One of my unofficial goals this year was to try and get better at doing my hair. I can put together braids (French, Dutch, milkmaid, fishtail, updos, you name it, I’ll braid it) in about ten seconds flat. Ballet buns? Even quicker. Scruffy top knots? Bam. Already done. But anything that requires a little patience? Like curling, or even proper blow drying? Nope. Never. My hair is naturally coarse in texture and is insanely thick, with a section at the back of my head that is in a constant state of party and is about 100 times wavier than the rest of it. Styling it properly (blow drying even!) takes for.ev.er. Even my hairdresser has commented on how long it takes for my hair to dry and smooth out. I’ve spoken before about having a halo of frizz surrounding my head most of the time, and it’s true. It really does exist!

*fanfare* Enter ghd!

I was offered a pair of ghd stylers to have a play around with a couple of weeks back, and figured it was a perfect time to start learning how to get to grips with some slightly more ‘done’ hairstyles, and maybe possibly stop pretending that the ‘hobo-chic’ vibe I usually rock from the forehead-up is deliberate when it most definitely is not. It took me a little bit of time to get to grips with using the ghd stylers to curl my hair. But after accidentally creating a few gawky, lame half-ringlets (and swiftly learning my lesson), it became a breeze! I’ve been majorly impressed by how smoothly they glide through your hair. They don’t snag at all, even when pulling them down through a looped strand to create a curl.

This tutorial demonstrates beautifully the exact technique I used to create the curls. The trick (I’ve found) is to keep rotating the stylers as you pull them down the length of the hair, to help the curl to form. And that’s it! Scroll scroll scroll to see how I like to style these long, natural curls…

Cider-with-Rosie-ghd-curling-tutorial-8 Cider-with-Rosie-ghd-curling-tutorial-6

H O W   T O ::

- I find these hairstyles work better with second-day hair, when it has a little more grip and body to it. To get started, spritz a little heat protectant through your hair, followed by some sea salt spray. The heat protectant I use is by ghd (which was sent to me along with the stylers) and the sea salt spray is by Charles Worthington.

- Take one inch sections of hair, and run the straighteners down the length of the strand, twisting the stylers as you go. I find the hair needs to be wrapped once entirely round the stylers to create a good curl. The tutorial I linked to earlier in the post is the best I’ve ever found for learning the technique. Since my hair is naturally wavy I find that I don’t need to ensure that every single section of hair is curled to create this look, but if your hair is exceptionally straight I’d recommend sectioning it off, and working methodically through each section curling one strand at a time.

- Keep working through your hair with the stylers, until it’s curly and bouncy and lovely. Mist all over with hairspray, and run your fingers through the curls to break them up a little.

Cider-with-Rosie-ghd-curls Cider-with-Rosie-ghd-curling-tutorial-4

A B O V E :: For the daytime, I like to wear these curls styled into a ginormous, messy ponytail. Simply rake all your hair up (don’t smooth it down over your head, or else everything’ll look too neat) and secure with a band. Then take a small strand of hair from underneath your ponytail, wrap around the hairband to conceal it, and pin in place with a kirby grip. The curls make this casual hairstyle look much more put together, much more *deliberate* than a ponytail normally does. It’s also totally practical (basically my no.1 requirement of a hairstyle!), and quick enough to put together on a rushed weekday morning.

Cider-with-Rosie-ghd-messy-curled-ponytail Cider-with-Rosie-ghd-curling-tutorial5

A B O V E :: For a more dressy, elegant style, begin with the curls loose, then gather the hair from the around your face, and bring to the back of your head. Don’t pull too tight here! It’s nice to keep things soft and relaxed. Extra pins can always be added for security. Twist each side section of hair a little, then pin in place at the back of your head with kirby grips. Finish with a bow or decorative hair grip, or alternatively just leave plain! I think it looks so lovely either way! You can find more beautiful hairstyles on ghd’s ‘Festival Hairstyles’ page- I especially love those messy curls and braided fringe!

Cider-with-Rosie-ghd-curling-tutorial-2 ghd-curl-tutorial

 * ghd sent me through the ghd IV periwinkle stylers and heat protectant free of charge via a PR company, and asked that I share my favourite looks here on Cider with Rosie. I did not receive financial compensation for writing this article, and all views are my own (of course!).

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…for an evening spent drinking cider & eating a proper Sunday roast at my Ma’s house. Oh, and FYI? That bow is the item that sparked my love affair with Anthropologie a couple of years ago. And what a costly love affair that’s turned out to be…



Bow: Anthropologie (similar-ish) // Jacket: Toast (almost identical) // Jeans: GAP (similar) // Blouse: H&M // Boots: Office // Handbag: Mulberry

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i’ll get to the bit about the dog later on but first of all i need to share…something amazing happened yesterday. i actually enjoyed university! i know, groundbreaking stuff right?! my performance group and i met to begin devising a piece for our assessment at the end of this term, and had the most engaging debate i’ve had so far this year at uni. i really had forgotten what it feels like to enjoy my time in class, and to feel excited at the prospect of working creatively and academically. losing grandma last year hit my ability to focus at university hard. my concentration is only just getting back to where it was before she passed, and it’s been so difficult to care about little things like poems and themes and genres, and about what this critic said about that author’s book. to feel even the tiniest bit enthused about my course feels like such a huge thing, so i’m pretty pleased right now :) hooray for wonderful university chums who make me remember why i started this course in the first place!

aside from all this university-related happiness, yesterday i had one of those ‘oh my goodness how am i so skint already it’s only the first week of the month’ moments. it’s horrifying. and i’ve not even spent money on fun stuff (aside from a nice candle or three), i’ve just made lots of mini trips to the supermarket that’ve racked up far quicker than i’d have liked. so enough is enough, and jason and i are now fasting until spring hits. well, not really, but i am going to make that rather unnecessarily large food shop i did yesterday last us a while ;)

speaking of food, jason and i (plus ted) went over to my ma’s for dinner last night. it was lush. as much as i really do enjoy cooking, sometimes a night off is wonderful! jason was extra chuffed with his supper of sausages and mash too, because the night before i’d had the nerve to serve him baked camembert for dinner which was not enough for a hungry man! ;) oh and also, i went over to mum’s with my hair in plaits, and she made her classic ‘oh hi there, heidi’ joke. i asked her if she’ll make that joke every time i wear my hair in plaits, and she said yes. i guess it’s good to be clear.

p.s. that’s a picture of ted doing his daily ‘call the rspca, i’m stuck under the dishwasher’ act. i think it might just be my new favourite photo of that little man. don’t let those mournful eyes fool you though, because earlier in the day he hopped up on the sofa whilst jason and i were upstairs, and chewed my asthma inhaler to pieces. i think that dog might be trying to do me in…


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lush cosmetics!

when i was about fifteen or sixteen i was totally obsessed with lush products- i used to save up my allowance for months on end, and then blow the whole lot on dozens of multi coloured bath bombs and bubble bars!
over the years i sort of forgot how magic the products are, and so haven’t owned anything from lush for so so long. i ended up wandering into the store in westfield with my mum on saturday, and remembered why i fell in love with lush in the first place. the shop assistants were, as always with lush, unfailingly helpful, knowledgeable and sweet, and i came away a shopping bag crammed full of goodies! i’d also forgotten how bags of lush products scent your house like nothing else- i keep opening up my wardrobe just to smell the vanillary, musky, cocoa buttery loveliness! 
the products i’ve fallen hardest for are the seaweed and calamine cleanser called aqua marina (so good even jason noticed the difference it made to my skin!) butterball bath bombs, and american cream conditioner :)
what’re your favourite lush products? :)
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