Want to come to the Wealden Times Midsummer Fair? {Giveaway!}



Do you remember that fair in Kent I went to last November, the one that ended up being so gorgeous it warranted having two full posts written about it? The one with so many stands full of unique clothing, gourmet food, artisinal produce, and gorgeous homeware I could have happily drained my entire bank account five times over and come home with a lorry-load of purchases? Where I ate that Christmas pudding truffle that blew my mind? Well, this June, I’m going to that fair’s twin sister, the Wealden Times Midsummer Fair! And it’s going to be awesome! And you can come too! For free! (So many exclamation marks!) Phewph. I feel like I need to take a moment to breathe after finishing that paragraph!

The lovely folk at the Wealden Times have been kind enough to offer me FIVE pairs of Midsummer Fair tickets to give away to Cider with Rosie readers! The winners will need to be available to come along to the fair at Hole Park in Cranbrook, Kent, on Saturday 7th June. I’ll admit that last year (when I was invited along to the Midwinter fair) I wasn’t sure if the event would be worth making the 1 and a half hour journey from home over to Kent, but was proved so happily wrong! There were so many wonderful exhibitors there that my Mum and I spent hours and hours (at least four, I’d say!) wandering round the different tents, and that’s without factoring in lunch and coffee and cake from one of the food trucks! And the Midsummer Fair will be just the same, I’m sure! So if you’re based in the South of England and fancy coming along for the day (I’ll be at the fair on the 7th too!) then enter below to win a pair of tickets!

{Giveaway details!}
- Five pairs of tickets are available to win, for the Wealden Times Midsummer Fair on Saturday 7th June 2014. Car parking at the fair is free, and there is a train station with a service direct to Charing Cross approximately 20 minutes away from the event.

- To enter, just make sure that you follow Cider with Rosie via Bloglovin‘ and Twitter, and just pop a comment (saying anything you like!) at the end of this post! The winners will be picked 2 weeks from today, on the 30th April!

- The 5 winners’ details (name & email addresses) will passed on to the sweet folk at the Wealden Times, who will then contact each winner directly and get tickets sent out in the post!

Good luck! And if you win, I’ll see you on June 7th! :)

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  • http://www.fromlucywithlove.co.uk Lucy Carter

    This looks like a lovely opportunity – I love these sort of events :-) I follow you on Bloglovin’ and Twitter so fingers crossed! x

  • http://www.blesstheweather.com Siobhan

    The fair looks lovely! Makes me wish I lived in the countryside so I could go to these all summer long.

  • http://www.austin-orange.blogspot.co.uk Sarah

    Hi Rosie, love your blog and would love to come along to this Fair :) I follow you on Bloglovin’ and Twitter – thanks for the giveaway! x

  • http://www.sunnysweetpea.com Jenny

    I remember your beautiful photographs from this fair, and of course I would love to go. I follow you already :) xx

  • Natalie

    i’ve followed on twitter but don’t have a bloglovin account :( as an american ex pat living in england.. i freaking LOVE this stuff!! x

  • http://shadeofredblog.com Shade of Red Blog

    It’s my birthday weekend! Would have loved to come but my friends are taking me to Paris. Can’t wait!

  • faith

    woop woop! this sound so good :-)
    and i honestly love how your blog is laid out, its really nice!

    • faith

      i follow on both: @fullafizzy

  • http://www.rachelbirchley.com Rachel

    The fair sounds wonderful! I’d love to go. I live in Kent and am always on the hunt for local experiences and attractions.
    Rachel x

  • http://www.emmavictoriastokes.com Emma Stokes

    Hi Rosie!

