D R E S S E D   U P   ,   D R E S S E D   D O W N .

There’s a lot to be said for being cosy.

For sleeves that come down below the wrists, and jeans that hold you in all the right places but are made from the softest denim.

For a day spent at home wearing an outfit that’s so simple and relaxed that it’s as comfortable as your favourite PJs, and yet is *just* pulled together enough that you don’t rush to change at the arrival of unexpected visitors, or before nipping to the shops for a pint of milk.
  Cider-with-Rosie-Boden-home Cider-with-Rosie-Boden-home-2

Now that Miss Elsie’s finally stopped chewing and clawing at everything she can reach, I’ve finally been able to dig out the knitwear I put away when she was in her early puppy days.

And after 6 weeks of living in scruffy T shirts and Jason’s oldest sweatshirts (why do you think there’s been such a lack of outfit posts around these parts lately?;), it’s kind of a relief!

This oversized caramel number is a new addition to my wardrobe, and the latest in my collection of cosy, camel/brown/taupe jumpers.

But you know what they say- the classics are classics for a reason!

Cider-with-Rosie-Boden-home-4 Cider-with-Rosie-Boden-home-5

It’s exactly the sort of relaxed outfit I love most- effortless, timeless, and best served with second day hair and a side of coffee.

What could be better?

Jumper || Jeans || Bracelet

Cider-with-Rosie-Boden-home-6 Cider-with-Rosie-Boden-home-3


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Bailey-Nelson-Cider-with-Rosie2 Bailey-Nelson-Cider-with-Rosie1

First things first, let’s talk V I D E O!

I’m trying to push myself to get weekly videos up on my YouTube channel these days, and it’s exciting! And addictive! And time consuming, and challenging, and hard.

I hadn’t quite appreciated before now how long it takes to put together a video. I mean, granted, I’m hardly the speediest editor- Premiere Pro and I still have a long way to go before I could be considered anything other than a fumbling beginner- but still, even a 10 minute video can take several hours of work to pull together. Saturday evenings are now spent plugged into my laptop, mumbling swear words under my breath when I just can’t figure out how to make a title move at the same pace as the clip I’ve laid it over, or have to export the same video three times because I keep messing up the encoding settings. I mean, what on earth is ‘bitrate’, anyway!?

But, it’s fun! After having worked my way into a little groove of photography and writing here, it’s so exciting to branch out and try something new. Even though I’m really not very good at it yet. I think there’s something to be said though for getting out of your comfort zone though, and being okay with doing a less than perfect job. Sometimes I’m guilty of avoiding trying new things for fear of it not going quite right, but I’m trying to get better at being okay with making mistakes. I watched this video Casey Neistat made the other day where he talked about never actually ‘getting there’. About how we all think we’re striving towards an end point- a moment of satisfaction where we feel we’ll have made it. But actually, we never do actually make it. The good stuff is in the journey.

And goodness me, that got mighty deep mighty quickly, didn’t it? My latest little video is below, if you’d like to see, and S U B S C R I B E too! :)

Black vest top || Black skinnies || Sunglasses || Leopard slippers

Now, I’m trying hard now to have too much crossover between video and blog content (which is tricky! I mean, there are only so many interesting, share-able things I do in a week ;), but there are a couple of bits in the above video I can’t not share here! Consider it a teaser, if you will…

Firstly, Wahaca!

Wahaca-Cider-with-Rosie3 Wahaca-Cider-with-Rosie4

I caught up with Lucy for dinner whilst I was in London last Thursday, and since neither of us had ever been to Wahaca, we decided to give it a go. And it was a total revelation! Who knew the food at Wahaca was so delicious?! It was so flavoursome and everything tasted so very fresh.

We started with a portion of guacamole and some light, puffed pork scratchings (my only bug bear was that the portion of guacamole was pretty meagre, I like to go to town with my scoopings of guacamole!), and a glass of green juice each. Then came plantain tacos (kind of like a semi-savoury banana topped with creamy cheese and coriandar, totally delicious!), and a salad for me that turned out to be…more than a salad. I mean, *look* at it…

The chicken was charred and gently spicey, the avocado creamy and ripe, and…it all came served in a deep fried bowl. I did *try* to restrain myself from snacking on it too much, but the temptation was strong and before I even knew what I was doing the bowl had no sides left and the table covered in crumbs. Worth it though, so whatever.

