** Photo by the amazing Marta Potoczek from Lazy Sunday Cooking

I am SO excited to introduce you to the wonderful bloggers who’ve been linked in my blog’s sidebar this month! There are so many blogs that I added to my own reading list right away after coming across them, and continue to check in on on a daily basis! Some of them might be new to you, others I’ve featured here before. Some write about food, others about beauty, and a few more write about their lives in the way I write here about my own. There really is a blog for everyone! So have a little read through, and then go show them a little love! <3 Happy weekend everyone!

Dear You Love Em

I first was introduced to Em’s blog right back when she’d first started it, and had only written one or two posts! It’s been amazing to watch it grow and develop over the past few months, and to get to know lovely Em herself too! Dear You Love Em is a lifestyle blog, and features photos from Em’s beautiful life in Sydney, travel posts, product reviews, and style posts. I absolutely adore it! Em’s photographs are always absolutely gorgeous, and always make me want to move right on over to Australia! Definitely one to add to your reading list!
Favourite post of the past month? Santorini photo diary (because the donkey photos are worth clicking through for alone!)

This Particular
A lovely blog, written by an even lovelier lady! Ala’s blog has been a favourite read of mine for months now- it’s one I added to my reading list right after being introduced to it, and always click through to when scrolling through my mammoth blog feed! Ala shares lots of simple, unfussy recipes on her blog, and her posts never fail to make me hungry! I also love her ‘lifestyle’ posts, which always read like a catch up with a friend. It’s an all-round great read, and one I recommend adding to your ‘following’ list right away!
Favourite post of the past month? Giant cupcake (because it’s a giant cupcake, so that’s reason enough right?)

The What Now Blog
The What Now Blog has become the place I check in on for a dose of inspiration and motivation. It’s crammed full of thoughtful posts that aim to inspire positive thinking, thoughtfulness, and general wellbeing. Louise began her blog at a time in her life when she didn’t feel she had a particular direction or focus, and so now aims to inspire other people who might find themselves experiencing those same feelings! Cool idea, huh? It’s a brilliant place to check in on for a daily dose of motivation!
Favourite post of the past month? The Practise of Positive Thinking (because it’s such a lovely post to read, and filled me with positivity!)

The Peppermint Pencil
Oh my. Anya’s blog is just divine. Her photos are stunning, posts are all beautifully written- I mean, even the design is a lovely one! I’ve so loved following along with it in the past month. It’s hard to pick a favourite amongst so many lovely posts, but I think my absolute favourite from the past month or so was Anya’s gorgeous series of photographs from a day spent in Bakewell. You must stop by and check it out, and don’t forgot to follow along with The Peppermint Pencil whilst you’re there! :)
Favourite post of the past month? An Afternoon in Bakewell. (because Anya’s photos tell a story, and it’s a lovely story at that.)

Jess’s blog has been such a pleasure to have linked in my sidebar this month! She writes such lovely posts- mainly beauty focused, though with the odd lifestyle one thrown into the mix too! I especially loved reading all about her experiences at Glastonbury & other summer festivals this year! I’m not much of a festival-goer myself, but have LOVED living vicariously through lovely Jess and her even lovelier blog! (p.s. I seriously do not know how Jess managed to look so lovely right through her stay at Glasto?! It’s a feat!)
Favourite post of the past month? Glastonbury Festival Part 1 (because Jess’ post makes you feel almost as though you’re right alongside her at the festival!)

Cocktails & Caroline
Cocktails & Caroline is always a pleasure to read, and this month has been no exception! Caroline is another blogger who’s been covering the festival scene this past month, and her post about Latitude festival may just have convinced me that I should go along next year! Her photos were just amazing! Caroline’s blog is one that I never fail to click through to when it pops up in my feed, as I know I’ll always be sure to find a fun, beautiful, and engaging post to read on it. Can’t recommend it highly enough!
Favourite post of the past month? Latitude Festival (because Caroline makes everything look fun, even my least favourite activity of camping! ;)

Rosedog & Co
Ohh, I just love Rosie’s blog! She lives in Australia, and I like to think of her as my Aussie counterpart ;) Rosedog & Co is a lifestyle blog with a lots of lovely recipes, pretty photographs, and fun ‘life lately’ posts! It’s the sort of blog that you’ll find yourself checking in on on your lunch break, and whilst walking the dog. It’s so happy, and light, and a pleasure to read- it’ll just become a part of your daily reading routine before you know it! Rosie herself is just so lovely too- do follow along with her blog right away!
Favourite post of the past month? Raw Energy Bliss Balls (because they look so insanely tasty, and they’re healthy too!)

