I sometimes wonder what it must be like to see the world through Ted’s eyes. I mean, not from the literal perspective (super tall everything!), but more from his actual perspective. He seems so thrilled with life all the time, you know? He wakes excited, he spends his days excited, he goes to bed sleepy, but still, pretty darn excited! His tail has only stopped wagging for longer than about twenty minutes once in his whole life (when it was paralysed by a fall into freezing cold water, of all things!), and unless you try to take away his favourite toy, you’d be hard pressed to make him anything other than happy as a lamb!

It turns out though, seeing life from Teddy’s point of view, that is, from down at knee-height (via a camera strapped onto his back) does give you a pretty great understanding of how happy he is. I was hard pressed to find footage from all that we recorded from Teddycam that wasn’t so shaky it felt like being inside a washing machine (the above video is, if you can believe it, the most serene footage of the bunch!), and it’s clear as day, to me at least, that this bouncy little dog has a pretty well-developed sense of joie de vivre!

Here’s Ted’s perspective on it all…

‘I’m awake. This is absolutely fantastic! I love being awake! Mornings are my favourite thing! I’m the first one awake again, so it’s handy that my people put a door with ridges on it in the kitchen because my claws make the most distinctive sound when I scratch on it, and it always sends someone running to open it for me.

Mum asks if I want my breakfast, so I look at her like the fool she is. I mean, have we even met before? Doesn’t she remember the time I did a wee on the floor when I was small because I got so excited about breakfast? (Mum says she likes breakfast too, but not as much as me. Obviously). Wonder what it’ll be this time. She said the word ‘biscuits’ so I think it’s biscuits, but if Dad’s not around she’ll probably give me a lick of yoghurt and an apple core too. Win.

Want to know what the main difference is between dogs and people? It’s that people haven’t learnt yet that it’s actually really easy to eat a whole bowl of food in three bites. You just have to be okay with choking a bit.

OUT. She said out, and out is my favourite thing! I knock over her wellies in my excitement, which is fine because we do it every morning and so it’s a game I think. Portal open- freedom is here! Run fast- bark at cat – surprise old person neighbour – arrive at car! Mum’s car is nice because it used to be cream but now it’s brown inside and smells of me, and she must really like it like that because it’s been ages since she made it not smell of me. She says she’s ‘given up caring’. I don’t know what she means. She tells me to get into the back, so I jump onto the front seat, and then onto her seat too whilst she’s walking round to get in. It’s fine because we do this every morning so it’s a game I think.

We’re at the forest, and now I’m *really* excited because this is my actual real favourite thing! A rude dog just barked at me, because I sat in front of its person to get her to give me a treat. She said no, which is also rude because usually when I sit nice I usually get treats from strangers. (Jokes on them, I knew how to sit when I was 8 weeks old. Puppy’s play. Give me something hard to do.) Mum said ‘sorry about him’ to them, which she says lots when we’re out. I don’t know why.


Here are three reasons why the forest is the best place on earth:
1. You can run really really fast everywhere and feel the wind in your ears.
2. The smells are fantastic. Second to none. Sheep, deer, pheasants- you name it, I can smell it here in these woods! The pheasant smells are my favourite smells.
3. The water here is the brownest and stinkiest of everywhere we go ‘out’, and Mum loves it too because she makes loud noises and big flapping hand movements when I jump into it. I think it’s her way of cheering me on.

A BALL. Some dogs are dumb and leave their tennis balls behind in the woods, and today’s my favourite day because I found one! Mum tries to get it out of my mouth so she can wave it in front of my face, then throw it all the way down the path like it’s some piece of garbage. The woman wouldn’t know quality if it slapped her in the face. Idiot.

The walk is over. I am forlorn.

