4.5 :: hours spent talking non-stop with lovely Megs! We met up for the first time after having spoken online for easily two years now, and it was amazing!

20” :: the size of the pizza Miss Meg and I demolished between us (from Homeslice, one of my favourite places to get pizza in London)

30 :: the amount of seconds I’d been sat on the train up to London, when I realised I’d forgotten my headphones. A tragedy, since I’d downloaded the 1975′s album especially!

10 :: minutes spent walking slowly over the river on the way home, admiring the sunset.

1 :: pair of cashmere socks worn in the evening, that are almost certainly the best pair of socks I’ve ever worn.

3 :: extra stops than usual on my train journey home (the perils of travelling home in rush hour)

47 :: minutes spent on the phone with my lovely Bess, talking blogging and business and so many other things besides.

9.30 :: the time we went to bed yesterday evening, about 2 hours earlier than normal.

1/2 :: a chapter read aloud from our new book, ‘A History of English Food’ by Clarissa Dickson Wright. I bought it for my Grandma the last Christmas we had together, and had been reading it aloud to her in the months before she died. I promised her I’d finish reading it aloud on her behalf, and now Jason and I are fulfilling that promise! It’s such a fascinating read, we’re just loving it.

0 :: blisters gained, even though I walked everywhere in London yesterday and didn’t get the tube once! All thanks to the magic of my mint green Boden brogues :)

1 :: portion of Snog frozen yoghurt eaten (with oreos, raspberries, and caramel sauce) even though I was full to bursting after that colossal pizza.

500+ :: times I regretted wearing an autumnally-themed outfit, when the weather was most definitely more summer than autumn (much to my dismay).

Tell me, how was your Tuesday? :)

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7.00 :: the time both mine and Jason’s alarms went off yesterday morning. We were leaving the house together (for a meeting with a wedding catering company) but we both set alarms because we have this awful habit of turning them off in our sleep…

7.15 :: the time I actually got out of bed, after Jason and I both turned our alarms off in our sleep (so predictable).

1 :: slice of wheat-free sunflower & linseed bread eaten for breakfast, topped with whole-nut peanut butter & some sliced banana.

1/2 :: a can of dry shampoo applied to my hair, because I was running too late to wash it. Not my hair’s finest hour, if I’m honest…

200+ :: times my stomach rumbled in our meeting with the caterers, reading all about the incredible food they could serve at our wedding. (Naturally, I fell in love with the most expensive option. Oh, beef wellington. Why must you be so pricey, but so delicious?)

1000+ :: specks of mud splattered up the back of my dress, by the little dog who just refuses to shake anywhere but right by my side after a swim.

2 :: packs of Percy Pigs purchased during a petrol station pittstop. They just brought out a new flavour though (mango lions, and blackcurrant pandas!), so what was a girl to do?

4 :: times I thought I might be having a heart attack, whilst 30 Day Shred-ing in the early evening. That Jillian is one tough lady…

2 :: oatcakes eaten with rhubarb and ginger jam, as a post-lunch sweet treat. (That jam, oh my. I could eat it by the bowlful)

5 :: minutes spent raging internally at the rude cyclist who rode so close to my car when I was stopped at traffic lights that she knocked my wing mirror backwards, and didn’t bother to straighten  it back out again. Okay fine, maybe I raged externally a bit too…

1 :: tentative enquiry made into having a Hummingbird wedding cake. I’m sure the prices are silly though, so it’ll almost certainly be a no go. But still, a red velvet wedding cake would be pretty great, right?

180 :: minutes of editing done so far, for a recipe video that will probably be no longer than 5 minutes. Oh, it’s a fiddly one for sure!

700 :: the amount of £££ I found out I might be able to save, because the wedding dress I fell in love with a few weeks ago has just been put in a sample sale…

15+ :: phone calls, with various companies/wedding people. And I only missed about half of them- a record! ;)

2:1 :: ratio of tea:coffee consumption for the day.

How did your Wednesday look? Fancy leaving your own mini ‘Wednesday in numbers’ in the comments? :) I’d love to read them!

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