It has been FAR too long since I last wrote a post like this. Especially since there’s such a lot that’s making me happy of late! First and foremost that sweet baby girl of mine, but also so many other of those ‘tiny joys’ I’ve always liked to make note of here too. So let’s make a list!

1. Spring cleaning! I’ve had the biggest clear out of my wardrobe last week and it feels so GOOD!! I’ve donated two big bags of clothes and shoes to charity, and trimmed down my wardrobe to be made up only of the clothes that I *actually* wear, rather than stuffed to bursting with 6 years worth of impulse buys. I was aiming for a 37 piece capsule wardrobe a la Caroline, but turns out that’s harder to achieve that you’d think…

2. Homemade almond butter granola bars. Made with a nosy babe strapped to my front (she was having a cuddly ‘don’t put me down’ afternoon) who enjoyed studying e v e r y t h i n g I was doing!

3. The head massage part of a haircut. Bliss.

4. The two ducks making a home on the pond outside our house. I’m keeping my fingers crossed we have ducklings again this year. It always makes for such a lovely spring and summer!

5. SPRING WEATHER! How lovely is it to just chuck on a jacket and run out the door rather than bundle up in a hundred layers?!

6. This curry recipe. We made it with cauliflower instead of chicken (I’m veggie, and Jason eats veggie a fair bit at home too) & it was our favourite evening meal we’ve had in a long time.

7. Seeing the look of complete satisfaction on Ottilie’s face now she’s managing to shift herself along on her stomach. I’ve got money on the fact she’ll be crawling by the end of March…

8. Sinking my teeth into a photography project for Jason’s company. We’re shooting interviews of some of Flourish’s clients, and it’s so great thinking creatively again!

9. Date night with my husband. We ate the BEST duck (mock-duck for me) crispy pancakes and shared a naff but delicious mint choc chip ice-cream for dessert. Totally great!

10. Finding a fun new music class to take Ottilie to. Give the girl an instrument to wave around, and she’s happy!

What’s made you happy this week? I hope your week’s been a lovely one!

p.s. I’ve been meaning to say for a while- thank you for sticking with me whilst posting has been limited lately. Cider with Rosie has been a huge part of my life for, what, coming up 5 years now, but I knew I wanted to let it take a back seat whilst my baby was small. I’ve been looking forward to being a mother my whole life, and so really wanted to take time to concentrate on Ottilie, and all the daily joys and adventures and challenges that motherhood brings, for the first few months. It’s been fantastic, but I’m definitely ready now to start finding my feet as a ‘work from home’ mother and start blogging more regularly again!

So, I’d love to know, is there anything you’d like to see or read about here? I’m all ears! <3


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T H E  H A P P Y   L I S T.

If you don’t hear from us over the weekend, that’s because Sam sent over our wedding photos last night, and so I fully intend to spend the next 72 hours looking through them on repeat until I’ve burnt all 750 of them into my brain. That’s a legitimate way to spend three days, right? I mean, I might do a little baking too. Maybe try and catch up with family, and, let’s face it, shopping is probably going to happen as well. But really? It’s all about watching the wedding photo slideshow (set to Mumford + Sons music, be still my heart) back, and trying not to smudge my mascara. But first, let’s get to this week’s happy things!

1. Breakfasts of those magical banana+egg+oat pancakes, with fresh berry compote! It tastes so indulgent, but really is as healthy as you’d like. And how often does that combination come about?!

2. Essie ‘Ballet Slippers’ on my nails. Even if I did manage to chip it less that 24 hours after my DIY manicure…

3. The joy of changing into warm, dry clothes after getting soaked to the skin on a midweek dog walk. (I managed to head out right as a thunderstorm broke, and got so thoroughly drenched the rain was running down inside my wellies and soaking my socks. NOT fun.)

4. Falafels. I don’t know why, but I can’t get enough of the things lately. And hummus too, so maybe it’s a chickpea thing?

5. Being down by the sea last Friday. There’s something so restoring about sea air, isn’t there?

6. Reading Birdsong with Jason. And why yes I AM forcing him all my favourite novels on him by choosing them as our ‘read together’ books, why do you ask? ;)

7. Blackberrying! Though it is the true sign of autumn being on its way, and I’m not so sure if I’m ready to say goodbye to summer yet…

8. Drinking some of the wine we had leftover from the wedding with family last weekend. I couldn’t really taste anything at the wedding itself, so am making up for lost time now! ;)

9. Getting back to a regular routine of workout classes. I’ve missed the ache!

10. Remembring to do actual adult stuff, like book my car in for an MOT test and having meetings with the bank and paying tax bills and whatnot. I mean, DULL, but oh so satisfying, right?

Three posts I’ve loved reading this week :: Tania’s update from France || Anya’s photos of beautiful Edinburgh || + Molly’s incredible photo series from Isreal.