    This fair sounds absolutely incredible. When I visited Leeds to see my boyfriend on the weekends a couple years ago, we always tried to find vintage/craft fairs to visit as they’ve always inspired me for picture posts. There is also nothing better than picking up that unique item that no one else in the world has. I would love to attend this fair and transport is absolutely no problem as I drive. This would also be the perfect opportunity to whip out the camera and take some beautiful shots of the day! I hope to see you there :)

  • http://miscriant.blogspot.co.uk Becky

    Ooh sounds lovely! I follow you on both, and as a Kentish lass myself, I’m pretty local to Cranbrook!
    Becs x

  • Marina

    Looks wonderful :)

  • http://www.sevenlivesandmore.com/ Melodie

    So sad to live in Paris right this minute…!! This giveaway is a great idea Rosie i remember the post you did on the fair and it really seems lovely!
    Good luck everyone!

  • http://www.quaintrelleblog.com Setarra

    What an awesome giveaway! Now if only I lived in in the UK… One day ;)

  • http://www.cleanbakerun.com Carrie

    Oh how divine!crafty lovlieness in all forms is my idea of heaven! x

  • http://shewearsburgundy.blogspot.co.uk Jo

    I originally come from Kent, so was really excited to see the county mentioned in your blog! I’ve also been told about the fair by a friend who has just got a job with the Wealden Times so it’s such a coincidence (I get quite excited about these things!)

    I’m going to have to go and take a look at your last posts now! It sounds amazing and what a wonderful treat!

    Jo xx

    She Wears Burgundy

  • Jo

    I love going to fairs like this! Especially ones that involve food trucks! My best friend is getting married next year and is frantically travelling the country looking for one that will come to her wedding so she’d love it too! x

  • sophie f-t

    Sounds fab! I’d love to go.

  • http://itwasthewhiterabbit.blogspot.co.uk Sam

    Oooh this looks fantastic!

  • http://simplysumiko.blogspot.co.uk/ Sumiko

    I remember the photos from the last fair and it does look lovely :) These places are great to discover new things and I’ve been trying to get to more, but there just isn’t many in the East!


  • http://acertainadventure.blogspot.co.uk/ Tamsin | A Certain Adventure

    I’d so love to win this! This will mark the end of my first week of freedom after my finals examinations, and it’d be so lovely to get out of my university town to go to something like this :) x

  • Ruth

    I fell in love with the fair just looking at your photos, thinking of even buying tickets to treat myself anyways :) would be great to win some though!

  • http://www.vintagesoph.blogspot.co.uk Sophie Crook

    This looks like such a nice event, hope I win! xx

  • http://ofsounds.blogspot.com Sara

    Eep this fair sounds amazing! I might have to add this to my England To Do List and plan a little trip regardless!

  • http://becominghugo.blogspot.com Georgia

    I’ve never been to this fair but from your description is sounds like it could be heavenly!

  • http://www.intoruth.com/ Ruth Johnston

    This is absolutely wonderful! I love a good fair <3

  • http://www.stripesandsnapshots.com Emma @ Stripes and Snapshots

    Ahhh I was thinking of this fair the other day remembering the post you did, and wondering if they did a summer one. Sounds perfect!

  • http://www.girlinbrogues.com Saskia

    Gosh, I would love to go to this but it’s so far away from me!

    Saskia / girlinbrogues.com

  • http://katieeenana.blogspot.com Kate

    I am so glad that I stumbled across not only your blog but also this post. I am most looking forward to attending this fair and will be booking my tickets as soon as possible. Thank you for making me aware of this. Really looking forward to it :) x

  • lottie greenwood

    I would love to enter this! Looks like such a beautiful day out!
    also congratulations. I got engaged last November and am getting married this November :) its a wonderful exciting time!
    Lottie x

  • Millie

    What a wonderful prize!

  • http://www.ginandginger.co.uk Charlotte

    This fair sounds wonderful! It’d be just the excuse I need to see some family I’ve got in Kent after far too long, too! xx

  • http://blueskiesarehereagain.blogspot.com Juliet

    Sounds amazing, I’d love to go! Also major congratulations on the engagement :) x

  • Celia

    Fair sounds great. . . . Loving the blog!

  • Catty

    new reader here- would LOVE to go to this fair. Fingers crossed!

  • Debbie creasey

    Would love to go , my fingers are crossed :)

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