Ahhhh, the three day weekend. Best thing about this time of year, right, the amount of Bank Holidays we get? There’s nothing like the joy that comes from Sunday arriving and not bringing with it a case of the Sunday blues- because hello lie in on a Monday morning! Though, to be honest laying in is pretty impossible these days, what with my waking up to go to the loo every morning at 5am, and then Elsie’s 6am wake up calls. But hey, it’s all training for September, right?! Anyway, aside from a week of eye-wateringly early starts (thanks again, baby and puppy), here’s what’s made this week a lovely one!

1. Finally, FINALLY getting round to printing and putting up some wedding photos around the house! It’s been on my ‘To Do’ list for such a long time, and it feels so good to have finally ticked it off the list!

2. Feeding the moorhen that’s taken up residence on the pond outside our house! It’s such a sweet little thing, and is partial to a bit of bread each morning for its breakfast…

3. My Friday morning Body Balance class at the gym. I always leave feeling like myself again (after a good few weeks of doing barely any exercise at the start of this year, thanks to first trimester exhaustion) and I’m hoping to keep going as long as I can until baby arrives.

4. Corn thin crackers, with red pepper hummus. Or with peanut butter, or marmite, or just plain. In short, I’m obsessed…

5. The new coconut hair conditioner I’m using at the moment. Smells like summer!

6. A series Jason and I binged on all this week, called The Five. It’s the most gripping thing I’ve watched in ages, and we’re just loving it!

7. Showers of blossom petals. Though not that random snow shower we had on Tuesday…

8. Raspberries in my porridge, green juice on the side, and grapefruit for after. Basically, all the fruit!

9. Having two productive weeks in a row! All thanks to Evernote and those life-saving to-do list folders. I’d be lost without that app! Though mainly I think it just makes me more productive because I like tapping the little tick-boxes so much…

10. And finally, of course, the return of Game of Thrones! Even if sometimes I do find that programme so gory I have to watch from behind a cushion, we still love it a lot. So glad it’s back! What did you all think of the first episode?

Tell me, what’s made it onto your ‘happy list’ for this week? :)

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I’m *so* ready for this weekend. We’ve got nothing in the diary, and plan to spend most of the time pottering. Which, as you’ll know, is pretty high on my imaginary list of favourite pastimes! I’m keeping my fingers crossed we have lovely weather, and that Jason and I can head out with the dogs on Sunday morning in bright, crisp sunshine, with a flask of coffee each to boot. Here’s to a happy weekend! And here’s what’s made me happy this week…

1. Jason’s Mum’s famously amazing sticky toffee pudding- dessert after last Sunday’s family dinner. I’ve been thinking about it non-stop all week.

2. Walking Teddy and Elsie along the river in Guildford this afternoon, and seeing so many signs of spring all over the place! Blossom and daffodils everywhere, and so many birds out and about. Oh, and I stole Jason’s gilet to wear whilst I was out, and it’s the cosiest thing ever. It was the nicest walk! Though we did also see a dead heron that the dogs were *obsessed* with, which wasn’t so happy making (pretty gross, to be honest…)

3. Two fun days of filming work this week, with a company called Kalm Kitchen. It was so great to work on something totally different!

4. Spending an evening with Jason babysitting our 2 month old niece! She’s the cutest, and it was so fun playing at being parents for the evening!

5. The vase of brightly coloured tulips currently sitting on our coffee table, brightening up the whole living room.

6. The prospect of mushroom carbonara for dinner this evening. I’m already excited…

7. Embryolisse ‘lait-creme’ moisturiser! I had a sample in a Birchbox a couple of months ago, but only just got round to trying it…and it’s the bomb! I’ve already gone out and bought a full size version…

8. Reading Countrylife magazine! It’s totally my new favourite.

9. A productive week of emails. You know those weeks, where it just feels like you’re smashing through your inbox and everything’s clicking? I love those weeks.

10. Seeing the dogs go loopy for Marmite. It’s their new favourite thing- heaven forbid I dare eat a slice of toast with Marmite on without giving them each a lick of a Marmite-covered teaspoon!

