The boy turns twenty six.



We celebrated Jason’s 26th birthday on Tuesday with 7am present opening, a day of work at Jason’s office punctuated with coffee cake pitstops, and dinner at a nearby gastropub. I bought him a snazzy new watch, a jumper with a collar I correctly predicted he would dislike but had hoped to be proven wrong (when will I learn?), and a few other bits and pieces. Jase told me he felt spoilt, which made me a pretty content lady :)

We went out to dinner in the evening after work, and ate an astonishing amount of good food. In fact, I’m pretty sure Jase was drunk on wheat by the time we’d finished eating our meal. It was the mashed potato that pushed him over the edge. The man just has no stamina! ;) I on the other hand, WOLFED that burger down in record time. Caramelised onions and camembert on a burger though. What else was there to do?

Happy birthday, my sweet man! 26 is going to be good to you, I can just feel it.

p.s. Here’s some information. Teddy just this second threw up under my desk, by my feet. So there’s that.



Above: Slow cooked pork belly with black pudding and apple puree. Black pudding, also known as the only food that delights my tastebuds and totally creeps me out at the exact same time.

Below: That burger. Those fries. Oozing cheese. Awwwe yeah.



^^ Post-dinner. So CHEESY in our festive jumpers! Ugh. I love this photo, but if it wasn’t of Jason and I I’m pretty sure its twee-ness would make me roll my eyes. Feel free to do so. I won’t be offended. ^^

* All photos taken with my iPhone.

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  • Sophie

    Aww, that photo of you guys is adorable! What are you talking about? ;) Happy birthday to Jason!!

    You’re also making me want to visit GBK for some sort of awesome burger combo (on a chicken burger because I’m a weirdo!). I was going to make edamame burgers, but Tesco didn’t deliver my beans! BOO.

    x xx

  • Rosie W

    Ah that burger looks AMAZING! I want one! :P
    Happy birthday Jason! Definitely sounds like you spoiled him ;)
    Rosie x

  • Miho

    such a lovely photo and i don’t mind the cuteness overload one bit! and camembert on a burger? i would die happy if i got my hands on that. happy birthday to Jason x

    Miho @ Wander to Wonder

  • Rosie W

    PS. I didnt comment on how AMAZING that cake looks. CAPITAL AMAZING!

  • Megan

    Happy birthday to Jason! Love the photo of you two, very cute! That coffee cake looks so nice!!

  • Peta

    Happy Birthday to Jason! Such a sweet photo of you both :)

  • Sarah

    Aww Happy Birthday Jason! It’s my boyfriends 25th coming up and I have no idea what to get him! You should do a gift guide xxx

  • dan

    That burger looks immense! Oh cheese, my weakness.

  • Shannon

    adorable!! hope he had a great day!!

  • Dannielle

    That sounds like an amazing birthday! The photo of the two of you is lovely, so sweet :) xx

    D Is For…

  • Hannah

    That cake looks amazing, he’s a lucky boy! Where did you find that burger?! It looks amazing! x

  • Bhavi

    Happy Birthday Jason! That food looks so darn good! nom.


  • Lindley

    Aw what a fun birthday! Happy Birthday to your man! All bits and pieces of those meals look delicious! You two look so happy together ;)!

  • Hannah Faith

    That cake looks delicious! Happy birthday to your man and happy celebrating :)

  • Ema

    Aw Happy Birthday to Jason! Looks like you had a wonderful day together. x

  • Irela

    I love the last photos, you guys are simply too cute. Happy Belated Birthday Jason! ♥

    • Irela

      And by photos* I mean photo, sorry!!

  • Che Dyer

    Happy birthday to your man! Looks like you had fabulous birthday celebrations! Well done! abundance of girlfriend points for you! x

  • Angela

    What a lovely spread! Pork belly, mmmm. Happy (belated) Birthday!

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