Kirsten Learns
Kirsten’s blog was new to me this month, and let it be known, that I absolutely LOVE IT! Her wedding photos in particular have made swoon- you must go and check them out right away! In fact, all of Kirsten’s photos are just beautiful. On her blog Kirsten shares posts about travel, her home, reviews- and writes each and every post so beautifully, eloquently, and not to mention hilariously, that you won’t be able to help fall for it! It’s a blog that I’m certain will stay high in my reading list for a long time to come.
Favourite post of the past month? Dessert teas (because Kirsten can even make a post about tea funny!)

A Little Lusciousness
Just for a brief moment, can we talk about how lovely the A Little Lusciousness advert itself is? It makes me want to go and attack the jar of capers in my fridge every time I look at it! A Little Lusciousness is written by the lovely Rosie (another Rosie! It must be the most popular blogger name going!) and is a food-focused blog. Rosie’s posts are always such a pleasure to read, and I find her restaurant reviews especially to be just fantastic. They’re always so informative and beautifully put together- just like the whole of Rosie’s lovely blog actually!
Favourite post of the past month? Carnaby Street Eat (because it made me want to dash up to Carnarby St, & start eating!)

Pink Confetti
Nicola’s blog is such a lovely one. She writes posts about all sorts of things- from food, to reviews, to thoughts on wellbeing, to her life in general! I love reading her posts- they always read as honest and truthful to me, which is something I look for in a blog. Especially great this month was Nicola’s post about her DeGusta box (such a fun concept!) and her thoughts on kindness. If charming, unassuming lifestyle blogs are your cup of tea, you’ll absolutely love Pink Confetti!
Favourite post of the past month? Simply Cook: Mexican Beef Chilli (because I dare you to not crave a bowl of spicy chilli after having read it…)

From Lucy With Love
I just love reading Lucy’s blog! It’s a lifestyle one, full of happy posts and lovely photos and updates about her beautiful life with her partner Joe! Lucy has a wonderful writing style that makes you feel as though you’re catching up with a friend, and her blog is always such a cheerful place to check in on! I added From Lucy with Love to my reading list right away after being introduced to it, and haven’t looked back since! Oh, and Lucy’s YouTube videos are pretty fun too- do go and have a little watch! :)
Favourite post of the past month? Up-cycling coffee jars (because HOW CUTE are those pastel colours?!)

Supernaturally Healthy
Kezia’s aims to encourage people to pursue a healthy lifestyle via her site. She crams it full of healthy recipes, information about living well, and tips for general wellbeing! It’s such an inspiring place to visit- I always come away from it feeling motivation to try out some new superfood-full recipe, or to do a little light exercise! Definitely a site I’d recommend having a browse through, for a dose of daily inspiration!
Favourite post of the past month? Three ingredient banana pancakes (because they’re pancakes, and they’re healthy. That’s all that needs saying, right?)

Other blogs to read and fall in love with! ::
Treasure Every Moment || Favourite post? :: Photograph Inspiration: Little Wedding Helpers Edition.
Kirsteaparty || Favourite post? :: FAVOURITE THINGS: Fabulous fig.
Teeny Titch || Favourite post? :: When Life Gives You Lemons
Keep Calm and Live With Me || Favourite post? :: Moving in with a boy- Part 2
Dipped in Rococo || Favourite post? :: Umami tales.
Poppytails & Trails || Favourite post? :: Prawns & Hearts.
World of Wynne || Favourite post? :: Blooms on a Budget
Bluebell & Bumpkin || Favourite post? :: I might be the villain of this story.