Lucy and I rounded off our meal sharing a portion of churros, which have been a favourite dessert of mine since forever. These were pretty spectactular. Not as overly sweet as others I’ve had, and the chocolate was a tiny pot of heaven.

Wahaca- I’ll be back!


Lastly, let’s talk about this dreamy collaboration between BirchBox and French Sole!

FrenchSole-Birchbox-Cider-with-Rosie1 FrenchSole-Birchbox-Cider-with-Rosie

I’ve become quite smitten with Birchbox’s service over the past few months. I’m not the most clued-up when it comes to beauty products, and never fail to find new, totally life-changing (well, skin-changing) products in the beauty boxes I’ve sampled that I’d have been far too daunted to ever try otherwise. It’s a revelation! And a little hard on my bank balance, if I’m honest, because I’ve now got a beauty product shopping list as long as my arm…

The collaboration between Birchbox and French Sole is totally perfect (hashtag not sponsored, just in case anyone wondered!;). French Sole have released three pairs of limited edition shoes that tie in with Birchbox’s three June boxes, and they’re all so very pretty. The Breton pair came home with me after Thursday’s event (so very lucky!), and I seriously cannot wait to wear them. I mean, Breton striped shoes?! What could be better!


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I had a conversation with my friend the other day in which we discussed how wearing white is really, when you think about it, more of a lifestyle choice than it is a simple choice over what to wear.

It’s the choice to fend off the dog when he comes at you with muddy paws (instead of saying ‘to hell with it!’ and embracing his muddy love), to always remember to put a napkin in your lap whilst eating croissants (curse those greasy mark-making flakes!), and to never, ever take the lid off your coffee. It’s about repeating the mantra of ‘I can be ladylike when I want to, I’ve totally got this!’ over and over, and channelling your inner Audrey Hepburn. And, I’ll be honest, it’s not the kind of choice I tend to make all that often.


I mean, it’s not as though I willingly go around throwing green juice down myself or wiping Teddy’s paws on my sleeves (though both have happened in the past two weeks, if we’re being 100% honest here…), but being polished is never something that’ll come easy to me. I’ve spent many years trying and failing to be someone with smooth, glossy hair, and attempting to tuck my shirt in just so and have it last more than three seconds in said ‘just so’ state after I’ve left the house, and trying to have the lovely crisp white tees I buy every few months last more than a few wears before they look a little sorry for themselves. In short- trying to just *be* Olivia Palermo.

But, if there’s ever a time to give being ‘someone who can wear white’ a go, it’s when summer finally arrives. And, as luck would have it, this dreamboat skirt took its place amongst the ranks in my wardrobe right as the sun began to shine! I can’t quite decide what I love most about it- the lovely A-line shape and careful structuring, the broderie overlay, or the fact that the length is oh-my-goodness-so-very-perfect (fun yet demure all at once!).

I wore it during a day in London last week, and even though the sun disappeared behind clouds just as we got ready to take these photos (oh British weather, you do keep us on our toes!) rest assured that the combination of warmth on my face, plus the unbeatable atmosphere London has during the summer, and the fact that I managed to keep my white skirt pristine all day long, left me feeling pretty happy indeed.

What I wore :: Top – Mango || Skirt c/o Boden || Ballet flats – French Sole || Sunglasses – c/o Bailey Nelson
  Cider-with-Rosie-little-white-skirt-7 The-Little-White-Skirt-CiderwithRosie3 The-Little-White-Skirt-CiderwithRosie4 Cider-with-Rosie-little-white-skirt-6 The-Little-White-Skirt-CiderwithRosie2


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I decided on Wednesday morning that it’d been far too long since I’d had a trip to Richmond. The last time we went was back in summer when we visited with friends.  I made a quick phone call to my little sister to see if she fancied coming along approximately 30 seconds after the ‘I fancy a trip to Richmond’ thought had crossed my mind, and she did! So Thursday morning we left early(ish), and were in town by 11am.

Richmond at the weekend is lovely, but during the week, it’s magic. It sort of feels like a village instead of a city- quiet and peaceful, but with the added bonus of being able to stop by an Anthropologie whenever you fancy…and I always fancy a trip to Anthropologie.

The main aim of the day was to find a great slice of cake. I had every intention of seeking out some sweet and charming independent cafe I’d never visited before, but then we walked past Hummingbird and…you can guess what happened. I just can never turn down their cream cheese frosting- it calls out my name as I walk past the shop, and before you know it, I’m at the counter! Plus they make an excellent flat white too, which is always a clincher for me.


