Homeland gave me chest pain, and a butternut squash almost made me sick.



This past weekend can be summed up like this: London. Goosebumps (of the skin variety, not the classic 90s book/tv series). Laundry. Cheese. Baking. Sprinkles. Filming. *That* storm. Homeland. Post-Homeland hyperactivity. Wearing tights as trousers. Percy Pigs.

Now, let’s elaborate. I went up to London on Friday for Tania’s leaving drinks in Chelsea, and whilst I was walking down the King’s Road I happened to glance over into the Duke of York square, just in time to see a man bend down on one knee and ask his girlfriend to marry him. And since those stories about photographers stumbling upon couples getting engaged & then hunting them down via the internet to give them their photo have always captured my imagination, I took a quick photo on my phone of the exact moment the guy proposed. Then when they were finished and about to walk away, I ran over, congratulated them, apologised for intruding, and offered them the photo. They said yes to my proposal (Proposal, hah. See what I did there?) and gave me their email address so I could send them over the photo. Kind of the most magic moment I’ve had in a while :)

Saturday was all about laundry (three loads, because I like to stretch myself, you know?) and then the tumble dryer broke because this is the year in which Everything In Our House Breaks. Laptops, hard drives, phones (with a little help from me, but whatever) cars, and now the tumble dryer. Maybe we’ve got a poltergeist? I don’t know, but basically it’s goodbye tumble dryer and hello crunchy, line-dried towels. What joy, for the winter months! Actually, scratch that, I’m totally going to commandeer my Mum’s tumble dryer from now on. Life’s too short for crunchy towels.


^^ London Retro sent over these beautiful glasses for me to try out, and I’m pretty much in love. Giveaway comin’atcha pretty soon too, so watch this space…^^



^^ I’m equal parts fascinated and repulsed by the funghi growing on these stacked logs. Remember I told you months ago about my phobia of repeating textured patterns? Well, this weekend I was chopping up a butternut squash, and when I sliced through the top part of it (normally solid inside, in case you’ve never chopped up a squash) I found it was all horribly honeycombed inside. I almost threw up right there on my kitchen counter, and hyperventilated over the sink for about 10 minutes afterwards. Uggghhhh. Who needs Halloween, funky squash is terrifying enough! ^^


Like I said yesterday, we spent Sunday at my Mum’s baking, filming, then baking some more. It was quite the mission, let me tell you. Mum only looked *mildly* horrified at the amount of mess that we made in her kitchen. And mess there was. Turns out that one baker, one cameraman (Jase, naturally) one spaniel, two soft box lights, one tripod, two lenses, eight cupcakes, and approximately five thousand ingredients adds up a whole lot of chaos. We did do all the washing up though (daughter points in the bag) whilst reminiscing about how untidy I was when I lived at home. When I first moved out and realised how much work it is to keep a house clean and tidy, I actually said in all seriousness to my Mum ‘I mean, I swear mine and Jason’s house needs more regular cleaning than yours does. Your house pretty much cleans itself, doesn’t it?’ Didn’t go down all that well, if I’m honest. True story.



Sunday evening was spent in the pursuit of cosiness. I wore tights-as-trousers all evening (try it before you judge it, that’s all I’m saying) ‘cooked’ Marks and Spencer’s finest four cheese ravioli for dinner (which stunk the house out but tasted of ‘niente’. Weird.) and then watched Homeland. Oh my gawd, that episode. We’ve felt about ‘blah’ about this series so far, but it just got INTERESTING! Seriously though, that moment at the end? I’m not lying when I say it actually gave me chest pain, it was that good.


^^ Oh, and there are the Percy Pigs. Just like I said.^^

The end!

How was your weekend? Talk to me about Homeland, please. Didn’t it achieve series-rescuing levels of greatness? I’m glad Saul’s not a baddie. It just about broke my heart thinking he was.

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  • http://bluebellandbumpkin.blogspot.com Beccy

    That is such a lovely story about the engagement, how gorgeous! Completely agree on Homeland – was getting quite bored with this series and then suddenly it was back on form! Can’t wait to next Sunday! x

  • http://www.cagneyandlace.com Hannah Cagney & Lace

    Your posts never fail to make me smile Rosie! I have to whole heartedly agree with you on two points 1) you only realise how much tidying mums do when you get your own abode 2) THAT ending on Homeland, I was mentally air punching at the fact it’s finally getting going. Reckon the boy Dana is with is going to trouble too *sings Taylor Swift*.


  • http://litwoods.blogspot.fr/ Ella

    Very nice post, I love your outfit.

  • http://www.chicadeedee.com Dannielle

    love those glasses! I haven’t watched homeland yet, but everyone talks about it so I might have to jump on the bandwagon.

  • http://mstoodygooshoes.blogspot.com Amy at Ms. Toody Goo Shoes

    Loving all your photos, as always! Homeland has become one of my favorite tv shows. I think we might be one week ahead of you in US, but I won’t tell what happened!

  • http://alifeofgeekery.co.uk Vicki

    Ahhh what a perfect moment you managed to capture for that couple. Reading that made me go all fluttery inside. What a memory for them!

  • http://dancingthroughthefire.com dan

    This weeks Homeland was the best! I’ve been kinda forcing myself to watch it as i know how good it can be up until now, but this weeks episode changed everything. Saul is my absolute favourite, I’m so glad he’s not gone bad!

