Hands down, King & McGaw has been one of my favourite discoveries of this year so far. It’s a total treasure trove of prints, and I’ve become totally obsessed with trawling through the catalogue over the past few months as I’ve looking to add more artwork to our home.

Now, I’m at risk of sounding like a total internet-nerd here (well, almost 7 year of being the other half of a web designer turned design agency-owner will do that to a girl!) but one of the BEST things about the site is how easy it is to navigate. The prints are broken down into categories (Contemporary, Pop Art, Photographic, Food & Drink, etc. etc.) and you can browse by artist too, which means that even though the catalogue is huge, it never feels overwhelming.

You have to promise me that once you’re done reading this post, you’ll go and check out collection of Ana Zaja Petrak prints on the site- they’re absolutely gorgeous! Oh, and have a play around with the fab framing options available on all the prints too- we’re having a few of the Ladybird pieces to go in the nursery, which I’m super excited about!

Prints shown above :: Cafe || Pastel icecream || Brighton || Striped monochrome || Great Expectations || Picasso Sausage Dog || New York sketch || Ladybird Yolk print || Mocha Pot || Peony print

Today, King & McGaw are kindly offering my readers the chance to win a print from the site! To enter, all you need to do is follow both King & McGaw (@kingandmcgaw) and Cider with Rosie (@ciderwithrosieblog) on Instagram, then leave a comment below letting me know which print you’d choose (up to the value of £80) if you won!

The winner will be selected at random a week from today, and contacted directly. Good luck!

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If you ask me, there’s no better way of punctuating a day (whether a working day or otherwise) than by the ritualistic making of cups of tea. Boiling. Pouring. Brewing. Drinking. An hour or two of work or relaxation, and then the whole process begins again. It’s comforting and therapeutic, and reminds us that there are more important things in life than staring at lit-up screens for hours on end.

Taylors of Harrogate sent over a care parcel last week, containing their new range of herbal and fruit teas. They’ve teamed up with plant experts at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew, to create the finest and most beautifully tasting infusions. Before we talk tea though, can we take a moment to appreciate the beauty of the packaging? (Scroll right down to the bottom of the post to see it in all its glory!) When the parcel came through, Jason and I spent a good ten minutes just ooohing over all the lush fonts and colours and illustrations. I’m in love!

The tea blends themselves are just beautiful- delicate and fresh tasting, with a little something for every taste going. Below is my day in tea…one delicious cup-full at a time.

A . M ::


Sweet Rhubarb blend ::

The rhubarb blend is the most delicate of the range, and a perfect cup of tea to open the day with. The colour alone is enough to make me love it! I like to add a half-teaspoon of sugar to bring out the fruit flavours, and serve as part of the most feminine, pink-hued breakfast in bed I can put together. A weekend indulgence of course, but such a lovely indulgence to make.

P . M ::

Taylor's-Lemongrass-ginger-tea Cider-with-Rosie-Taylors-tea

Lemongrass & ginger blend ::

I’ve found the lemongrass and ginger blend to be the very best way of beating the dreaded afternoon slump, during the past few days. It’s the most fragrant, invigorating hug-in-a-mug you could imagine, and tastes all the better out of a sweet tin mug. Make up a cup about an hour after lunchtime (right when your lunch  is settling heavy in your stomach and getting ready to make a nap seem like the most appealing thing in the world), and let the warming ginger and fresh lemongrass work their magic!

E V E ::

Spiced-apple-tea-Cider-with-Rosie Cider-with-Rosie-Taylors-spiced-apple-tea Christmas-tea

Spiced Apple blend ::

Are you already dreaming of how perfectly festive this blend is? It’s like mulled wine meets tea, and is all kinds of delicious! I’m planning on picking up a bumper pack of cinnamon sticks next time I’m out shopping, because can you even imagine how amazing this would be served with a stick of cinnamon, as well as a strip of orange peel and a drizzle of honey, in each cup?


And now, fun stuff! Taylors are offering one Cider with Rosie reader a complete set of their range of fruit & herbal teas, as photographed above!

To enter the giveaway, just take the ‘Flavour Fairy’ quiz (I got ‘blackberry and elderflower fairy!), then head over to Twitter (and be sure you’re following along with Cider with Rosie!) then tweet using the hashtag #CwRgiveaway to let me know which ‘flavour fairy’ you are! I’ll pick a winner 2 weeks today (on the 5th of Jan) and the sweet folk at Taylors will send out a parcel of tea right away for you to start the New Year with!

Which flavour takes your fancy? I’m about to go for a cup of the blackberry & elderflower right now…

** Post created in partnership with Taylors of Harrogate.


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I have a fun giveaway to share here on Cider with Rosie today!

Posterlounge is an online print company, that sells a huge range of really affordable photographs, artwork, and prints for hanging in your home. For those of you in the gallery wall way of thinking, it’s just the thing! I’m always on the hunt for beautiful prints to add to the walls of our house, and there are so many gorgeous and unique pieces on Posterlounge. I especially like how customisable the pieces are.  On many of the prints and photographs, you’re able to switch between black + white, sepia, and full colour options, and also to flip images and adjust sizing so that they fit perfectly wherever you’d like to hang them.

So today, I have 2x £25 vouchers for Posterlounge to give away! Most of the prints cost less than £10, so the vouchers will be the perfect amount to kick off a really lovely gallery wall! Not that I’ve got gallery walls on the brain, or anything of the sort…

If you’d like to win, just make sure you’re following Cider with Rosie on Bloglovin‘, Facebook and Twitter, and then leave a comment below! I’ll select the two winners at random a week from today, and share both on here and on Twitter! Good luck!

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