navy blue shorts are old ones from Hollister, & Hunters are Hunters!


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The weekend just never feels long enough, does it? It goes by in the blink of an eye- a mad dash of trying to catch up on sleep and BBQing with friends and laundry and shopping and walking the dog. And in this case- pavlova too!

Jason and I were due to head out to our friends’ house for a BBQ yesterday afternoon, and since I’d promised to bring over a pavlova for dessert I set about making it mid-morning. And we would’ve had it cooked, cooled, and ready to go too had I not had a yolk-related disaster right as I was cracking the 8th and final egg into the bowl of whites. I made that dumb rookie error of trying to catch a falling egg yolk between the two halves of shell I was holding… and yep. Yolk in the whites people. Yolk in the whites. And since the yolk had split, there was no way of removing it so the entire lot had to be poured down the sink. If I told you that I maybe cried a bit, would you judge me? And if I told you that I lay on the sofa being all forlorn and pathetic whilst Jason dashed up to the shops for me to buy more eggs, would you judge? Nope? Phewph. Didn’t think so ;)

But anyway! 16 eggs later, one toe stubbed in rage and two very sizeable coffees drunk, pavlova was made! The afternoon at our friends’ house was such a good one- we ate the most insanely amazing BBQed burgers with brioche buns and pulled pork (I KNOW), Teddy found no less than 9 lost tennis balls under the rhododendron bush in the garden, we all had a go at hula hooping ( I laughed so hard that my stomach and throat ached!) and talked lots and lots about weddings. Michelle & Ian are about 8 months further on than us in the wedding planning process, so we pick their brains any chance we can get!


^^ That’s Tilly. She’s adorable. ^^

Cider-with-Rosie-summer-bbq Cider-with-Rosie-summer-bbq2

And that really, is all there is to say about the day! It was a lovely one- exactly how summer days are supposed to be. Lots of food, lots of laughing, followed by a quick drive home in the evening, a tidy-up of the meringue-explosion in our kitchen, and then to bed. How was your weekend? I hope it was great! Did you have storms? I feel cheated, we were promised a good summer storm and all we had was one measly rain shower!


p.s. Is that a peacock butterfly? I’m not sure, but think it might be. Either way, isn’t she a beauty?

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Ahh, Saturday. It’s nearly here! I’m so excited for this weekend, and I’m not even sure why! We’ve not got anything major going on, just a few little odds and ends that I know will be fun. Like a BBQ at our friends’ new house on Sunday, and maybe a little sunbathing and reading out by the pond tomorrow afternoon. I’m hoping that I can sort out the Birkenstock double-strap tan lines that’ve formed on the tops of my feet this week (that really just make my feet look hideously grubby) and also maybe do something with regards to the state of this house too. I’ve been turning a blind eye to what a mess it is for about 10 days now, and enough is enough. Time to blitz that dust! ;) Now, here’s a little list what’s made me happy this week!…

1. Sitting out in the sunshine yesterday afternoon, whilst writing post copy & answering emails. (Also, the Vita Liberata dry oil sunscreen I’ve been using all week, which keeps my skin from burning AND helps it tan! Amazing!)

2. Teddy’s smug face upon finding a forgotten tennis ball over on the green on Wednesday evening. He brought it all the way home with him, and is *very* proud of his little discovery. (I prefer not to imagine how many dog’s mouths it’s been in, and how germy that thing must be…)

3. A walk + coffees with Mum yesterday morning.

4. Getting back to Pilates! I’d missed two weeks of classes because of work/events etc, and hadn’t realised how much I was missing the classes until my first one back this week. There’s nothing like it!

5. Ripe peaches. I thought the season had pretty much finished, but the batch I bought this week are better than ever! Made me so very happy!

6. Being able to slouch around in denim cut-offs and t-shirts all week long. Summer is the best!

7. Neom’s Harmonise candle. It smells SO amazing, even when it’s not lit. Definitely my favourite candle I’ve had in the house in a long time!

8. Listening to George Ezra’s ‘Budapest’, & Ben Howard’s ‘Keep your head up’. Such amazing summer songs!

9. Bunless cheese burgers + sweet potato fries for dinner. YUM.

10. Daydreaming about honeymoons, and where we might be flying off to in the world this time next year. It’s so exciting!

