We spent it decorating, of course. It basically involved a whole load of sanding and painting, and then resanding and repainting when Teddy brushed up against wet paint and stuck it with a ton of long black hairs, and then a bit more sanding for good measure.

My Mum gave me some little cotton gloves the other day so that I could wear them at night with lots of hand cream on (Yep, Jason *is* a lucky guy) but they came into their own this weekend as my ‘sanding gloves’. I wore those babies all weekend long, and they protected my hands from the worst of the sanding paper damage. Though to be honest with you, my hands are now so rough that I could all but sand down a radiator with them bare, no need for sanding paper. Le sigh.This has turned into a mega whinge. It’s not supposed to be. Though I have kind of hit my decorating limit. It was fun for the first couple of days, but I think Jason and I are both pretty sick of it all now. Even Teddy’s had enough. He had to stay shut in the kitchen for most of Saturday, and made it quite clear that he was not impressed with the situation. He spent his weekend stealing scraps of sandpaper (though I couldn’t for the life of me work out where he kept producing it from), and throwing a strop when he wasn’t allowed into the living room. That dog gives the best stink eye.

AND NOW! Get ready, because I’m going to bestow upon you all my tips for an easy decorating process! (serious pearls of wisdom here, let me tell you):

ONE!: Never eat yoghurt shortly after using polyfiller, and then lick a blob of what looks like yoghurt off the back of your hand. Because it might just not be yoghurt, right? (p.s. Polyfiller tastes bad.) (p.p.s. I learnt this a couple of years back during a different decorating project, but the advice is still sound.)

TWO!: Give yourself an insanely short time period in which to complete said DIY/decorating project! I’m of the opinion (<*typo* I just wrote ‘I’m of the onion’. Great.) that if you give yourself two weeks to complete a project that could, with hard work, be completed in one, it’s impossible not to drag your feet and have it end up taking longer than it needs to. I find mess incredibly stressful, and so would rather have complete chaos in every room of the house for a short period of time, than have to live with ongoing (< *typo* I SERIOUSLY JUST WROTE ONION AGAIN. WHAT IS GOING ON?) mess in one or two rooms for a longer period. Also, Jason and I are both dreadful ‘do it in a minute-ers’, and so do well when under the cosh.

THREE!: Been rinsing for ten minutes? Yep. That paint roller probably still has paint in it.

FOUR!: Four words for you: Netflix. In. The. Background. We’ve been playing old episodes of The Office (U.S, of course) constantly over the past few days. It’s been a lifesaver. We would have been watching House of Cards, but sanding makes so much noise and we didn’t want to miss anything. (Sidenote: We’re on episode 3 of season 1 of HOC. When does it get amazing?)

FIVE!: Don’t make rush decisions about paint colours. That’s all I’ll say about that. (And also, it should be illegal for paint to look different when swatched versus how it looks all over the walls. Illegal.)

SIX!: If your partner’s better at painting/furniture assembling/drilling/*insert other random DIY job here* than you are, totally just let them do it. Jason is the King of neat cutting-in, whereas I am Queen of wobbly lines. I used to try and do the painting anyway, not because I enjoyed it at all but just to prove that I could, and that led to a whole lot of uhh…’constructive criticism’, shall we say? ;) Now I just willingly hand the reins over to Jason, and act as paintbrush and roller-washer in chief instead. It makes for a far easier life!

And so endeth Rosie’s tips for a stress-free (HA! Impossible!) decorating project! Now, please tell me all about the lovely things you did this weekend! Because I’d like to live vicariously through you, and pretend eating half a pack of mini Cadbury’s Creme Eggs isn’t the most fun I’ve had in the past 48 hours. So lay it on me! (Also, sunshine! How splendid is it? I’m about to go and get ready to walk that handsome pooch of ours, and will be making the bold move of going scarf-less! Roll on Spring!)


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*Photo from yesterday’s walk. It was a bad day to decide to wear my hair down instead of up. Just call me Cousin It.

So, it’s Thursday already! This week’s flying. Flying! I’m pretty tired though. Bed just feels so great at the moment. Jason wakes me up each morning (he gets up about 20 minutes before I do) and even though he wakes me up so super gently (with a little face stroke, and a soft ‘B, it’s time to get up’) each morning I pretty much just want to tell him to go take a hike. Seriously.

