‘Has everything gone back to normal now?’…

is the question I’m being asked most often these days. ‘How does it feel being a wife?’ is probably the next most frequently asked, with ‘has coming down from all the excitement been tricky?’  following in closely behind. And the answers to all three? Yes, yes, and oh my GOODNESS yes!

The return to normality has been a strange one, if I’m honest. I told you before that it feels as though everything and nothing has changed, and over a month in it remains true. I look at Jason and still see the same constant, steady source of happiness and love and inspiration and joy that he’s been to me for the last six years. We still stay in and watch television or read books and cook dinner together most weekday evenings, and have friends and family over for wine and dinners cooked outside on the grill at the weekends. We still say hasty ‘hi and goodbyes!’ as he arrives home just as I’m heading out of the door to exercise classes, trade off who gets the dog most during one week or the next, and still bicker about really super important issues like ‘you forgot to hang out your towel to dry again’, and ‘for the love of God please put that damn electric drill up into the loft where it belongs’.

But normality has this new resonance now. It feels…deeper, maybe? More profound, more secure? I’m not sure there’s even a word capable of expressing it. I keep glancing over at Jason and catching sight of his wedding band, and the mental picture of placing that band on his finger in front of the people we love most in the world last month comes dancing into my mind, and then I’m beaming like a fool in the middle of Waitrose or sat in the meeting room at his offices or wherever we both happen to be at the time. It’s magic.

Cider-with-Rosie-lunch-London Cider-with-Rosie-lunch-London-4

True normality is coming back slowly, and though at first I was reluctant to say goodbye to the few weeks of fizzy excitement that surrounded the wedding, coming back to our regular routines now feels lovely in its own way.

Being back in London last week felt like the final step in returning to regular life. Running for trains, spotting mice in the Underground, lugging round bags full of cameras and spare batteries and memory cards and chargers, getting blisters on my feet from walking walking walking all day long- it felt cathartic, in its own funny, tiresome sort of way.

I’d headed over to Shoreditch for a day of working and brainstorming and taking photos, and just generally having a long awaited catch up with my love Tania. We’d not seen each other since the wedding, and had so very much to tell one another that the afternoon ended up being not quite as productive as we’d envisaged…

Cider-with-Rosie-lunch-London-2 Cider-with-Rosie-lunch-London-3

What did get done though, in our characteristically diligent style, was the eating of some outstandingly good food. I’d picked up some bread and coffee on my way through to Tania’s, and was met by the sight of cookies being placed into a hot oven to bake, and the promise of courgette and potato rostis with poached eggs for lunch. What can I say- my friends are just the greatest! ;)

We sat about chatting whilst eating cookie batter off wooden spoons, then faffed about taking so many photos of our poached eggs and their runny yolks that they’d turned stone cold by the time we actually picked up our knives and forks.

Cider-with-Rosie-gelato-Borough-market-4 Cider-with-Rosie-gelato-Borough-market-2 Cider-with-Rosie-gelato-Borough-market-3

Since cookies and tea weren’t quite sweet enough for our sweet teeth, we decided to go for a  wander through Borough market in search of gelato. Despite not having the first idea where to find good gelato around Borough market, we happily stumbled upon 3BIS Gelateria, just next to Neal’s Yard Dairy. It was a little overpriced, as is to be expected of all food and drink at Borough market, but absolutely delicious and with plenty of special diet options, too. I chose the soy pistachio gelato (not because it was soy especially, but because you can never go wrong with pistachio), and it was so creamy you’d never for a second guess it was made from something other than cow’s milk.

Worth a visit, if you ever happen to be in the Borough market area and find yourself in need of a second lunchtime dessert…

Cider-with-Rosie-gelato-Borough-market-1 Cider-with-Rosie-gelato-Borough-market-5 Cider-with-Rosie-gelato-London Cider-with-Rosie-gelato-Borough-market-7 Cider-with-Rosie-London-2

What I wore ::


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As Jason and I are getting older, both the quantity and frequency of wedding invites that land on our doormat (and are delivered straight to our hands by Teddy, the ever-eager postman’s assistant), is without shadow of a doubt on a serious incline. It seems that every time we blink, another of our friends or family members are announcing engagements and setting wedding dates, and it’s such a thrill! And hey, we’re contributing to the trend ourselves!

