Cider-with-Rosie-24-weeks-pregnant-Guildford-8 Cider-with-Rosie-24-weeks-pregnant-Guildford-11

&  T H E   B U M P   A T   S I X   M O N T H S .

Is that not the garden of dreams, right there? Note to self- win the lottery, buy a house with lots of lovely land, and then employ a gardener to create flower beds that explode into a riot of colour each spring…

In other news (back in reality and not dreamland)- isn’t the weather right now just beautiful? Sure, this morning is kind of overcast, but it isn’t raining, it isn’t cold, AND we’ve had a few consecutive days of glorious sunshine so we have to be grateful!

Cider-with-Rosie-24-weeks-pregnant-Guildford-14 Cider-with-Rosie-24-weeks-pregnant-Guildford-3

The ducklings out on the pond are growing bigger by the day, and spend their time snoozing in a fluffy heap in the sun on the banks, whilst inside Elsie finds any patch of sunlight she can that shines through the windows, and parks herself in it looking ever so pleased with herself.

And speaking of getting bigger, this bump is suddenly making itself known! Up until the past week or so it would only really show if I wore actual maternity clothes, but now all of a sudden, at six months, I feel like a properly pregnant woman!

And I’m totally, 100% loving it.
  Cider-with-Rosie-24-weeks-pregnant-Guildford-7 Cider-with-Rosie-24-weeks-pregnant-Guildford-4

One of the things I’m enjoying most right now is adapting my regular clothes to fit my pregnant shape.

Whilst I have been building up a little collection of lovely maternity pieces to see me through the final few months of my pregnancy (writing ‘final few months’ feels so scary, yikes!), it’s also nice to feel that with a bit of creativity, most of my ‘regular’ wardrobe is still full of possibilities!

And actually, this above-the-bump skirt plus a tied off shirt combo is my new favourite!

Though I have to confess, I put together this outfit, did my make up and hair and put shoes on and grabbed my handbag to leave the house, then whilst walking to my car realised that in raising the skirt up a few inches to my new, much higher waist, I had also brought the slits in the skirt up to a *very* inappropriate height!

But I liked it too much to change, so decided just to walk a little more carefully so as not to let the skirt fly open ;) And hey, our neighbours were entertained I’m sure!

Cider-with-Rosie-24-weeks-pregnant-Guildford-6 Cider-with-Rosie-24-weeks-pregnant-Guildford-10

We spend this past weekend clearing out the guest bedroom, ready for the arrival of nursery furniture in the next couple of weeks.

Whilst the process was pretty tiring and not particularly exciting, it was also insanely satisfying (so many bags of useless rubbish were taken to the dump!), and kind of cathartic in a way, too.

Clearing and sorting out the mountains of ‘stuff’ we’ve gathered over the past few years of living together, realising how little of it was truly useful or necessary, and then emptying out the room ready for its new purpose- well, it felt like a little life milestone!

And for goodness SAKE, I am TOO excited about having a lovely little cot all of our own in there!

Cider-with-Rosie-24-weeks-pregnant-Guildford-13 Cider-with-Rosie-24-weeks-pregnant-Guildford-2

Tell me, how did you spend your weekend? I hope it was a lovely one!


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2 0   W E E K S   &   N E W   H A I R   &   T E A   W I T H   T A N I A .

So many nice things happened last week (some big things, some little things) that I felt it was probably right to put together a post where I can document them and keep them safe. Let me start with the best one of all- reaching the 20 week point in my pregnancy!

Getting to the halfway point, and officially out of the ‘teens’, feels like a milestone- one that I’ve been looking forward to ever since that pregnancy test developed and the glorious ‘positive’ result appeared in the little window. I mean, true, I’ve been setting myself little milestones all the way through the pregnancy so far (reaching the 12 week scan, the start of the second trimester at week 14, the first movements, etc. etc.), but reaching the midway point feels like a big one!


We had our 20 week anomoly scan on Thursday, which I can honestly (and so very gratefully) say was one of the wonderful experiences of my life to date. As I’m sure all parents are, in the two months between the 12 and 20 week scans I’d been so anxious to know that our baby was growing as healthy and strong as we’d hoped.

