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tell me, what did everyone think of the last night’s olympic opening ceremony? i felt so full of pride and love for our wonderful country, i thought i might burst :) my favourite quote from the evening was a description of london as ‘the city that welcomes the world with open arms’. so beautiful, and so true. here’s to a happy sunny weekend, and here are some links to what’s caught my eye around the web this week…
this sweet necklace is from my new favourite etsy shop: laonato. i stumbled upon it on the fabulous ‘oh, my’ design blog a couple of weeks ago, and have had to hold back from ordering one of everything ever since!
a fabulous post demonstrating ways to wear head scarves from ‘my blue rinse’.
having just bought a dslr, these photography tips by elsie and emma from a beautiful mess are invaluable!
this spot on description of introverts made me smile. it couldn’t be more accurate :)
lusting over this camera bag.
honest toddler is very, very funny!
blog post inspiration from a cup of jo- incidentally, joanna’s blog was the first i ever read and it’s still my favourite :) that lovely lady is my inspiration.¬†
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  • Amy (Oh, My)

    The ceremony was amazing! Thanks so much for the link Rosie! x

  • Joanna Goddard

    you are so sweet, thank you!!

  • Princess Naheeda

    I absolutely LOVED the opening ceremony! I wish I was there to see it live! Such a pretty necklace x

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