Whilst my own outfit for that Big Day in July is pretty much set in stone (bar the endless last minute panics about hair styles and accessories I’ve been having…), I always think that the task of dressing for a wedding as a guest is a tricky one. You’ve got to contend with the ‘no white/cream’ rule, and the fear of accidentally showing up a dress that looks like you’ve come as a bonus bridesmaid. You need shoes that’ll carry you through the whole day blister-free, and that’ll stand up to at least 4 hours of shimmying on the dance floor. You’ve got to try to match the tone and feel of the day (will it be super formal, or a relaxed affair?) without looking like you’ve tried too hard. It’s a minefield!

And so, to help navigate this etiquette-laden minefield, this summer I’ve teamed up with Anthropologie to assemble not only the perfect summer wedding ensemble (or at least, I think it’s pretty perfect anyway!), but a charming and personal gift for the happy Mr & Mrs too!

Hold onto your fascinators friends, because we’re going Off Registry… ;)
  CiderwithRosie-Anthropologie-summer-wedding CiderwithRosie-Anthropologie-summer-wedding13 CiderwithRosie-Anthropologie-summer-wedding3 CiderwithRosie-Anthropologie-summer-wedding8

T H E   O U T F I T

If you ask me, the most failsafe choice for a summer wedding is a patterned maxi.

In opting for a patterned dress, your chances of committing the Oops I Look Like A Bridesmaid faux-pas (can you tell I have a mega paranoia about that?) are reduced to 0.01%- trust me, I’ve done the maths. And a full length gown will look glamorous and elegant and all those other wonderful things, *but*, it’s also comfortable and effortlessly bohemian AND you don’t have to wax/shave/tan your legs! A no brainer, right? This beautiful one is soft as can be (it’s made from jersey), and just begs to be danced in.

For the extras (shoes, accessories, you know the drill), I say go timeless and versatile.

A chunky heeled sandal is, as every woman knows, just about the comfiest high heeled shoe imaginable, and these ones are so heavenly I’m debating whether or not to do away with the inevitably painful ivory stilettos I’ve got lined up as my wedding day shoes, and to just wear these instead! ;) They’re the sort of shoe that’ll pair with any dress imaginable, and for those among you who, like me, obsess over a new pair of shoes and like to wear them as often as is humanly possible, they also work just as nicely with jeans as they do with dresses.

What I’m wearing ::
Dress - Nova maxi
Shoes - Talena heels
Bracelet- Gilded Paths cuff
Clutch - Rosie Raffia

CiderwithRosie-Anthropologie-summer-wedding12 CiderwithRosie-Anthropologie-summer-wedding10

T H E   G I F T


I remember my Grandma telling me years and years ago about the old fashioned concept of a ‘bottom drawer’. It was, so I learnt, a little set of crockery and linens and all sorts of other homewares that a young couple would collect together and save, ready for when they could afford to move into their own house and set up home together. I thought that that concept, of a little collection of gathered pieces with which to furnish your first home, was such a charming and sweet one that it captured my heart and has stuck with me ever since.

This little wedding gift box is a nod to that sweet ‘bottom drawer’ tradition of gathering. Instead of the usual registry selection or vouchers, I propose picking out some lovely activity for the couple to do together, and putting together a gift box filled with items around the theme. Perhaps pizza making (think pizza stones for creating crispy bases, basil plants, and a wooden serving board) or a cocktail kit (shakers, martini glasses, muddlers, and a bottle of the couple’s favourite spirit)?

For this one, I’ve gathered up all you’d need for a beautiful and lazy weekend morning breakfast in bed- sweet blue-edged glasses to sip fresh juice from, cups as big as side plates to hold froth-topped coffees, beautiful handmade bowls (perfect for granola or oats or for catching the syrup running off a stack of pancakes) and even love-themed porcelain spoons to eat it all with. And, to round out the set, candy striped napkins (for colour and also to act as bed linen protectors…), and a sweetly scented something to brighten up the morning.

Charming, unusual, and oh so personal.

CiderwithRosie-Anthropologie-summer-wedding14 CiderwithRosie-Anthropologie-summer-wedding15 CiderwithRosie-Anthropologie-summer-wedding11 CiderwithRosie-Anthropologie-summer-wedding6 CiderwithRosie-Anthropologie-summer-wedding4

Summer wedding season? We’re ready for you.