What’s made you happy this week? :)


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Before we get onto the good stuff, can I tell you one thing I’ve definitely not been so happy about this week? The fruit situation here in the UK, in comparison with Thailand. I mean, not to be one of those ‘oh well this isn’t a PATCH on what I ate in ‘insert farflung country here’ types of people, buuuuuutttt…it’s safe to say I’ve been spoiled. I mean, we can set aside the rambutan, and the dragon fruit, and the mangosteen as special cases (all totally amazing and addictive, but not so mainstream here in England), but you know, even the bananas and oranges were better in Thailand! I’ve missed waking up and starting each day with a plate heaped with the most beautiful, colourful, ripe fruit this week like you wouldn’t believe! But enough of this nostalgia. (I’m nostalgic for so much at the moment, if you got me started I’d never shut up! Having all our family here, the constant celebrating, the sharing of photos and stories from the wedding…aaaand there I go…) Instead, here’s to the simple things, the quiet moments, and the small stuff- here’s to going back to basics, and counting ten little things that’ve made me happy this week :)

1. Hearing my sister’s voice all the way from Tanzania! I said goodbye to Cesca just as Jason and I were leaving the wedding (speaking about it in past tense is SO WEIRD.) and she flew to Africa the very next morning. I’m heading to the airport to pick her up next Friday, and I just can’t wait! 99% of my excitement is because I can’t wait to see my sister herself, and the other 1% is because I’ve been nagging her to take lots of photos for me whilst she’s been trekking and on safari(!!!) this week, and I cannot *wait* to look through them!

2. Saying ‘my husband’ all day every day! I’ve been doing that annoying newlywed thing of squeezing it into conversation as often as is humanly possible! ;)

3. English Breakfast tea. There’s nothing I miss more when abroad than good old Twining’s English Breakfast, with semi-skimmed and no milk!

4. The daily moisturiser routine that’s been keeping my post-holiday skin peeling to a minimum. It’s pretty intense though- I’ve been slithering into bed each night like some sort of slimy sea creature. What a lucky man Jason is! ;)

5. Making the most of the major nesting phase I always go through when I’ve stayed away from home for more than a night or two. I’ve been buying storage crates and cleaning everything in sight and reorganising just about every corner of our house, and having a whale of a time doing it! I’ve got to make the most whilst it lasts though, since I’ll be back to my old disorganised ways soon enough…

6. The return of the GBBO! Jason and I watched episode 1 eating slices of the Victoria sponge I’d baked for his coworker Ian the previous evening, and the cake + cake on telly combo was just too good. I couldn’t adore that programme any more if I tried!

7. Catching up with friends, both old and new. Made me the happiest of all <3

8. Sundried tomato pesto, with everything. I’m kind of obsessed.

9. Nude nail varnish. Though my favourite (Essie Spin the Bottle) did smash and leak on the way home from Thailand, which most definitely did NOT make me happy in the slightest!

10. Being home. Being married. Being right in the moment. It’s been a pretty happy week :)

Three posts I’ve loved reading this week :: Freya’s AMAZING posts about her work in Pakistan (photos to die for, and writing that made me well up. I just adore that pint-sized wonder woman) || Ella’s recipe for roasted green bean spring rolls || & Deb’s recipe for sesame noodles with cucumber (trying it first chance I get!)

What’s made it to your happy list this week? And how was July for you- did anything fun or exciting happen? Let’s catch up, I truly feel so out of the loop! <3


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Hurray for it being very best kind of weekend- a bank holiday weekend! We drove up to Yorkshire yesterday afternoon for a few days’ break, and seriously cannot wait to start exploring a new corner of our fair isle. We’ve come armed with wellies, cameras, marshmallows, and enough layers to cover every possible rain/sun/storm eventuality- so bring it, crazy May weather! We’re ready for you! My only major goal this weekend is to eat a glorious pub lunch, and maybe get out to the moors if we get chance. It’ll be a good one, I’m sure! I hope you’ve got a lovely long weekend ahead of you, too. Here’s what little things have made my happy list this week…

1. Getting to grips (kinda) with Premiere Pro! The programme was on my old laptop but ended up being left totally untouched since I never managed to get my head around it, but this week, thanks to countless online tutorials and Googling of dumb questions and a few desperate ‘help!’ messages sent to Freya, I managed to use it to put together a whole video! Here’s to learning new skills, even though the learning process itself Is arduous and frustrating and makes you want to throw your laptop out of the window.

2. Caesar salad made with jerk-spiced roast chicken. So insanely tasty (and the juiciest chicken ever!)

3. The beautifully fragrant bunch of lily of the valley and sweet peas that Jason’s grandma brought over for me last weekend.

4. Portable iPhone charger packs. I finally bought one, and it’s a total godsend. Can’t think why I waited so long to pick one up!

5. Being able to breathe through my nose again, now my cold has disappeared! And taste things! I missed coffee the most. The smell AND the taste.

6. This week’s rainstorms! There’s nothing better than a good summer (or really, spring) storm if you ask me.

7. Buying a load of REALLY great oranges. I seem to have the worst luck and always manage to buy ones that’re dry and shrivelled inside, but the ones I bought this week are the sweetest, juiciest oranges imaginable! I’ve got a two-a-day habit.

8. The bottle of champagne we’ve brought with us up to Yorkshire. Well, we are *glamping* after all…

9. Feeding Ted half a leftover sausage after dinner on Thursday, and seeing his little face light up with happiness. If dog’s could grin, I reckon he would’ve done right at that moment.

10. Coming across someone totally inspiring online. Hey Casey Neistat, your videos are pretty awesome!

Three posts I loved reading this week :: Liv’s interview with the forever babin’ Izy || Natalie’s super simple outfit || & Deb’s recipe for swirled berry yoghurt popsicles.

What’s made your happy list this week? :)

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