Conversations with Jason.


just as i was drifting off to sleep the other night, jason suddenly jumped up in bed, and turned his head towards the door.

i asked him what he could hear. 

he replied (whispering urgently), ‘listen…it sounds like somebody’s downstairs, trying to move something really, really slowly.’ 

is that not the most terrifying thing to wake up to?! i spent a good ten minutes after that convinced i could hear a burglar slowly opening our front door. horrendous. and far less funny than jason’s last episode of sleeptalking…

p.s. another conversation we had last week was one where jason asked me to stop pouting and pretending to cry every time he says something i don’t like. i thought i looked like this, but apparently i look more like this…;)

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  • Selene Over the Pond


  • Samantha Minny

    I once had a teacher who told us when it comes to picking a husband “pick the one most comfortable with sleeping near the entrance because you want him to distract the intruder while you run away”.
    Best advice ever.

    • Rosie

      haha, that really is good advice! so funny!

  • Karen McK

    Hahaha! I love sleep-talking stories, especially when someone joins in! I don’t do it often, but I have tried to feed someone orange segments in my sleep and sat bolt upright cackling!

  • Becca Louisa.

    Oh my goodness, that baby orangutan pouting is just the cutest! xx

    • Rosie

      isn’t it just so so cute!? i can’t stop looking at it!

  • LouLou in Paris

    eeeeeeek, that is pretty scary, to think that someone is breaking into your house at night whilst you’re in bed :( but those pictures are soooooooooo cute! xx

  • Amber Love

    Haha! My mate sleep talks and we have had some crackign conversations! Only last month when we were away together she was chatting away in her sleep which woke me up and I eventually told her to shut up and then she started saying “what? amber you were just talking to me” which I hadn’t been and we went on to argue whether I had been asleep or chatting away to her!

  • Portia Hunt

    Aw, you two are so sweet!

  • Tereza

    Hahaa bless! Justin punched me the other day right in the eye while sleeping & the day before that he was sleep-laughing. Might sound fun, but really – it’s flippin creepy!! x

  • Irela

    Ugh! That’s my biggest fear, to have someone break into my apartment in the middle of the night :( Your boyfriend is lucky, because I would have probably punched mine lol

  • Caramel Latte Kiss

    Sleep talking is the best. My ex used to sleep talk, and once woke me up to tell me the house was full of snakes and I needed to sort it out. He sounded rather disgruntled about it, rather than scared, just to add to the hilarity. Why I had to deal with the snakes, I really don’t know.

  • Amy Keeling

    Haha that little monkey really made me laugh! Your blog is so different to so many others Rosie, loved this post :)
    Amy xx
    A Little Boat Sailing

  • Helen

    That photo was hilarious Rosie, Brightened my day!:Dx

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