We’re in the throws of decorating at the moment. Well, we’re in the pre-decorating intense planning stage, anyway. Ladies and gents, it’s actually happening. Carpet! New carpet! Do you remember, months and months ago, I told you that when we moved into our house on Valentine’s Day three years ago, it looked like a ginormous version of Professor Umbridge’s office? Every single room was pink. Every wall. Every carpet (bar the guest bedroom, which has ugly but fairly inoffensive green carpet) was pink. Even our bathroom had floor to ceiling pink tiles, a pink suite, AND (get ready for it) extra-deep pile, weirdly shiny pink carpet. Take a minute to picture that. We’ve been slowly blasting the pink out of this house over the past couple of years (the kitchen and bathroom were done two winters ago, and we were so happy to say goodbye to the old pink monstrosities) but the carpet in some rooms has remained, providing me with a constant low-level hum of annoyance. Until now! I’m so happy to be finally getting rid of it, I could burst! We’ve chosen the carpet we want for our bedroom and the guest bedroom, but have yet to settle on a colour for the living room, stairs, and landing. We’re looking for a nice loop-pile biscuity coloured carpet, something that can stand up to the constant mud and muck brought into our house by That Spaniel Of Ours. I’ll keep you updated on this most boring of searches, don’t you worry!

Also at the moment, I’m planning a little loved-up Valentine’s evening. We never usually do V-day (not really our cuppa tea, you know?) but this year, I dunno. I just fancy a little clichéd romance!! This afternoon I’m going to pop out to buy strawberries to be dipped in chocolate (I *know* strawberries are about as far out of season as they can be, but it’s just for one day, so let me be) and plan on cooking something fancy to bribe Jason into watching a cheesy film with me later on ;) Hooray!

Next up! A round of quick fire news, because you know how I love these! I’m starting to get really long for warm summer days! Dream of BBQs, and sitting out by the pond in the evening as the sun sets, and trips to buy flowers at the weekend! My Mum is on half term next week, so we’re making plans to do fun stuff whilst she’s free! I found the perfect pair of dungaree shorts to wear this summer, and will maybe possibly be buying them this weekend! We have a batch of homemade granola bars in the house! I bought new coffee grounds, and they’re really delicious! Teddy ate some spinach, and didn’t really like it! We watched The Taste, and Jason did a (very accurate) French accent for the entire rest of the evening! I made butternut squash and celeriac lasagne, which smelt like Papa John’s pizza whilst in the oven! We ordered paint samples! It’s still raining!

The end. Any news you’d like to share?


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This is what my Wednesday looked like. The photos are largely in black and white, to communicate the depths of my DESPAIR and MELANCHOLY at having a cold. Jason has it too. We’re all feeling so sorry for ourselves right now. To be honest, this is only a representation of the mega whiney miserable part of my Wednesday since the evening was completely awesome, but if you can’t be melodramatic on your own blog then where can you?

First cold of the season means the winter months are well and truly here, doesn’t it? Yesterday required hot water bottles, three layers worn inside the house with the heating up full whack, hot chocolate with extra vanilla and cinnamon, and scrambled eggs for lunch. It would’ve been better to have had tea and toast made by my Mum though. If only her office would take ‘caring for slightly poorly and very pathetic twenty two year old daughter’ as an excuse for not coming in to work.

Also major players in yesterday’s line up? Hummus. Pinterest. Tea. Lemsip. Reading Freya’s blog, and falling in love with Michelle’s photo of Tania & I. Outfit planning (I went to an event in the evening, but more on that later!), PPA (that’s what we call Post Pilates Ache in this house), blueberries, Birdy’s new album, and raspberry apple elderflower juice. Also plenty of reruns of the U.S Office, because Dwight makes me laugh more than any other TV character in the history of television. Also I also made banana bread with browned butter, and found that browned butter does not taste as good as it smells when eaten straight from the pan.



p.s. Ted loved yesterday just as much as he loves every other day that’s ever existed. And that’s a lot. I took him up to the lake, and he had a whale of a time charging around getting soaked both from the rain and from diving into the water. I was grateful that he napped most of the afternoon, though. I actually allowed myself a quick catnap for the first time in forever (it’s too easy to slip into bad habits when you work from home, so napping is on my Rosie Don’t You Ever Dare Do This list!) and oh maaaaan, did it feel good!


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‘A photo a day, for thirty one days.’

Thirty one: And we’re rounding off a beautiful month with what’s shaping up to be the most spectacular sunset! Couldn’t get much better, could it? Oh and that lens flare? All natural baby! ;)

I do so hope you’ve enjoyed the photo a day series! Click here to read from the beginning :)

p.s. I’ve got that Friday feeling already. Anyone else?

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