Sorrento, Italy // Part Two.



We spent most of our non-wedding related time in wandering around the town of Sorrento, trying not to get lost. Correction, Jason and my Mum spent a lot of time trying to stop *me* getting lost. My internal compass has been on the blink for the last 22 and a half years. My Grandma’s was broken for a full 80 years. It’s a family problem.

We stumbled across so many delicious fruit stands and shops on our travels, and had to restrain ourselves from buying as much fruit as we could carry. I did buy some of those wonderful peaches though, and a Granny Smith (Nonna Smith?;) apple so tart it made my eyes water! Don’t those plums look almost like they’re lit from within?



Below: It’s hard to spot the little lizards at first, but once you get your eye in, you notice them everywhere. This one was especially huge, and had beautiful green markings down his back. Last year when Mum and I visited Lake Garda, I found one on my bed. I’m glad not to have repeated that experience again…


Below: The aforementioned pineapple & basil, and yoghurt gelato combo. Note the scoop-marks, because I just couldn’t wait to take a photo before trying it. Oh my, I want to go back for another round. And those purple tables! That gelateria was just too Instagram friendly…

We all (Jason and I, Mum, Emily and James, and friends) argued long and hard about the cup vs. cone dilemma. I firmly believe that gelato in a cup is the way to go. Care to weigh in on this totally pointless argument?


Below: I found so many photos of signs, gates, and wrought iron on my camera that I don’t even remember taking. I think I’m a bit obsessed…


Below: The water round the bay of Sorrento was crazy clear. I chickened out and didn’t go swimming once whilst we were there though. Next time Med, next time!


Below: The parma ham in Italy is so.darn.good. And the mozzarella. And that melon was pretty spectacular too, thinking about it. Sigh. At Naples airport there’s a fancy mozzarella bar, with countless balls of fresh mozzarella floating about in tanks like fish. So different from the standard just-a-little-bit-cold eggs benedict and disappointing burgers airport fayre!


Below: After lunch on Tuesday, I ordered a caffe latte. The waiter told me that in Italy, the traditional way to take coffee after a meal is in the form of espresso, and suggested that I try one. I drank my espresso with a little sugar in, and it was ridiculously delicious. I’m now on the hunt for a decent, not too crazy expensive espresso maker…


p.s. I promise I did wear other clothes in Italy aside from that black swallow print dress. We just happened to take a lot of photos on the day I wore it, so…

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  • Lucy

    Ever since we came back from Italy earlier this week, my boyfriend has been busy Googling espresso makers as well! Having realised how much better they tasted when we had them over there, he now can’t go back to how he used to make them before. I love Italian food and drink so much :)

    Lucy x The New Northerner

  • Lyndsay

    Wow, it looks just gorgeous there. Lovely photos.

    Lyndsay | Fizzy Peaches

  • Beck

    Sorrento is amazing!! I worked there for a month in the Michelin star restaurant, il Buco.
    The people in the town are so lovely and look after you.
    I also got told about espresso- not a huge coffee lover but I occasionally have one at home. There are numerous shops there that sell the induction hob espresso makers.
    I would love to return and thankfully have lots of contacts over there.
    And for the note, the sea is freezing! Plus if you want to sit on the sand beach you have to pay..
    Have fun! Hope you visit Capri – again amazing! Also Positano and Ravello! Ahhh I wanna go back!
    Becky x

  • Johanna

    This looks sooo cool, makes me really want to go to Italy… I’m trying to like Espresso a lot, but I just hate it (maybe actual real italian thicker one with a lot of sugar would be ok though), my nan always says that I have an espresso face, because I can’t keep a straight face when I drink it, because I hate it so much haha (I drink it sometimes to make me more awake for driving)

  • Claire

    Oh I’m jealous – only visited Sorrento once, many many years ago, but it was gorgeous, even if the trip was slightly maimed by my Dad insisting on suggesting we buy a “momento from Sorrento” and laughing as only a Dad making a truly horrific joke can, over and over, and over and over…

  • Amanda

    Killing me with all this amazing food! I neeeeeeed that pineapple and basil gelato in my life like yesterday. Love herbs in desserts.

  • Lisa @ Making Lifes Lemons

    Lovely photos! Looks like such a beautiful trip.

  • Sarah

    Looks so incredible– You’re making me hungry!!! And crave a trip to Italy. Glad you had a good time! :)

  • Irela

    Such lovely photos Rosie! And since you asked ;) I agree with you, gelato is better on a cup not a cone. I have no idea why!!! But it just makes sense that way lol

  • Emma

    Love the look of that Parma ham!

    I holidayed in Sorrento for the first time last year – such a stunning place! We even caught a boat to Positano.

    A few photos from Positano can be found on my blog here:

    Emma xx

  • Ren

    “Countless balls of fresh mozzarella floating about in tanks like fish” – love that imagery! Ren x

  • Bekka

    Oh it looks like such a beautiful place, I would have been the same as you and tried to explore everywhere. Who needs an internal compass hah!

  • Eleanor

    Oh wow Sorrento looks absolutely beautiful! It’s somewhere that’s been on my list to go to for a long time x

  • Rosie

    Looks like you had the best time! And gelato in a cup, ALWAYS.
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

  • Alice

    Oh my. This just looks AMAZING. I’m with you- ice cream in a cup is the way forward. HOW did you not swim though?! I wouldn’t have been able to resist! And I love espresso- but only on the continent. In Paris, I love it- in the UK, not so much. Weird, eh!? xx

  • Becca

    This looks so amazing. Particularly all that tasty food. Yum!

    Ladyface Blog

  • Tania

    These photos are just STUNNING. and now I want to be in Italy eating parma ham and melon, swimming in that beautiful water… teleportation I tell ya’ x

  • dan

    CUP. Everytime, cones are the worst!

  • Angela

    Again, stunning photos! The gelato looks amazing, as does the gorgeously blue sea xx

  • Athena

    I am currently living in Italy (in the relatively unknown but absolutely bellissima city of Bologna) so really enjoyed reading your last couple of posts about Sorrento! It has been added to my list of places to visit whilst I am here… If you are looking for a truly Italian-style ‘espresso maker’ you must get a bialetti moka pot – it is the only way to drink coffee here. They’re only around €20 and I promise it will change your life.

    Love reading your blog,

    P.S. Pan di Stelle are up there amongst my top 5 favourite things about Italy

  • Abi

    I’ve just discovered our blog and it’s beautiful! I went to Sorrento on holiday last year and it’s been lovely to reminisce with these gorgeous photos. I’m desperate to go back now!


    • Abi

      *your blog

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