What’s made you happiest this week?

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Happy Friday, everyone! I’ve got a serious case of the TGIFs this week, and am *so* excited for the weekend ahead. Keeping all my fingers crossed that the beautiful weather we’ve been having the past few days lasts through Saturday and Sunday…

Here’s what’s made this week lovely one!

1. Watching Cooked, the new food documentary series on Netflix! It’s beautifully shot and totally fascinating.

2. Realising that up a winter moisturising routine has actually worked. My skin has never felt this great in cold weather!

3. A happy hour spent baking lemon drizzle cake, whilst listening to Ben Howard. It gave me such a lovely summer feeling, and the cake wasn’t half bad either…

4. Having plans to spend a whole day in London with friends tomorrow! I’ve been looking forward to it all week long!

5. A particularly delicious dinner of tahini and soy stir fried veggies with noodles. SO tasty!

6. Rewatching old episodes of the US Office. I’ve watched each one so many time over, but it never fails to make me laugh.

7. Seeing blossom everywhere! It’s so uplifting, isn’t it?

8. Taramasalata or hummus with pitta bread, by the truckload. I’m *obsessed*.

9. The bunch of beautiful white stocks currently making our whole living room smell like spring!

10. Waking up to sunshine! I feel as though I could’ve put this for every point, this week. Yesterday’s beautiful weather put me in the *best* mood! I’m so, SO ready for the last of the grey weather to disappear and for spring to arrive in full.

Three posts I’ve loved reading this week :: Deb’s revelations about churros || this recipe for a banana, coconut & cacao smoothie || & this cute post about snowboarding from Naomi!

What’s made it to your happy list, this week?

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I don’t know about you, but all the signs we’ve had this week of Spring being maybe, hopefully just around the corner, have made me very happy indeed! I felt *actual* warmth in the sun that was shining one afternoon this week, and it was true heaven. I mean, we’re back to the pond being frozen over now, and the dogs slip and slide on the icey deck as they run outside each morning, but still! I’m feeling happy, and positive. Here’s what else has made this week a lovely one!

1. Ripe tomatoes with cheese on toast, mixed into pasta, smashed between two halves of a toasted bagel- pretty much any old way! I can’t get enough.

2. The crate of oranges we bought on a trip to my favourite place ever (CostCo, of course) last weekend. They’re hand on heart the BEST I’ve ever eaten, and taste like pure summer.

3. The little spotty-nosed puppy who helped herself to an entire bag of treats whilst on the way into work with Jason the other morning, after he’d left the bag in the pocket of his coat that was with her in the boot. He called me asking why I’d given the dogs so many treats when I’d had them both the previous day, and it was only when I denied having given them any at all we realised Elsie had decided to ‘reward her own good behaviour’ a hundred times over during the drive into work! She’s naughty, and it makes me laugh.

4. Hot cross buns! I always forget how great they are, but make it my mission to eat as many as possible around this time of year. So delicious toasted and slathered with butter!

5. FINALLY watching Downton Abbey! It’s totally amazing, isn’t it? Though I’m totally not over some of the deaths in the show…sob!

6. Jam jars filled with daffodils, all over the house.

7. Pancake day. Because pancakes for dinner is always going to make for a happy Tuesday!

8. Seeing snowdrops popping up through hard, frosty soil.

9. Watching Teddy grow to love Elsie. It’s so sweet seeing him tolerate it when she jumps all over him, and pinches his toys, and to see him even allow her to sleep alongside him at times too. They’re going to be best friends in no time, I know it!

10. Wearing through my favourite pair of jeans. I mean, it’s sad they’re finished, but I kind of like that I’ve loved them to death and worn them right through to the bitter end, you know?

Three posts I’ve loved reading this week :: This recipe for goats cheese garlic butter (sounds insanely delicious, doesn’t it?!) || Kate’s post about her favourite candles (The White Co forever!) || and the current US prison series on HONY. It’s amazing.

I hope you’ve had a happy week! :)

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