Three posts I’ve loved reading this week :: Carolyn’s perfect laid-back summer outfit || Bess’ fantasy dinner party run-down || & The Minimalist Baker’s recipe for super seedy granola bars!

I so enjoyed reading through all of your post links in the comments last week, so let’s make it a regular thing! If you write a blog yourself, please do leave me a link in the comments to a favourite post of yours from the past week! I’d love to click through and have a read of it! :) Happy Friday everyone!


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The past couple of weeks have been such busy ones, it feels as though I’ve not had chance to sit down and catch up here for a horribly long time! How *are* you all? Hasn’t this week been such a beautiful one, with all this glorious sunshine and the long, bright evenings? Warm evenings are my favourite thing about summer, by far. They make me feel almost as though I’m on holiday- when each day of sightseeing or sun-soaking is finished off with dinner and drinks in warm, slightly humid air. The best.

So, what’s new! Well, nothing exciting, in particular. What’s that? You want to hear all about the boring stuff we’ve been up to lately, in a rambly kind of fashion? Well, if you insist! Here goes…

Yesterday I had ice-cream for lunch. Well, actually it was gelato, AND it was coffee flavoured, which makes it far more sophisticated and legitimate than if it were a Mr Whippy. That’s my story anyway, and I’m sticking to it. See the thing is, I’ve been doing all my grocery shopping lately at the garden centre (their fruit and veg in summertime is better than any you can find in the supermarket, and about a third of the price to boot!) and right outside the entrance to the garden centre is an Italian food truck kinda thing, selling extortionately priced but so tasty you can’t say no gelato. Yesterday I’d already had to drive to and from the garden centre twice (I got there first time and realised I’d left my purse at home), and so when I finally arrived all ready to do my shopping, I decided it was probably best to reward myself with a little coffee gelato as a pick me up. Did the trick…


Weddings! Let’s talk weddings! Today is the 17th July, which means that we are now officially one year to the day away from getting married! THIS IS VERY EXCITING! Jason and I are in the happy respite period of wedding planning, where we’ve sorted the big stuff (venue, church, caterers- all the crucial things that make you want to cry with stress whilst you try and pin them down) and now have a month or two before we need to start thinking about photographers, suits, flowers, band…the list goes on. We are starting to have conversations about Save the Dates (they kinda need to be great, given that Jason runs a design agency and all…) and also the all important colour scheme. But we keep forgetting to talk about all things wedding in the evenings after work until we’re doing the washing up right before bed, and then we’re both tired and cranky and not in the best frame of minds for intense debates about things like How Green Is Too Green, and Do We Really Want Pop Up Wedding Stationery.

On the whole though, we’re feeling faaaiiirly laid back about the whole wedding planning thing. People keep telling us that we’re doing well to be so far along in the planning with still exactly a year to go, but they wouldn’t say that if they saw how disorganised we both can be, and how long it takes us to get out of the door on time each morning. We’ve learnt, in the past year or so, that the very best way for us to be on time for things (family events, dinners, meetings, whatever) is to force ourselves to aim to be ready exactly half an hour before we actually need to leave the house.  And we’re kind of applying that same principle to the wedding planning! We’re giving ourselves an extra few months of planning on top of the year most people say you need, because it gives us a little leeway and counters our inherent lateness. So! That’s where we are!


Last up- quick fire, entirely mundane, pretty boring news! Not done this in such a long time! Here goes…I went shopping! Jason went shopping! Teddy did no shopping, but did go swimming in the lake and also tried to eat a wasp! The hugest spider I’ve ever seen in my life ran across our living room floor when I was home alone, and I despatched it with a slate tile! The dishwasher is still broken, one month after it first started leaking! The ducklings on our pond are getting bigger, but (sadly) there’s only four left! We’re addicted to halloumi, & putting spices and BBQ sauce on all our food! I’ve got lip-freckles!

Phewph. Anything new and exciting (or mundane, you know I love a bit of happy mundane!) going on in your life? Let’s catch up!

p.s. All photos from my Instagram feed. I’m ‘ciderwithrosieblog’, if you want to follow along :)

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