sometimes, it seems as though jason and i are in completely different time zones. he lives in the business world, where there are quarters and regular hours and where finances begin and end in april. i live in the higgledy piggledy student world- where the year begins in september, weeks consist of 10 measly contact hours scattered randomly from monday through to friday, and where stress and deadlines are non-existent for months at a time and then all collide in one horrible go. i’m sure that even when i’m seventy and haven’t stepped foot in school for years, i’ll still think of september as a time for new beginnings and buying a fancy new set of pens!
i always start each academic year with a set of goals i know deep down i won’t achieve- i’ll do all the reading for each class without fail, i’ll definitely get a first for all of my assignments, of course i’ll spend hours in the library doing wider reading and under no circumstances will i ever miss a single class. this inevitably leads to me burning out after the first six weeks, deciding i hate every single book ever written and crying to jason that i don’t want to do university any more! but i’m determined that this year will be different, and that my goals will be realistic and based upon what i actually want to achieve, not what i think i should achieve.
so my one single goal for this academic year is this: to find the perfect balance between working hard on my degree, maintaining a happy home, keeping up my little blog, and spending time with my lovely man, and to never ever allow stress to get in the way of being happy.
for those of you entering pastures new this september- what’s your goal for this year? :)
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  • littlebitofbeauty

    hey im doing a giveaway on my blog, of 2 mac products of the winners choice. xx

  • Stephanie Tang

    It’s really nice that you’ve adjusted to that kind of mentality! I’m only in high school, but that’s sort of what’s happened to me as well. For the last couple years I’ve stressed myself out so much and so unnecessarily, making myself unhappy in the process, but this year I’m determined to have an amazing time! No one wants to regret high school, right? :)

  • Miss H

    I’m glad to hear that I’m not alone! I feel the exact same way and just hope that this year won’t be as stressful as the last, but knowing that it probably will

  • Imogen

    They sound like great goals :) Mine are simple, do good in my re-sits and earn enough money to go to Texas in the spring. <3

  • Linn

    The last part is my favourite – never letting stress get in the way of happiness. Still, there are many things you want to do and achieve (I’m just the same). I always have a mental priority list.

    For me, this autumn is all about staying away from stress and trying not to put too much pressure on myself.

  • WonderfulYou

    No pastures new for me this September (see, we ARE different people ;)). But your new outlook seems perfect to me. I have no doubt you’d succeed a million times over in whatever you put your mind to Rosie :) xx

  • Lottie Simm

    i remember those days when i set myself unbelievably high standards to meet eacj new academic year only to not meet them and feel like a failure–your new outlook is so much better :)

    and i still think of september as a fresh start despite not being in education, so my goals are to relax more and be less stressed; to listen to my body; and to follow my gut. hopefully all these things will make me more confident in myself and to do what we want rather than feeling the pressure from others :)

  • Jasmine Brink-Li

    Pretty much the same goals as your’s. I’m trying not to get burnt out. My boyfriend is away a lot, but I still am trying to balance, life, work, school, blog, boyfriend, working out, and family. There just aren’t enough hours in the day for it all to fit!

    I can’t wait to read how well you’re keeping to this goal :)

  • Ms. Megan

    Good luck on your goals!! xo

  • aly7

    Good luck Rosie! My goal is to keep up with everything & spend enough time on the things that are important to me.

  • Chloe

    I totally know what you mean about letting the stress get in the way of your happiness, i think i did that last year. It’s the first day of my second year tommorow and i hope it goes better! I hope you achieve your goal i’m sure you will! It’s important to have a balance :) xxxx

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