Cider-with-Rosie-Winter-lake-trip Misty-lake-seagull-by-Cider-with-Rosie Winter-walk-by-Rosie-Cider-with-Rosie Teddy-at-the-lake-Cider-with-Rosie Field-in-fog-Cider-with-Rosie Foggy-lake-Cider-with-Rosie Waterfall-Cider-with-Rosie Misty-lake-walk-Cider-with-Rosie Winter-walk-at-the-lake-Cider-with-Rosie

I was mindlessly browsing YouTube last weekend, when LuluLemon’s ’Give Presence’ Christmas campaign advert popped up on the video I’d just clicked through to. I got ready to hit ‘Skip Ad’, whilst sitting through those obligatory five seconds of viewing time. But when those five seconds were up, I watched five more, and five more after that, and before I knew it the whole advert was up. It was the idea of ‘giving presence’ that really got me. The idea that the most valuable thing we can give is our full attention to the moment we’re in, the people we’re with, the beauty we’re surrounded by. The mantra of ‘give presence, give presence’ has been going over and over in my head ever since I watched the video, and I already feel like it’s helping me to be less distracted and more concentrated on breathing deeply and living in the moment.

These photos were taken during a walk round the lake, when the air was thick with mist and we could barely see from one side to the other. Teddy fished a tennis ball out of the water and carried it like a trophy the whole way round, and we stopped lots of times to breathe and relax and enjoy the amazing crisp air. Turns out, presence is where it’s at…

What I wore :: Faux-fur headband {a gift from last Chrismas, similar here} || Jacket {past season Toast, similar here} || Jeans || Scarf || Boots


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I was scrolling through Buzzfeed just before dropping off to sleep sometime around the beginning of last week, and came across this article that supposedly rounds up the best places in the world to grab a hot chocolate. According to the piece, Konditor & Cook’s hot chocolate is up there amongst the best, and I immediately was obsessed with the idea of trying it out. My darling Freya and I had made plans to meet each other for an hour or so sometime near Waterloo on Tuesday lunchtime, and since when I mentioned it (on our billion-messages long WhatsApp thread) Freya was all ‘Oh my GOD I love that place!’, our date was set. Chocolate-lunchtime-winter-park-picnic a-go! {The title needs refining, sure, but that’ll do the job for now…}

I’d spent the morning in London over New Bond Street-way, at French Sole’s Spring Summer 15 press preview. The collection, by the way, is completely amazing- I could easily have snapped up at least twenty different pairs of shoes there and then! A few of my favourites are on my Instagram just here. Once I was finished oohing and aahing at the press preview, I headed back in the direction of Waterloo and met up with Miss Freya on the corner of one road that look like Coronation Street, and another that looked like real old school Victoria London. Just with a few orange traffic cones and temporary barriers added for good measure.


^^ Obsessed with the purple shop-front! Doesn’t it look like something out of Harry Potter? ^^

Nishaantishu-Cider-with-Rosie Konditor-and-Cook-cakes

We met up right inside the bakery, loaded up with sweet stuff (a brownie topped with fudge, salted caramel, and stuffed with chocolate chunks, a slice of Victoria sponge, and a hot chocolate a-piece), and then headed out to a nearby park to eat our chocolate-y picnic. The hot chocolates were good (dark and rich, just sweet enough, and not at all bitter), but maybe not good enough to be rated amongst some of the best in the world if you ask me. The brownie though? That was *totally* amazing.

The sea salt caramel on top is what makes it, of course. Of course! In what instance has salted caramel ever been added to *anything* and not made it more amazing than it was before? It was so insanely rich though that I had to save half and bring it home with me for a home-from-London treat. I know. I’ve become a ‘save the other half for later’ kind of person. Disgusted with myself. 