  • http://loulou-in-paris.blogspot.fr Lou

    Oh my I have to catch up on my Homeland !!!! I caught up on The Walking Dead yesterday, so next stop is Homeland. That proposal moment made my heart melt! And those glasses are gorgeous on you : ) xx

  • http://www.wandertowonder.com Miho

    i was SO relieved that Saul wasn’t a baddie. it made me feel bad that i ever doubted him!

    such a lovely kitchen your mum has, and i’d like one of those cupcakes please x

    Miho @ Wander to Wonder

  • Theresa

    What a gorgeous weekend! Your lovely story of the engagement photo reminds me of a time on our honeymoon when we were visiting a geyser (geothermal hot spring thingy) in Sonoma. A sweet couple were about to renew their wedding vows by the spring and I offered to film their renewal on the wife’s iPhone. She JUST had enough battery but it was really nice to be able to help them preserve the memory of their special day. The husband insisted on tipping me for my time which he really didn’t have to do. They had been renewing their vows every year since getting married and I believe it was their 10th time. So sweet!

  • http://www.poppyloves.co.uk Poppy Loves

    You are one funny lady.
    I’ve been sitting here laughing out loud!
    Sorry about the squash.
    Sorry about the tumble drier.
    Looking forward to seeing the vid ;-)
    x x x

  • http://disgracefullyemily.blogspot.com Emily

    I share this phobia of repeating-textured patterns!They make me feel ill.
    I am yet to watch the most recent episode of Homeland, but the rest of the series was too making me feel slightly bleh. You have made me feel slightly optimistic.

  • http://www.scaredtoast.com Tabitha

    I loved this post Rosie! That photo of the logs reminds me of when I was younger, and my headteacher took me and another boy out into the school grounds to hunt funghi and take photos of us….TOUCHING IT. It was with a shudder of repulsion that I tentatively poked the thing with my fingertip. And I’ve never forgotten that moment since x

  • Louisa

    I’ve never heard of photographers doing that for people proposing before but it’s such a sweet idea, it was so nice of you to do that for them! I’d love to be able to do that for someone :)

    Louisa’s Notebook

  • Chelsea

    I’ve been reading your blog for some time now but have never left a comment – here’s my first!
    My boyfriend has the same phobia of repeating textures and patterns, it drives him nuts, goosebumps and all! It’s so bad that all I have to do is get him thinking about a repeating pattern and he gets queasy.
    Also the glasses look great on you! I love your blog, you bring a smile to my face with every post.
    :) Chelsea

  • Orlagh

    Ahh totally with you on the repeated patterns/ grossness thing! I have to stop myself from wanting to step on gross looking mushrooms and don’t get me started on funky vegetables! I hate when you cut into a pepper and there’s another mini one inside it too! That squash sounds like a nightmare! X

  • http://www.mantrapixie.blogspot.co.uk ellie B

    Homeland was just… i;eqri. I have so many questions now. I knew there was a reason he was leaving her there. I can’t wait for the next episode now xxxxxx

  • http://kimiandme.blogspot.co.uk/ christina

    that’s an amazing story, so lovely of you too. I think I’m an even bigger Rosie fan now I know you watch homeland. It makes me hyper too! I have faith that this series will be just as exciting. I was like WHATTTT!? at the end of the last ep. I always loved saul but think he could be a baddie, but then homeland makes me rethink everything! haha. she’s such a great actress. I’ve watched the next episode online. THE best programme ever!

  • http://www.littleappletree.co.uk Angela

    Aww, lovely story about the engagement. They were so lucky that you were passing by.

    I haven’t watched Homeland since the end of s1. I was so horrified by the electroshock treatment that Carrie decided to undertake…just couldn’t bring myself to watch any more. Plus, Brody gave me the creeps!

  • http://lavidalaura.com/ Laura

    Awww, that engagement story does sound like a totally magic moment. Glad you were able to capture it!

  • http://rburnham.blogspot.com Rachel

    Loved the photos, as usual. But nononononono to the mushrooms on the log. Cannot deal with that. I’ve never met anyone else who has that irrational ‘ICKY ICKY ICKY’ reaction to certain repeating patterns before. So glad it’s not just me ;)

  • http://little-lottie-loves.blogspot.co.uk/ Lottie

    I total have the repeating pattern phobia… things like snakeskin make me feel sick and honeycomb and when you get a sweet potato thats all weird inside. bleuuurgh. I missed your last post about it as I only just discovered your blog!
    I baked this weekend.. I made a sandwich cake with blood butter icing and covered it with orange royal icing, then piped a face on and voila a pumpkin!
    Lottie xxxx

  • http://www.sallytangle.blogspot.com sally

    I LOVE this!!! I cant even go into all the reasons why because lets face it my comments are getting EXCESSIVE!!! But ROSIE! I cant believe you did that for the lovely sweet couple you ANGEL!!!! And i cant wait for your film! And i love love love ah just all of this but right now i have to go cos tea is almost ready an im freakin hungry and i get like a little monster when im hungry!!!

    RAR!!!! Big hugs xxxxx

  • http://www.everywordhandwritten.blogspot.co.uk Rosie W

    What a weekend!!! I still haven’t watched Homeland, and I feel SO out of touch with the world.
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

  • http://laurakateiscrafty.blogspot.com Laura Kate

    Eep! Death by squash! Not a fun way to go. They do normally have the hollow bit in the middle though, no? I’m not a squash fan, but I’ll make it for other people. Glad you recovered :)

    Thinking of making a mess in the kitchen, my mother gave me my first cookbook the Christmas I was 11 and inscribed it with “Have fun, but don’t forget to clean up your mess!” (I still have trouble doing the washing up straight after I bake!).

  • http://www.justlikeheavenblog.com Kirsty

    Aw that’s so sweet that you managed to get a photo of the proposal – I bet they’ll be so happy to have that little memento :) xx

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