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This week can be summarised by the following two words: SPIDERS. EVERYWHERE. I thought autumn was supposed to be the time at which they all head for the nearest open window and get comfy in our spare bedrooms, not in the height of summer? I’m finding the horrid things everywhere in our house these days, and it’s giving me the heeby jeebies. I even found a teeny tiny money spider on the tip of my nose yesterday, when I was at my friend’s house. I don’t know what’s up. Tell me it’s not just my house? This week’s been a good one, aside from my spider phobia being triggered 24/7. This weekend we’re planning to have a BBQ (again, we’re becoming those annoying people who have one every weekend…) this time with my Mum and Godparents, and also celebrate Jason’s brother Joe’s birthday on Saturday- his first since he became a Dad to baby Eddie! We’re looking forward to it! In the meantime, here’s a little list of what’s made me most happy this week…

1. The relief of spotting the fourth little duckling scoot on over to join its Ma and brothers and sisters, after we’ve had a mini panic that it’s been stolen by one of the neighbourhood cats! We scared off a fox from getting too close to them all the other night, too. It’s a tough ol’ job you know, being Protectors Of The Ducklings! ;)

2. The chocolate peanut butter fudge bite I sampled at Selfridges on Wednesday. It was one of those mouthfuls of food where you think, whilst eating it, ‘I don’t want this to be over yet’. Oh boy. Seriously amazing!

3. Wednesday evening in London. I took a cab over the river from the Houses of Parliament at sunset, and it was just beautiful.

4. Freckles on the backs of my hands. They’re the sign that it really is summer!

5. Golden hour sunlight. I miss it so much in winter, so am savouring every drop we’re getting right now!

6. Emily’s Fruit Crisps! I’ve been sampling them all this week, and they’re really really delicious! Perfect summer snacking.

7. The brief, two minute breakfast Jason and I ate together whilst perched on the edge of our bed yesterday morning. I brought up bowls of yoghurt + fruit + granola, and we ate them quickly together before getting on with our morning routines. It was a nice pause, in an otherwise hectic week.

8. Lunches of thickly sliced vine tomatoes on rye bread, with plenty of salt and basil. So tasty, I start thinking about eating it at around 11am ;)

9. Feeling of confidence, and empowerment.

10. Using my married initials for the first time! I had a little keychain monogrammed at an event this week, and decided to have my married initials put on it instead of my current ones. Cheeky really, but it made me so excited!

Three posts I’ve loved reading this week :: Tania’s healthy blueberry pancake recipe || Erin’s five things || + Sonia’s beautifully simple post.

What’s made you happy this week? :)


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When I was younger, road trips were definitely *not* my idea of a good time. I have painfully vivid memories of my sister and I throwing punches at each other across the middle seat in the back of the car when we were kids and driving down to the South of France, whilst my Mum attempted to mediate from the front. Ahh. Those were the days! ;) But really, who takes a stroppy 13 year old and an irritating 5 year old on a two day car journey and expects them *not* to try and kill each other at least once, right? We actually argued and bickered and fought so hard on that journey that I took a post-holiday holiday when we got back, and went to stay at my Auntie’s house to decompress!

But these days, now that I’m a fully functioning adult and not a hormonal, pre-pubescent walking ball of rage, car journeys are actually enjoyable again! I actually really look forward to the prospect of road trips with Jason- his Dad and Stepmum used to live about three hours North of us and now live an hour and a half South, so we’ve taken a fair few hefty road trips in the past almost-five-years going to visit them both. We bring a big ol’ pile of snackfoods with us into the car, stop off for coffee on the way, and listen to old albums that take us right back to when we first started dating. It’s always a good time! Recently Enterprise got in touch and asked if I’d be up for sharing a few of my road trip essentials here on Cider with Rosie, and since I think Jason and I have become pretty good at road trippin’ over the past few years, I said yes! So here goes!

A comfy jumper ::
Jason and I can never agree on what temperature the car should be- thank goodness for climate control, right?! Having a jumper on hand is always an essential for me, to be worn when it’s frosty, and used as a pillow when it’s not.

Sunglasses ::
Nothing worse than forgetting your sunnies, and having to do the awkward sun visor angling-dance all journey long!

iPhone (to be used as a sat nav, & also iPod) ::
If I happen to be the driver on said road trip (and am sans the human sat nav that is my fiancé) then I need my phone to act as direction-provider throughout the whole journey. My sense of direction is notoriously poor, and my phone has saved me from taking another trip the wrong way round the m25 on more than one occasion. Also, on the odd occasion Jason and I just can’t agree on what CD to listen to (Taylor Swift is pretty divisive for us), I’ll plug some headphones into my phone and settle down to listen to a few chapters of my Harry Potter audiobook whilst we drive. It’s pretty peaceful :)

Approximately 5 million kirby grips ::
Ahh, long hair problems number 851. Long hair + open windows/air conditioning = stressful wispiness. I like pin it all up pretty much the second I get into the car, and so keep a stash of kirby grips in my handbag and in the little side pockets of my car for just such emergencies.