What I wore :: Ledbury pea coat (on sale right now, too!) || Breton top || Tartan scarf || Jeans || Boots || Bag  (And whilst we’re on the topic, can we just take a minute to note that those are the shortest length jeans that Gap sell, and I still have to cuff them to be able to wear them with boots? Le sigh.)

Storefront Richmond-town-house-rooves Boden-pea-coat Hummingbird-cheesecake-slice

Let’s talk for a minute about cake. I’ve sampled a good variety of the Hummingbird menu, and now it’s high time we got serious about the whole cake-eating business. The three layered cheesecake brownies are good. Really good. The brownie is dense and fudgey, and so amazing paired with the light raspberry-flecked whipped cream on top. The layer cakes are for those of us who like a 3:1 frosting to cake ratio. I ate a slice of the lemon and raspberry ripple cake during last week’s visit so large and so heavily frosted it was almost vulgar, and even though I’m a huge fan of cream cheese frosting (especially lemon cream cheese frosting!) it was a bit much even for me. (I did soldier on and eat the whole slice, mind you. Because I’m a trooper like that, and dedicated to my cause.)

The cupcakes really are where it’s at with Hummingbird, if you ask me. There’s always just the right amount of frosting, they’re generously sized but not so big they become sickly, and the flavours are the best. I highly recommend the S’mores flavour (it’s limited edition though, so you’ll have to hurry!), the carrot cake, and of course (of COURSE!) the red velvet! And like I said, their flat white is the bomb (so strong it’s like being punched in the face with a bag of coffee beans).

Blue-and-white-storefront   Richmond-town-houses

To work off our post-cake stupor, Cesca and I moseyed on down to the river for a walk. Spending time with my sister seems to get more and more special as the years go on. Because of the huge age gap between us (seven years and 364 days!), it’s always felt like we’ve been in two separate worlds. As we’re getting older though, the gap is closing faster and faster. I can’t quite believe that she’s off to college next year, and is not that far off being able to learn to drive. It feels so very recent that I was at that exact same point in my life- panicking over GCSE coursework deadlines, taking my first day of A-level classes (where, fun fact, I was actually taught English Lit by my very own Mum! :), spending the ‘rights of passage’ summer between school and college performing in a production of Oliver and falling for a guy who wound up being my very first boyfriend.

It’s so exciting listening to Francesca tell me all her plans and dreams (she has such big plans!), and to think about how very different we are. Whereas my talents lean more towards the creative and artistic, my sister is as logic-based as they come. She started explaining something about ‘circle theorems’ (or something like that, I don’t even know) over coffee on Thursday, and I’ll be honest, I’d zoned out and was thinking about what lovely light there was and how it was making for easy photo-taking at the first mention of the word ‘denominator’ ;)

So, we’d talked and we’d walked and we’d talked some more, right along the river and back again, and then post-cake sugar high wore off and left us feeling peckish…


^^ This heron was a confident one! And a poser, too…^^


^^ My sister is basically Rapunzel in a navy blue parka. Isn’t her hair so beautiful? The photo doesn’t even do it justice! ^^

Richmond-brewery-stores-sign Rosie-in-Richmond Lunch-at-Cote

For lunch, we decided to stop by Cote- partly because the sweet green cafe chairs were too charming to pass up, but mainly because the french fries are the BOMB. We both ordered the cod goujons with fries- little sis ate hers with ketchup, I polished off one and a half portions of tartare sauce, and all was well in the world. Oh, and we made the most of the mild-ish weather and ate outside for what was probably (almost certainly!) the last time this year. Autumn al-fresco dining is where it’s at!

Richmond-clock-tower Richmond-flower-stall

And after a quick pit stop back to the bakery to pick up cakes for Jason, and an eye-wateringly huge payment was made at the NCP pay station (I can’t even begin to tell you how much it was. It’s too painful a memory.) we were home! The drive back down the motorway was beautiful- we drove right into the sunset, and the whole time I kept shouting over the radio to Cesca about how I’d forgotten what winter light looked like and how much I love the half hour right before sunset for taking photos. And, in much the same way as I did when she talked to me about trigonometry and circle theorems, Cesca tuned me right on out ;) And such is the magic of the sibling relationship! <3

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