{ I’m publishing this post for the second time, because my site had to be restored from a backup today following server issues, and I lost the original copy of the post and all comments! I’ve had to re-write this post from a series of screenshots emailed over to me by a lovely reader named Penny! So if you’ve got a case of deju-vu whilst reading this post- it’s because you might have read it once before! ;) }

I want to thank you all a hundred times over for the sweet messages of congratulations Jason and I have received over the weekend. I’d been absolutely bursting to share the news here when we got engaged a week ago today, and have been so overwhelmed by all the sweet responses over the past few days! Jason and I read through all the comments on Saturday night just before going to bed, and they touched us more than we can say. Even though I only know a tiny fraction of the people who read this blog each day in person, it never feels like I’m writing to strangers when I share photographs and snippets of our life here. Jason and I have changed and grown such a lot as a couple over the past two years since I began writing Cider with Rosie, and I can’t even put into words how much affection I feel for everyone who follows along with us via my blog and how excited I am to have you all here to share with as Jason and I begin planning the day on which we become husband and wife! And I know that’s kind of a smooshy thing to say, but I don’t care a bit. If you can’t be overly sentimental when you’re riding high on a wave of newly-engaged joy, when can you? ;)

So, I hope you had a splendid Easter! We travelled down to visit Jason’s Dad and Stepmum at their new house in Dorset on Saturday morning, and spent a leisurely weekend enjoying the sea air with them both. Their house is just beautiful (it’s right on the edge of the New Forest, and about 2 miles from the coast) and Michaela is the most fabulous cook so we both came away with our jeans feeling uncomfortably tight. The feast she put together on Easter Sunday was so fantastic, Jason actually had to ask me to stop talking about it in the car on the way home. Apparently I’d mentioned it three times in the first 10 minutes of the journey. But there was slow cooked lamb, and potatoes cooked two ways (roasted in duck fat, and mashed!) and cauliflower cheese, and smashed parsnips! Oh man. It was a treat. I’m also very glad that Pilates starts again tonight after the Easter break, because I need it. And you know, wedding dress diet and all! ;) (I jest. I’m not going on a wedding dress diet. Not a chance.)

Flying-kiyr Teddy's-first-swim Skimming-stones

On Saturday afternoon, Jason, his Dad and I took Teddy down to Mudeford beach for a walk along the coast. It was Teddy’s first taste of sand and sea, and I really do mean ‘taste’ since Ted consumed liberal quantities of both. I was absolutely convinced he’d end up being sick from the amount of salt water he drank (great gulps of it!) but nope! The boy’s got a strong stomach (and a screw loose too, I think).

We watched people sailing, and kites flying, and hunted for pretty shells, and skipped stones, and I came home with Monica-Gellar-in-Barbados hair thanks to the salt air making it so puffy and textured. The one day I leave home without a hairband on my wrist…


^^ Pastel beach huts! Aren’t they gorgeous? ^^

Seagull Isle-of-Wight Dorset-crab

^^ There were dozens of people lined up crab-fishing along the sea wall, with buckets full of teeny crabs sat next to them. I never realised before that crabs could be caught using little mesh bags full of raw bacon, and so was very confused seeing so many open packets of bacon sitting along the sea front. It was quite the struggle keeping Teddy from making mad dives towards the packets, let me tell you…. ^^

Jason-and-his-Pa Teddys-sand-beard

^^ Sand-beard. He needed hosing-down when we got home. ^^

Jason-and-I Tapas Champagne

After we came home from the beach, we ate tapas outside in the garden for our first al-fresco meal of this year. Also, champagne! Because we’re celebrating! I’ve kind of maxed out on the champagne-front over the past week or so! First world problem right? Seriously though, I haven’t turned down a glass of fizz once for a good few days now, and that, for someone who often goes weeks at a time without having a single drink, is quite the feat! Ugh. I know Dry January is a thing already, but I’m about to make Dry-May happen ;)


So tell me, how was your Easter? :)


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jason and i did the family rounds yesterday. we ate roast beef for lunch at my ma’s, and roast pork for dinner at jason’s. julia made the world’s most delicious crackling (my favourite!) and my mum excelled in the potato department. i had to undo the top button of my jeans after roast number two, but these are the sacrifices we make to keep our families happy, right? 
here are a few photos from our weekend, if you’d like to see…:)
below: mum had the prettiest flowers in her house, as always.

below: my favourite cider. i like it because it tastes like super-sweet squash, and doesn’t make my head hurt ;)
below: not-all-that-traditional-but totally-delicious roast beef, and white chocolate coated raspberries for after.

below: cesca looks more and more like a teenager every time i see her…

below: we wish these were available all year round.
below: as well as percy pigs, we bought mum a couple of boxes of chocolates for easter. passionfruit caramels sound delicious, don’t they? well, they weren’t. but luckily, i had my camera on hand to capture mum and jason’s reactions when they ate them…did someone say annoying, snap-happy blogger?!
did you all have a lovely easter? i hope your chocolate-eating was more successful than this! ;)

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when we were up at the lake earlier in the week, ted decided to take on a pair of swans. and by take on, i mean that he charged at them with reckless abandon, decided better of it when they puffed up their wings and looked mad, and then pretended he’d been aiming for the much less scary mallards all along. we honestly have been trying to teach him manners, but it’s just not going too well at the moment…those gundog instincts are hard to override, you know? 
i know i keep going on about it, but i did so enjoy walking round the lake the other day. the local heath where we like to walk gets shut off during the summer months to protect nesting birds, so i think i’m going to start bringing ted to the lake for his daily walk instead. right now i’m trying to convince jase to do another full lap with me before he goes back to work on tuesday. he got bored of walking after about the third mile the other day though, so i’m not holding out much hope…

on friday, jase and i realised that we hadn’t bought a single easter egg yet this year. ‘oh well’, we said to each other, ‘there’re always so many left over in the shops after easter, we won’t have any trouble finding some with two days still to go!’ but it turns out, we couldn’t be more wrong. numerous fruitless trips to local supermarkets, and our families are getting measly bags of percy pigs this year. sorry in advance, mum! though actually, my ma did have to rebuy my easter egg this year because she ate the first one, so maybe it’s easter karma? ;)
the shopping trip wasn’t a total waste though, because i discovered my new favourite drink at starbucks (hello four-hundred-calorie-but-totally-worth-it mocha frap!), wore some new summer clothes in defiance of the chilly weather, and we bought a fancy new clock for the kitchen!

in other news, jase and i ate the loveliest dinner on good friday. we’re so often guilty of passing up proper dinner; proper sitting at the table dinner, for meals eaten curled up on the sofa with plates balanced precariously on our knees. but on friday i cooked a roast chicken, and since cooking roasts always makes me feel like a competent grown up (anyone else too?) we ate our meal at our little dining table. it felt so lovely and civilised, so we’re making it our new month’s resolution to only have sofasuppers on lazy friday nights. 

happy easter sunday, everyone!
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