* This post was created in collaboration with Anthropologie. *


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^^ Stripes forever, even on my feet. ^^

I stumbled across a beautiful corner of London I’d never even heard of before, on my way to Pimlico Road last week- Orange Square. It sits tucked away just behind its big sister Sloane Square, and is a haven of elegant boutiques and abundant flower shops and the sort of townhouses that have you swooning right there on the pavements.

It’s these sort of moments- coming across beautiful spots in London I’ve never knew existed before, that make me love the city so very much. I’ve been in London at least once a week for the best part of a year now, and it makes me happier than I’ll ever be able to express. The bustle, the noise, the tangle of streets that I’m getting more familiar with on each and every visit, the juxtaposing of old and new buildings- it’s as soothing to me as I know trips to the countryside are to city-dwellers.

And you know what I’m learning is the fundamental key to a good day in London? A great pair of shoes. Not hitting the shops post-payday, or a cup of the best hot chocolate, or the sun shining non-stop all day (though all these are pretty fundamental too, if you ask me), but a pair of shoes that won’t rub even after hours and hours of walking. Because aren’t days in London always surprisingly taxing, and don’t they always involve so much more trekking than you’d expect?

I paced almost 8 kilometres during this particular visit, and came away without even a hint of a blister. I like to think of how demanding London is on our legs as the Universe’s way of saying ‘Go on Rosie, have that afternoon slice of cake as well as the burger you ate for lunch. You’ve earnt it.’


What I wore ::
Shirt – GAP
Skirt – Topshop
Scarf – Ted Baker (similar)
Shoes – c/o French Sole
Bag – Mulberry

Cider-with-Rosie-Sloane-Square3 Cider-with-Rosie-Sloane-Square5   Cider-with-Rosie-Sloane-Square6 Cider-with-Rosie-Sloane-Square1 Cider-with-Rosie-Sloane-Square4 Cider-with-Rosie-Sloane-Square2

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I had a conversation with my friend the other day in which we discussed how wearing white is really, when you think about it, more of a lifestyle choice than it is a simple choice over what to wear.

It’s the choice to fend off the dog when he comes at you with muddy paws (instead of saying ‘to hell with it!’ and embracing his muddy love), to always remember to put a napkin in your lap whilst eating croissants (curse those greasy mark-making flakes!), and to never, ever take the lid off your coffee. It’s about repeating the mantra of ‘I can be ladylike when I want to, I’ve totally got this!’ over and over, and channelling your inner Audrey Hepburn. And, I’ll be honest, it’s not the kind of choice I tend to make all that often.


I mean, it’s not as though I willingly go around throwing green juice down myself or wiping Teddy’s paws on my sleeves (though both have happened in the past two weeks, if we’re being 100% honest here…), but being polished is never something that’ll come easy to me. I’ve spent many years trying and failing to be someone with smooth, glossy hair, and attempting to tuck my shirt in just so and have it last more than three seconds in said ‘just so’ state after I’ve left the house, and trying to have the lovely crisp white tees I buy every few months last more than a few wears before they look a little sorry for themselves. In short- trying to just *be* Olivia Palermo.

But, if there’s ever a time to give being ‘someone who can wear white’ a go, it’s when summer finally arrives. And, as luck would have it, this dreamboat skirt took its place amongst the ranks in my wardrobe right as the sun began to shine! I can’t quite decide what I love most about it- the lovely A-line shape and careful structuring, the broderie overlay, or the fact that the length is oh-my-goodness-so-very-perfect (fun yet demure all at once!).

I wore it during a day in London last week, and even though the sun disappeared behind clouds just as we got ready to take these photos (oh British weather, you do keep us on our toes!) rest assured that the combination of warmth on my face, plus the unbeatable atmosphere London has during the summer, and the fact that I managed to keep my white skirt pristine all day long, left me feeling pretty happy indeed.

What I wore :: Top – Mango || Skirt c/o Boden || Ballet flats – French Sole || Sunglasses – c/o Bailey Nelson
  Cider-with-Rosie-little-white-skirt-7 The-Little-White-Skirt-CiderwithRosie3 The-Little-White-Skirt-CiderwithRosie4 Cider-with-Rosie-little-white-skirt-6 The-Little-White-Skirt-CiderwithRosie2

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