Do you remember last year, when Jason and I made up that stupid game that involved us competing each day to try and find each window of our advent calendar that quickest? Well, we’re going to be playing it again this year! Because we’re both juvenile and competitive, naturally ;)

Last year I only mentioned our stupid game about a week or so into advent and since lots of you said that you’d have liked to have played too, this year we’re giving you advance warning!

The rules are simple! Each day, get ready with your advent calendars, count down from three, and on ‘GO’, hunt as quick as you can for the day’s window, and holler (Loud. I’m always the loudest.) as soon as you’ve found it! Keep a tally over the month of the scores, and at the end of advent, the loser has to buy the winner a bar of chocolate/an extra teeny Christmas present/. Last year, I won, and so will be out to defend my title this time around!


p.s. Advance memorising of advent calendars is strictly outlawed. No cheating now!

p.p.s. Big thanks to Jason for agreeing to take such dorky photos with me. Love that indulgent man of mine!


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Like I said before, there was just too much loveliness at the fair on Saturday to fit into one post, so here are the rest of my photos from the day! Special mention must go to those Christmas pudding chocolate truffles from the 1066 Bakery, photographed below. They were mindblowingly awesome, all rich and stodgy and chocolatey and fruity, with a big wodge of soft dark chocolate ganache inside. I think my eyes rolled back into my head when I first bit into it. Seriously.


^^ That candle above, Pomegranate + Spruce? Amazing. It smelt like the very essence of Christmas, and then some. And isn’t the red jar so lovely? I can only imagine how beautiful it would look all lit up! ^^


Pompom garland above and colourful lights below by Pompom & Twiddle, one of my favourite discoveries from the fair.



^^ In love with these embellished cashmere sweaters. You can’t quite tell from the photograph, but the patches on tops of the shoulders on certain sweaters were in the shape of giant stars! Awesome! ^^


^^ That truffle. Still dreaming about it… ^^


For lunch we had venison burgers from the Wild Food Company, which were good, but definitely not great. I majorly regretted not picking up a mix ‘n match salad bowl from Chicks that Chop instead. Don’t those bean salads look great?


Toffee apple cider! It was tasty, and mild enough even for me! My Mum teased me for making a thimble-sized taster cup last a full lap of the food tent. What can I say, I’m just terrible at drinking! Oh, the irony of my blog name!


And now I’m well and truly in the festive spirit! Merry-only-two-days-until-December everyone!


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Here’s the lowdown on our week so far. It’s been kind of ‘ploddy’, but a happy one nonetheless.

- We’ve been decorating. Well, I say ”we’, but predictably, what I mean is ‘Jason’s been decorating’. Our guest bedroom is one ginormous mess of plaster dust and stepladders. Please keep your fingers crossed/pray for us that it gets finished super fast, because there’s nothing I hate more than a protracted DIY project. Ugh.

- I made granola bars, and remembered to put sugar in this time. They taste pretty delicious, if I do say so myself. Which I do. Only issue was that I’d run out of parchment paper so had to line the tray with baking paper instead, which I’ve learnt does NOT behave the same way as parchment paper when baked. It sticks people, it sticks.

- Jason and I had a discussion about Christmas presents, and decided that we’d stick to a little budget this year since neither of us think of a single thing we really want. Not wanting for a single thing made me feel like such a grown up! But then I remembered that actually I really would like a new trench coat and some fine gold jewellery, so…

Also this week! I’ve been to the Post Office on a couple of occasions, and am slowly trying to win round the lady who works there who doesn’t ever seem to smile. I bought Teddy a new bone, and he was mighty pleased with it. Jason developed a little whistle in his nose the other night that made it sound like there was a bird chirping on the pillow next to me. We’ve done plenty of walking, and a little Pilates. (My body aches, I *think* in a good way). My old Gap jeans have just become deliciously worn in, and are my new favourite things to wear. We’ve eaten mashed potatoes, and made the decision that we really don’t like baked mashed potatoes as much as we like fresh mash.  We’ve been getting excited for the beginning of advent. This has been on repeat. We’ve eaten our way through two bags of clementines, and are now ploughing through a third bag.

But mainly, I’ve just drunk a lot of really great tea. And that’s that.


* Photos from a happy Tuesday walk with the woofer, where I looked like I had a hangover but didn’t. I don’t know what happened. *

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This past Saturday, my Ma and I headed over to Kent (I drove, did the m25, didn’t get lost, no big deal) to attend the Wealden Times Midwinter Fair. The Fair features hundreds of carefully selected exhibits of vintage and contemporary home and garden ware, gourmet food producers, vintage jewellery, and unique clothing companies. It seriously was the most beautiful fair I’ve ever attended, and speaking as someone who’s grown up in the South of England, you can bet I’ve been to my ‘fair’ share of fairs. (Heh. Get it? Fair! Well, I made myself laugh…)

We had the best time mooch mooching through the tents, stopping to look at all the beautiful pieces for sale, buying Christmas presents, tasting every sample going (Toffee apple cider! Cucumber and sweet pickle chutney! Cobnut brittle! Toffee vodka!) and taking a thousand and one photos. Well, I did most of the photo taking, naturally. Mum did some, when instructed, and under extreme duress ;)

 I think we’re going to make it a twice yearly event from now on (this year our tickets were very kindly provided courtesy of the Wealden Times, but I’d pay for tickets myself in a heartbeat) and attend both the Midwinter and Midsummer fairs. Oh, and the best thing is that Wealden Times have just launched their new website, on which you can browse and buy products from lots of their lovely exhibitors all year round! Dangerous. Very dangerous…


^^ Vintage baubles by Hilary’s Vintage Christmas. Aren’t they gorgeous? I love the idea of suspending them from the ceiling too. Now, I just need to convince Jason to put hooks all over our kitchen ceiling so I can turn it into a grotto come Christmas time…^^


^^ One of my favourite exhibitors at the fair was Ensor Interiors. Their range was absolutely *stunning*, and I could quite happily have taken home one of every piece. That rustic candelabra is incredible, don’t you think? I think I’d like to be the sort of woman who one day owns a house with a candelabra in it. ‘Oh careful there, watch your head on the candelabra.’ Yes. I can see myself saying that. ^^


^^ I loved these little vegetable patch signs by King John’s Nursery ^^


^^ I picked out a sparkler from this dish of vintage rings by Eclectica Vintage. Uhh…£5 each? Rude not to! ;) ^^


^^ Darling Moroccan bowls by Skoura. The yellow one is my favourite. What a bowl to eat your morning porridge from! ^^

More photos to follow, because there was just too much loveliness to fit into one single post!

p.s. I’m selling a few bits and pieces from my wardrobe over on Shop Cider with Rosie today, with free UK delivery on all items. Head over and take a peep, if you’d like! :)

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