The Wealden Midsummer Fair! {Part II}



I just started to write about ‘day two at the fair’, and then remembered that we most definitely were only there for one day. It just feels as though it were a two day-jolly, since there were so many things to see and do! So, Saturday afternoon… 

The afternoon was a mainly food-focused affair, if I’m honest. We sampled some incredible gluten-free cakes from a bakery called ‘A Taste of Dreams‘ (not the ones photographed in this post, was too busy eating buttercream to take photos!) and had a chat about the potential of having a gluten-free layer in our wedding cake since we have a fair few guests coming who eat a gluten free diet. Their cakes really were *insanely* delicious! They’re made with ingredients like ground almonds and polenta instead of rice flour or other gluten free alternatives, which can tend to make cakes dry and crumbly. My favourite was the (vegan, as well as gluten free!) apple cake. You’d never in a million years guess it was made without eggs or butter or flour, and was so delicious alongside a vanillery iced latte.


^^ This sign made me happy, for obvious reasons! :) ^^

Bunting Cider-with-Rosie

^^ For those who asked yesterday, my dress is from Topshop but sadly is a couple of years old and no longer available! Similar shaped & patterned dresses found here (similar shape but with a lace hem), here (white spots on black, with short sleeves), here (same fit and flare shape, red floral pattern), & here (white with black spots) :)

Naked-espresso Prosecco

^^ Bubbles, from Cin Cin! We also sampled a little square of Cin Cin’s caramel and white chocolate shortbread, which had flecks of sea salt running through it. It was divine, and I kind of regretted filling myself up on fish & chips at lunchtime because I was too full to eat more than a tiny square. ^^

Wealden-Midsummer-Fair-cakes Vintage-cutlery

^^ Vintage silverware. Food bloggers- imagine the styling possibilities! ;) ^^

Chicks-that-chop-rice-salad Chicks-that-chop-cakes

When we were at the Midwinter Fair back in November Mum and I regretted ordering burgers for lunch, over the gorgeous mixed salads from Chicks That Chop. Not this time though! We learnt from our past mistakes, and Mum ordered a little portion each of the chicken & creme fraiche pasta, the white bean, feta & pepper salad, and the chickpeas with salmon. All delicious!

I ate a portion of fish, chips & mushy peas from Rock Salt, which was pretty tasty. The bright sunshine ruined every photo I tried to take of it, so in the end I gave up worrying about overexposure and just plain old ate my lunch. I know! Madness! On my imaginary just-this-second made up rating system, I’d say the fish scored 10/10, chips…5/10. They just weren’t nearly soggy enough for my liking! (Nothing better than a soggy chip, right? Or is it just me?) Tartare sauce was great though, and even Mum (who has always been decidedly mushy pea-phobic) enjoyed the mushy peas!


^^ Treated myself to a pair of Sea Salt knee-high socks from the Charity Farm Country Store, and am kind of smitten with them. Took an obnoxious amount of photos of my own feet that day, so…sorry about that. ^^


^^ Succulent wall planters! <3  ^^


^^ Idea Toscana was definitely a stand-out range from all that we found on Saturday. The hand cream & body lotions were all olive oil-based, and made our skin *so* buttery soft. My Mum bought a bottle each of the hand and body creams, and I really regret not buying some too. I imagine it would be the very best thing to slather on after a day in the sunshine. ^^


^^ I never see the similarity between my Mum and I, but in this photo I think we look *identical*! Definitely one of my new favourite photos of my lovely Mum. I think she looks so beautiful and sparkly-eyed. Oh, and I should say a thank you to my Mum for acting as photographer so many times on Saturday. I’m kind of uh…fussy- is that the word?…when it comes to photos, so I know it’s  never an easy job ;) ^^

All in all, it was the loveliest day! So very glad the sun shined throughout. Now, how did you spend your Saturday? I hope you had a lovely one! And any plans for this sunny Wednesday, besides working? :) Jason and I are just off to have a meeting with potential wedding caterers! Wish us luck!

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  • Beccy

    What a lovely photo of you and your mother – there is a similarity! It all looks like such a gorgeous day – those cakes look delicious! Good luck with the caterers x

    Beccy ~ Bluebell & Bumpkin

  • Lucy

    You and your mum are both so beautiful!! I’ve loved reading these posts, I’d never heard of the fair before but I’m absolutely 100% putting it on my calendar for next year. All the food sounds too too too good, I’ll have to starve mysself for a few days before so I can fit as much in as possible haha! Btw, I love how you had a vanilla latte with the vegan cake hehe xxx
    La Lingua : Food, Life, Love, Travel, Friends, Italy

  • Kezia

    I want that vintage silverware!Been searching for some since we got married:)

  • Mimmi

    Wow, all that food is making my mouth water, haha. And you and your mum are so alike! Beautiful, both of you :)

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings

  • Sophie

    This looks like such a lovely day out! Except I’m now suuuuper hungry and it’s hours until lunch ;)


  • Amanda @ Rhyme & Ribbons

    What a lovely day out! Your mom loos so sweet in that photo :) x

  • Brookies

    We look like we’re actually radiating light!!

  • Lauren S

    the food looks glorious, and it’s amazing how good vegan food can taste !
    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Fashion Lifestyle + Photography –

  • Hannah

    Really enjoyed these posts, glad you made one brilliant day into two days worth of reading! As usual, beautiful photos :)

    Popcorn & Polka Dots

  • Ruth Johnston

    I had a lovely peach blini from Cin Cin, so good! Was a bit sad I skipped out on the Charity Farm Country Store as it caught my eye before lunch and we just forgot to go back :(

  • arielle

    so many great photographs in this post! your mom is quite the photographer. and I’m really loving those wall-hung succulents. looks like such a fun time in the sun!

    love, arielle
    a simple elegance

  • Ailish Goes

    Thank you for all the dress info! And, no need to apologise for feet shots when you’re wearing such loved-looking Hunters! Ailish

  • Rebecca

    what beautiful photographs Rosie, those cakes look so delicious :) This fair looks amazing- wish there was one near me!! x

  • Rosie

    Oh this looks gorgeous. Vintage silverware is on my wish list for my foodie shots.
    Rosie x

  • Maria

    What a wonderful day out, beautiful photographs and delicious food too! You and your mum do look identical, I think it’s the eyes & smile. She also looks really familiar but I can;t place where I know here from!

    Maria xxx

  • PinkCatJo

    I’m just going to have to take my Mum to this next year. It looks like a great day out and isn’t too far for us to get to for a day! x

  • Jo

    Now I’m up-to-date with your fair posts! The food…oh the food looks amazing. I am positively drooling at my desk! The pastas and salads sound to die for and the cakes, too. I want a slice of the apple cake!

    The photo of you and your mum is lovely too – such a special day.

    Jo xx

    She Wears Burgundy

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