This past Sunday was pretty much the greatest.




We took Teddy up to Virginia Water lake late morning, and spent ages tramping along a kind of hidden path away from all the crowds and bikes and children who aren’t too keen on sopping wet spaniels who desperately want to be their friend. We stopped plenty of times along our walk to take photos (well, duh!) and were lucky enough to come across that handsome little hedgehog! It was actually Ted who spotted him, and it took all our powers of coaxing and temptation to call that dog away from what he clearly thought was a brand new ball lying on the ground just for him. Yeeeesh. Oh, and I promise I didn’t get too close when taking the little guy’s photo, so as not to bother him.

We finished walking just as the hugest storm broke overhead, so took our lunch (a ginormous hot dog for me, breakfast roll for Jason, and hot chocolates for us both) back to the car for a carpark picnic, and sat and ate listening to the thunder roll. I don’t think there are many things in life more wonderful than a good storm, but sitting right in the middle of it with my love *and* a cup of hot chocolate? That’s pretty close to perfect.

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  • Bea

    I agree with you!!
    Even if a lot of things that I do with my boyfriend are better just because he is there with me!
    Have a nice day!

  • Vivi

    amazing pictures! I miss taking my dog out for a long walk ;(

    xx Vivi

  • Hannah

    Great photos! That hedgehog is so cute!
    Aren’t Sundays just the best? Especially when shared with your love :)

  • Katie

    Sounds like my idea of a perfect day too.

  • Dannielle

    how cute is that hedgehog? We’ve got one that hangs outside our back door when it’s rainy, and the cats can always be found against the wall really far away from it when we go to let them in, such scaredy cats!

  • Georgia

    What a sweet little hedgehog! Post by post, you are convincing me that I need to pack my bags and move off to a village in England

  • mascara & mud

    omg! the cutest hedgehog i ever did see!

  • Rosie W

    Gorgeous photos. We saw lots of Signet teenagers floating around the moat by Bishops Palace in Wells :)

  • Maria

    These are really beautiful pictures, such a lovely Autumnal day!

    Maria xxx

  • Becca

    That day sounds so amazing! How cool that you spotted that little hedgehog. Your car picnic sounds like the best. How romantic!

    Ladyface Blog

  • Jane Y.

    lovely outing. and aww spaniels do want to be friends with everyone :)

  • Louise

    Sounds great and you took some lovely photos. I experienced a thunderstorm from the middle of the woods on Sunday and had the hot chocolate at home afterwards to warm up after a soaking!

  • Maru

    Wow, looks like ti was the perfect Sunday! Amazing photos :)

  • Charlotte

    You take beautiful pictures Rosie! and I agree, stormy autumn weather is the best :)

  • amanda

    OMG! A hedgehog in the wild?? So precious.

  • Kerri

    Sounds wonderful, I’m well overdue for a good day like that!

    Lovely photos too!!

  • Angela

    Hedgehog!! Such a gorgeous picture, Rosie! We used to have a hedgehog living in our front garden. He once raided our bins for leftover chicken korma while we watched and giggled. Probably not the best thing for a hedgehog, but he was a real character!

  • Jenni

    How handsome is that boy of yours?? Very that’s what!! We had a hedgehog running the gauntlet down the edge of our hedge the other day – between Toby and the cat barking and howling at the patio window the poor thing was terrified to death! I shut the curtains in the end and gave him some of the cats food (resulting in one miffed off kitty!)

    Jenni x
    Bows Bangles & Bakes

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