The hose is being brought out, and I’ve got a bad feeling about this. Someone call the RSPCA, because I’m about to maltreated. The issue is that Mum clearly doesn’t appreciate how much effort I go to to gather smells when we’re out. I mean, I roll in dead stuff. I tread deliberately and carefully into the big mounds of horse poop. I eat things the smelliest things I come across. And for what! For her to wash it all away with horrible clean water when I get home? No thank you. I’m off, this is an injustice.

She caught me. I am now clean. Got my own back by shaking next to her laundry and running inside with wet paws. Sucker.

The best time of day (D.I.N.N.E.R.T.I.M.E) comes after nap time, so I sleep by Mum’s feet whilst she sits and ‘works’  all afternoon (yeah right, as if sitting and staring at a flat box with the light inside it is work). I spend the rest of my day barking at people who come and knock on my front door (how dare they), putting my toys on the sofa next to Mum to show her how fantastic they are, and making sure no-one steals the bone she gave me earlier because you can’t trust anyone and that’s a fact.

You know what? You should try this whole running-sniffing-chasing-eating-sleeping thing some time. It’s pretty great.’

** This post was created in collaboration with PetPlan. Ted’s been insured with PetPlan since he was a pup, and we’ve always been impressed with their service.


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Last Friday, I woke up at the crack of dawn. Actually, the crack of 3.50am, which is so much earlier than dawn I did consider whether it’d be better to just stay awake all night rather than have to haul myself out of bed in the middle of the night! Take note of what my eyeballs at the very start of the video for mega lols. I pretty much look like one of those white bunnies with the pink eyes! But, it was all for good reason!

I was heading off to Cologne for a whirlwind trip, courtesy of Marriott hotels. I hadn’t realised until this trip that Marriott have a vast range of hotel brands and chains that fall under their umbrella, from Ritz Carlton, Renaissance, Courtyard, and the Marriott hotels themselves. Marriott recently launched their 1000th Courtyard hotel, and so invited me and a handful of other bloggers and Instagrammers out to Cologne to celebrate with them! It was such a lovely trip- so fun to explore a new city I’d never been to before, so fun to meet bloggers and Instagrammers and so many other creative and professional people, so fun to travel solo (even though I’m totally terrified of flying and my heart beats like crazy the whole time we’re in the air!). I’m can’t even begin to express how grateful for the experiences this blog sends my way, really and truly.

Whilst in Cologne I was a mad camera lady- Instagram-ing, shooting photos with my proper camera for my blog, and vlogging for my YouTube channel too! My photo diary from the city will be up tomorrow, but today, you’ve got me in video form instead!

I’ve said before that this whole YouTube lark is still very much a work in progress for me, but I hope you enjoy watching the results of me learning on the job! Do let me know if there’s any specific type of video you’d like to see on my channel, and to stay tuned, click through to subscribe to Cider with Rosie on YouTube!

I’ll be back tomorrow with photos, but in the meantime, hope you enjoy my shaky video camera-work! ;)


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If there’s one thing I’ve never successfully managed to convince Jason of, it’s that shopping is a really fun way to spend an afternoon. I brought him round to watching the U.S Office, taught him the magic of the pita/hummus combination, and showed him the best way to not shrink everything that goes into the washing machine (just read the label, you know?), but the day Jason turns to me and says ‘I really want/need some new clothes. Shall we pop into town this afternoon?’ will be the day I fall over in shock.

My fiancé’s main gripes with traditional clothes shopping are as follows (and I quote) :: ‘Boring. Fitting rooms are always hot. And too small. I get hungry. My back always aches from all the traipsing. Boring. I want to be able to try things on with my own clothes, not just what I’m wearing.’

The Chapar manages to solve all those issues in one fell swoop. It’s a men’s online personal styling company that, once you’ve completed a quick questionnaire about your tastes and had a chat with your very own personal stylist, provides you with a trunk full of hand-picked pieces as often as you want them, delivered right to your front door! Jason received his first trunk of clothing a couple of weeks ago, and found the process absolutely seamless. Even though he wasn’t sure at first if he’d find any pieces that suited him in the trunk before it arrived, he actually loved so many of the pieces (and they’d been so well selected for him!) that he had trouble choosing what to keep, and what to return!