I wasn’t quite as nervous heading into the ultrasound room as I had been before our previous scan, but still- my heart was racing!


Seeing our baby wriggling around on the screen (whilst also feeling the kicks and prods and wiggles from the inside, too!) was totally magical. It’s amazing now to be able to differentiate between the different types of movement I get to feel every day, because we’ve seen them happening live!

I couldn’t quite get my head around seeing how fully now the baby is spread across my lower abdomen. In my minds eye, I still picture it curled up tightly in a little ball and tucked away pretty low down, but as the books/apps/websites all say is due to happen around the 20 week mark, baby has uncurled and now seems to fill my lower abdomen from the belly button down!


Isabella Oliver dress || Boden flats (past season, similar linked)

The sonographer talked us through everything that she was scanning for on the screen, and kept pointing out different parts of the baby’s anatomy that we might not have been able to distinguish otherwise.

Its little hands and feet were clear as day though- one hand spread wide (we saw each of the four fingers as well as the tiny thumb!), and the other hand was clenched tight into a fist that baby kept using to punch out at the scanning wand it wasn’t too pleased about being prodded by!

I didn’t realise quite how much I’d been subconsciously fretting, ahead of the scan, until we left the room and felt like my shoulders dropped by about two inches! Oh, and we’ve kept the baby’s sex as a surprise, in case you were wondering…

Let the intense guessing commence! ;)

Cider-with-Rosie-Isabella-Oliver-bump-style-9 Cider-with-Rosie-Isabella-Oliver-bump-style-8

We’d had the scan early on that Thursday morning, and after we were done I headed straight to the train station to pick up Tania, who’d come down from London for the day to visit me! Well, I think the order of priorities for her visit went more like bump/baby, then Teddy and Elsie, and THEN me, but hey! I’ll take it ;)

Once we’d tired ourselves out on a long walk with the dogs, and then come home and refuelled on copious amounts of soup and bread (we’ll not mention the chocolate doughnuts we treated ourselves to as dessert…), we decided a spot of tea was in order.

There are a few places near where we live to get a lovely cup of tea, but none so lovely as Pennyhill.
  Cider-with-Rosie-Isabella-Oliver-bump-style-2 Cider-with-Rosie-Isabella-Oliver-bump-style-12

It’s this grand old hotel set in parkland in a village called Bagshot, and is actually where I was working as a waitress aged 18 in the months leading up to when Jason and I first met and started dating.

It holds a lot of memories for me, that place. Mostly of me being quite possibly *the* most terrible waitress of all-time, since I spent the vast majority of each and every shift lingering in the kitchens and batting my eyelashes at the chefs, until they promised to set me aside a portion of whatever delicious concoction of food they were whipping up!

Shameful, really…but to be fair, getting to tuck into my very own pistachio souffle at the end of a shift was totally worth it ;)

Cider-with-Rosie-Isabella-Oliver-bump-style-4 Cider-with-Rosie-Isabella-Oliver-bump-style-3

Tania and I sipped our way through two pots of rose tea and English Breakfast tea (my first cup in months as I’ve been off it this whole pregnancy…it made me realise I’m still not over that aversion), and repeatedly bemoaned the fact that yesterday’s weather had been all summery and glorious, and yet that day was overcast and breezy!

Still, we stayed outside on the terrace, not least because being able to watch the rabbits hopping about on the lawns below made sitting in the chill totally worth it!


Now, what was the last and final thing I wanted to talk to you about? Oh yes, new hair!

So, I had a pretty mammoth haircut early last week (6/7inches of hair gone!), and it’s been a total game-changer for me. My hair had grown horrendously long, and I’d been dithering and dithering over how to have it cut and so it took me ages to actually get round to visiting the hairdressers.

But now all I can think is…why did noone tell me sooner how much easier mid-length hair is to style than long hair sooner?! I’m a total convert.

Though if anyone mentions the words ‘practical Mum haircut’ in the comments, we’re going to have a falling out…;)

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