When Freya and I first sat down to our picnic, a crowd of hopeful pigeons came a-begging. We didn’t want to share, so shooed them away. But since Freya’s cake wasn’t as fresh and tasty as she’d hoped, it turned out that the pigeons were in luck and got to share with us after all! What started out as a bit of regular feeding, turned into Freya getting pretty up close and personal with her pigeon friends. I’ll let the photos do the talking….
  Feedingthepigeons Feeding-pigeons-by-hand London-squirrel

^^ This little guy ventured over, but wasn’t a big fan of Victoria Sponge. Or the pigeons, for that matter… ^^

London-sideroad Cider-with-Rosie-blog-London

^^ Love the old vs. new street signs. ^^


We spent the remainder of our hour together playing photography (Freya had a new lens with her, which has done nothing to help my craving for a new piece of camera kit!), and also talking about everything from weddings, coats, and hair dye, to whether or not you can catch bird flu from pigeons and how stealthily strong the cocktails were that we’d drunk the previous Saturday. And then, just like that, our hour was up and we parted ways. Freya headed back to her office, I meandered back to Waterloo to catch the next train home, and snacked on little broken-off chunks of brownie the whole way back.

If you’re ever in the Waterloo area, promise me you’ll swing by Konditor & Cook for a brownie and a hot chocolate, okay? And hey, K&C- if you ever fancy opening a Surrey branch…I’ll be first in line on opening day!

What I wore :: Tweed jacket {past season Toast, similar here} || Scarf || Shirt || Trousers {past season Zara, similar here} || Ballet flats || Satchel bag


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Breakfast isn’t something I’d normally associate with Selfridges. Normally, when I think Selfridges, I think of handbags, Christmas hampers (more on these later!), and tree decorations. Of that wonderful food court, and the even more wonderful chocolate department. Of being able to find every label under the sun, from Topshop to Celine, yet never quite managing to find my way out of the same door through which I entered the shop. Never really breakfast though, at least, not until the visit I made to Le Chalet the week before last…

Last Friday, I was at the train station before the sun had even risen fully. It was bitterly cold, and the sweet lady in the cafe at the station gave me a cup of tea on the house after I’d told her all about what a mad rush I’d had trying to find a place to park my car and not miss my train. I met up with a few other bloggers at Selfridges a little after 9, and we were taken up to Le Chalet, Selfridges’ beautiful (and oh so very festive!) rooftop restaurant. It’s open all along one side, and the views over the city were a sight to be seen. Not to mention, all those windows made taking photos a total dream ;)

Le Chalet is, as you’d imagine, a total winter/Christmas haven. Each chair has a thick woollen checked blanket folded over it, the walls are decorated with branches festooned with lights, and the bar looks like something you’d kind in a ski lodge (all dark wood and rows of warming spirits). The food was pretty great too! I highly recommend the avocado toast, and the flat white was rich and punchy. Next time though, I’m definitely having one of those ‘choctails’ 

Smoked-salmon-and-eggs-on-toast Flat-White-Cider-with-Rosie Selfridges-hampers-Rosie Cider-with-Rosie-Selfridges Le-Chalet-bar-Cider-with-Rosie Breakfast-at-Selfridges

So once breakfast was done and dusted, we had chance to sample Selfridge’s range of Christmas hampers. They range in price from £50 to a whopping £5000(!)- you’d have to be *really* good all year round to deserve one of those, wouldn’t you? (p.s. Just look at what’s inside it! It’d make for one hell of a Christmas day!) The hampers I think look the loveliest  (and aren’t quite so bank-breaking) are the No Fun Like Work hatbox (containing tea, shortbread, a giant chocolate coin, and a mug), the Festive Selection hamper (a traditional box containing everything from coffee and cinder toffee to chutney and wine), and the happily indulgent Chocolate Break hatbox.