Haribo ::
I like to think Jason and I eat a pretty healthy diet most of the time. We try and get our five a day, you know? But when we’re on a long car journey- the rulebook gets thrown out the window, and it’s game time. I’m talking Haribo, Percy Pigs by the handful (we don’t even eat the ears first! I know!) cheese balls (hello Honey Boo Boo) and sometimes, on the odd occasion, a Krispy Kreme each too! ‘Unsupervised child at a birthday party’ is how I’d describe it, and we’re not even sorry. It’s tradition, okay? ;)

Lip balm & hand cream ::
Air conditioning dries out my skin quick as a flash, so I’m pretty evangelical about keeping lip balm and hand cream on hand to sort things out. Lush’ Honey Trap lip balm has been my favourite for a good couple of years now, and Crabtree + Evelyn’s hand creams are really moisturing and fast-absorbing.

Coffee ::
Grande vanilla lattes times two, please.

A pen ::
It’s never a bad idea to leave home with a pen, right? Right.


And now I want to go on a road trip! It’s our anniversary (five years!) next month, so maybe we should take a little road trip together with Teddy for the day? Enterprise are also being completely awesome, and offering the chance for two people to win a £1000 road trip of their choice! To enter, just snap a photo of your own road trip essentials and use the hashtag #openroadessentials to share it via Instagram and/or Twitter! Enterprise will be featuring the best entries on their competition site, and then will pick two overall winners who’ll get to go on a £1000 road trip! Amazing!

So tell me, what’re your essentials for bringing along on a road trip? Do we share any similar ones?

** This post was sponsored by Enterprise! Thanks for your support!

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I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect pair of black skinny jeans for a good few years now. I’m kind of a tough customer, in the ol’ black skinnies market ;) I like them to be soft but fitted, with a neatly tapered ankle and a smooth black wash. Bunching round the ankle is a mega no-no in my book. I’m annoyingly right on the cusp of ‘petite’ and ‘regular’ fit jeans (5ft 3” + a 1/2 which means that petite cuts are too short, and regular far too long) jeans are often an awkward fit on me. I’ve tried Topshop, H&M, Zara- and there’s almost always something just a little off about them.

This pair from Hobbs NW3 line, though? They tick every box! They’re a gorgeous mid-rise, are so soft you almost feel as though you’re wearing leggings, and as for ruching and bunching round the ankles? Not a jot! Hurrah! I do have to reverse cuff them by about an inch or so , but they sit so smooth and neat you’d never know. Double hurrah! Let’s talk briefly too about that shirt, because this is maybe the second post in a row where I’ve been wearing it, and I’m not even sorry. I’d intended to buy it online, but then decided to pick it up in store when I was in London the week before last. And I’m so happy I did, because in store it’d been marked down by 50% so was a total steal at 15 pounds! Good old GAP. It’s quickly becoming my new favourite thing to wear.

Hobbs-skinny-jeans Cider-with-Rosie-NW3-skinny-jeans

We’ve never done a ‘his + her’ style post before, but when Jason and I popped out to take these photos of what I’m calling the Holy Grail of black skinny jeans the other evening, my fiancé looked so handsome and sharp I persuaded him to take a turn in front of the lens instead of behind it! Can you even believe that these photos were taken after Jason had done a 9 hour working day, AND had been to the gym in the morning too? I wish I knew what his secret was to looking fresh as a daisy at the end of the day. My appearance begins dishevelling from the moment I shut the front door behind me in the morning…;) (Oh and also, it was a happy day for me when Jason realised he needed glasses. Oh boy. I think he looks pretty handsome in them!)

Jason-Cider-with-Rosie-London-Retro London-Retro-glasses Jason-Cider-with-Rosie

L I N K S ::

Oxford shirt :: French Connection
Light wash jeans :: Levi’s
Suede brogues (with pink laces!) :: Bertie
Westminster glasses :: London Retro at Glasses Direct (who offer a completely awesome free home trial!)

Chambray shirt :: GAP
Black skinny jeans :: ℅ NW3 by Hobbs
Birkenstocks Arizonas 

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