Have a watch of the video above to see what was in Jason’s first trunk of clothing from The Chapar (click through to the video on YouTube here) and enter the code ‘CIDERWITHROSIE’ on The Chapar to get an exclusive ** 15% off your first order! A great one to pass along to your significant others/brothers/Dads/friends!

:: More about The Chapar here. ::

:: The beautiful song used in the video is ‘Figure Skating’ by THOS, an incredible artist I’ve discovered recently. Find him here + also here and follow along- he’s one to watch! ::


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Late summer sunshine. Hot chocolate so thick you almost need a spoon to drink it. Salted caramel macarons. Flaky croissants. Handsome company. Drinking champagne on one of Covent Garden’s famous terraces. Ingredients for a beautiful Sunday, right?

A few weeks ago the team at TRULY, a luxury gift experience company, got in touch to ask if Jason and I might like to head into London for one of their signature dining experiences. We said yes, of course, because who in their right mind would turn down such a wonderful opportunity? The dining experience we selected was the world famous champagne afternoon tea at Ladurée, right in the centre of beautiful Covent Garden. I didn’t realise when we chose it that Ladurée’s tea room overlooks Covent Garden piazza, and that I’d get to fulfil a life-long ambition of having a meal on one of the balconies! The only drawback to this was that I spent pretty much the entire couple of hours we were having our afternoon tea trying to get Jason to tear his eyes away from whatever escapologist/magician/’comedian’ was currently performing in the square and actually talk to me instead ;)

It sort of felt as though summer was having its last hurrah on Sunday- the sunshine was warm and strong, but interrupted by a brisk autumnal breeze that already has begun to pull leaves from the trees. I put together a little film of our afternoon, so do have a little watch of that, if you’d like. It was such a fun one to put together!

Cider-with-Rosie-Laduree-afternoon-tea Laduree-afternoon-tea-Covent-Garden

The tea itself was as gorgeous (and abundant, oh my!) as you’d expect from a place as beautiful as Ladurée, with the sort of polite, attentive service that takes a dining experience from being good to excellent. We started with a couple of glasses of their own rosé champagne, then ordered a selection of hot drinks, finger sandwiches (the smoked salmon was beautiful!), viennoiseries (which apparently is the correct term for baked goods like croissants/brioche/pain au chocolat- who knew!?), pastries, and of course, macarons!

Everything we ate and drank was absolutely delicious, but the raspberry passionfruit tarts still stood out by a clean mile. They were fresh, light, sharp, and creamy all at once, with beautifully short, biscuitty pastry- quite possibly the best pastry I’ve ever, ever eaten. Those layered chocolate pastries were pretty divine too, with their combination of raspberry infused chocolate cake and dark, rich ganache. On the way over to Covent Garden Jason and I had toyed briefly with the idea of stopping into Patty & Bun on our way back home to grab burgers for dinner, but afternoon tea was so filling and indulgent that we couldn’t even think about eating anything else by the time we were finished!


I’d not come across Give Truly before they reached out to me, and have been so impressed with their excellent service. We were so grateful for how helpful, flexible, and patient they were when getting us booked in for afternoon tea, and everything from the beautiful lavender-scented gift box containing our booking details that arrived a few days before our gift experience, to the afternoon tea itself, was outstanding. Definitely a company I’d recommend and will certainly turn to again myself, especially when choosing Christmas and birthday presents for hard-to-buy-for friends and family!

Now, let’s talk afternoon tea! Where’s your favourite place to go? :)


What I wore ::  Jigsaw cardigan (past season, similar), Boden trousers, Hobbs flats, Mulberry Bayswater.

p.s. Though our afternoon tea came c/o of the lovely team at TRULY, this post is not sponsored and my opinions are, as always, honest & unbiased.

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