It’s hard to pick a stand-out item of all the things we sampled (crackers, cheese, sea salt caramel biscuits, olives), but I will say that Jason didn’t get to eat one single olive from the jar I brought home with me, because I demolished them so fast. A testament to their tastiness… 

Selfridges-Christmas-hampers Selfridges-chocolate-bombes

^^ Those bombes are amazing. Though my favourite one, the peanut butter and chocolate, seems to have been discontinued since I sampled it back at Selfridges’ Christmas in July event! A tragedy if ever I knew one! ^^


^^ Nothing better than panettone at Christmas time, don’t you think? Our family tradition is to pick one up at the same time as buying our tree, and then we snack on slices of toasted and buttered panettone whilst we decorate! It’s one of my favourite traditions we keep! :) ^^

Once the tasting was over, we had a little wander back through Selfridges Christmas department to admire the decorations and lights and displays, and I stopped in to say hi to the handbags too, before heading back out on to a very busy Oxford Street. If you’re in the region of Oxford Street over the coming weeks, Selfridges’ windows alone are worth a visit. Decked out in fir and lights and with amazing, whimsical displays behind the windows themselves- they’re quite the sight!

And now, I’m ready for Christmas to be here!

Christmas-lights-at-LeChalet Rosie-Selfridges

What I wore :: Cardigan || Top || Skirt || Boots || Handbag

p.s. Thanks to Rose for playing photographer for me. Girl’s got skills!


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Thursday last week found Jason and I working in the very same office, for once! It’s unusual that I go over and work in the Flourish studios, these days. Between trips to London, days spent baking/cooking/taking photos of the end results, and my inability to string a sentence together unless it’s totally and completely quiet, I don’t often get chance to! Which is a shame, really- mainly because spending time with Jason is my favourite but also because he and his team have a tradition I like to partake in called ‘Filthy Fridays’, whereby they get in lunch from one of Guildford’s finest fast food establishments. This Friday just gone was one of those kind of Fridays, and judging by the smug look on my other half’s face when he arrived home work, it’d been a ‘Meat the Greek’ lunchtime. (Friends, if you ever find yourselves near Guildford and with a growling stomach, get yourselves over to Meat the Greek on Chapel Street. There you’ll find the pita bread of your dreams, charred and filled with fresh, herby chicken, garlic sauce, and chips. Filthy, but so very worth it.)

I’ve been sidetracked! Thursday is what we’re supposed to be talking about! So, in the early afternoon, Jason and I decided to take a quick break from our tasks at hand, and pop up the high street in search of some of those famous red cups. I’d heard tell online that the festive drinks had been released, and cliche though it is, we just can’t resist those sugary lattes. We found them, Jason went eggnog, I went gingerbread, and we made our way back to the office two very happy customers. A few years back I managed to butter up the staff at my local Starbucks enough that they sold me a couple of their cartons of eggnog mix for Jason, so that he could make up his favourite lattes at home. And that’s what I’ll be working on this November, folks…
  Starbucks-red-cups Starbucks-red-christmas-drinks Suede-Oxfords Cider-with-Rosie-winter-date Cider-with-Rosie Rosie-and-Jason-matching-shoes Casual-winter-outfit

What I wore :: Trench coat || Shirt || Jeans || Oxfords {similar} || Hat {+ Jason’s amazing pink-laced Oxfords are similar to these ones here}

Now, how was your weekend? Was it lovely? We did nothing more strenuous than a little banana bread baking (I added a heaping tablespoon of peanut butter to this recipe here, and it was immense), food shopping, mince pie eating, AND I singlehandedly demolished one and a half pots of hummus. (Realising now quite how food-themed this weekend was.) We did work out and take Teddy on a couple of long old walks too, I promise! Oh, and we also watched most of Season 8 of the Office US, and Jason’s brother Joe came visiting with his baby boy Eddie, which meant I got a much needed fix of baby cuddles. All in all, a lovely one!

Now, can we take the briefest of moments to discuss Christmas? Are you gift-buying yet? I feel as though I should be, but I just can’t bring myself to begin. Can someone tell me one of those ‘only X number of weekends left until Christmas’ stats and kick me into gear please? Thanks in advance ;)

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