1. Picking up a new copy of The Simple Things, and taking it up to bed with me along with a cup of lavender and chamomile tea earlier in the week. Such a relaxing way to end the day.

2. The crisp bite in the night air that’s come about over the last few days. I’ve loved this beautiful summer we’ve had but am excited for the colder months ahead, too!

3. Ordering some adorable party bits from Etsy for Ottie’s 1st birthday party next week. I’m a bit addicted to buying all things customised…

4. Trying out a new workout class, BodyPump! I’ve been meaning to try it for years and finally did on Thursday, and it was such a fun, tough workout. Two days of workout classes on the trot, so I’m going to be aching this weekend!

5. Homemade jam on toast and in my porridge. Ottilie suddenly much prefers eating Mama’s porridge to her own, I wonder why? ;)

6. Lighting a candle in the evenings. I never burn candles during the summer, and love how warm and cosy they make things.

7. Fresh tomatoes from the garden! The variety I’ve grown is a bit rubbish (‘Alicante’, if anyone’s wondering!), but it’s still so great being able to nip out into the garden whenever I need a tomato or two for lunch!

8. Game of Thrones finale (OH MY GOD AMAZING) new Great British Bake Off (not as great as before, but I’ll take it)…it’s been a good week for TV!

9. Pad Thai for dinner! The recipe was a new one that I found in a vegetarian food magazine a month or so ago, and it’s so tasty. Brings back memories of our Thai honeymoon <3

10. The sweet way Ottilie repeats ‘yeppees!’ when we prompt her to say ‘yes please’ in answer to a question. It’s the most gorgeous sound and makes my heart melt! (In other news, she’s also learnt to ask for milk by saying ‘boobies’ which isn’t nearly so great and I’m not sure how to stop her saying it…!)

{Photo above taken during our trip to France- more to follow next week!}

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1. Ottilie saying ‘no’ in her strong, funny, decisive little way. Though I can’t quite believe my 11 month old can tell me no quite so clearly, it does, for now, make me laugh!

2. Picking bags and bags full of blackberries from the park just a 2 minute walk from our house. I’ve got enough in my freezer now to make jam, and I can’t wait! Siobhan sent me a recipe for sugar-free chia seed jam that’s perfect for babies, so I’m going to give it a go.

3. The little helper who sits on my hip whilst I berry pick, and who operates a ‘ten berries for me and one for the bag’ policy ;)

4. Fresh, fragrant sweet peas on the living room coffee table.

5. Morning smoothies with banana, blueberries, greens, seeds, and some superfood powders. Feels like such a good, energising way to start the day.

6. Iced, spiced fruit buns from Marks and Spencers. I ate one to myself, alongside a cup of tea, as a reward for a day’s work whilst Ottie was with my Mum earlier this week, and it was pure heaven.

7. Shooting photos more frequently. I fell out of the habit of shooting with my big camera, and it’s been so lovely to pick it up more often lately. I feel as though I’ve lost my eye though, to a degree, and really need to do some practising!

8. Getting to the bottom of the ironing basket. A rare occurrence, let me tell you…

9. Starting to plan a little afternoon tea party for Ottie’s 1st birthday. I can’t quite believe a year has rolled around already though, my goodness!

10. An impromptu night out with Jason last weekend in Guildford. I really treasure our quality time these days as it’s such much more rare, and a simple night out with beer, pizzas, and ice-cream was exactly what the doctor ordered.

Tell me, what’s made you happy this week? :)

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It has been FAR too long since I last wrote a post like this. Especially since there’s such a lot that’s making me happy of late! First and foremost that sweet baby girl of mine, but also so many other of those ‘tiny joys’ I’ve always liked to make note of here too. So let’s make a list!

1. Spring cleaning! I’ve had the biggest clear out of my wardrobe last week and it feels so GOOD!! I’ve donated two big bags of clothes and shoes to charity, and trimmed down my wardrobe to be made up only of the clothes that I *actually* wear, rather than stuffed to bursting with 6 years worth of impulse buys. I was aiming for a 37 piece capsule wardrobe a la Caroline, but turns out that’s harder to achieve that you’d think…

2. Homemade almond butter granola bars. Made with a nosy babe strapped to my front (she was having a cuddly ‘don’t put me down’ afternoon) who enjoyed studying e v e r y t h i n g I was doing!

3. The head massage part of a haircut. Bliss.

4. The two ducks making a home on the pond outside our house. I’m keeping my fingers crossed we have ducklings again this year. It always makes for such a lovely spring and summer!

5. SPRING WEATHER! How lovely is it to just chuck on a jacket and run out the door rather than bundle up in a hundred layers?!

6. This curry recipe. We made it with cauliflower instead of chicken (I’m veggie, and Jason eats veggie a fair bit at home too) & it was our favourite evening meal we’ve had in a long time.

7. Seeing the look of complete satisfaction on Ottilie’s face now she’s managing to shift herself along on her stomach. I’ve got money on the fact she’ll be crawling by the end of March…

8. Sinking my teeth into a photography project for Jason’s company. We’re shooting interviews of some of Flourish’s clients, and it’s so great thinking creatively again!

9. Date night with my husband. We ate the BEST duck (mock-duck for me) crispy pancakes and shared a naff but delicious mint choc chip ice-cream for dessert. Totally great!

10. Finding a fun new music class to take Ottilie to. Give the girl an instrument to wave around, and she’s happy!

What’s made you happy this week? I hope your week’s been a lovely one!

p.s. I’ve been meaning to say for a while- thank you for sticking with me whilst posting has been limited lately. Cider with Rosie has been a huge part of my life for, what, coming up 5 years now, but I knew I wanted to let it take a back seat whilst my baby was small. I’ve been looking forward to being a mother my whole life, and so really wanted to take time to concentrate on Ottilie, and all the daily joys and adventures and challenges that motherhood brings, for the first few months. It’s been fantastic, but I’m definitely ready now to start finding my feet as a ‘work from home’ mother and start blogging more regularly again!

So, I’d love to know, is there anything you’d like to see or read about here? I’m all ears! <3


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This week’s been a happy one, for me, and I think that’s largely down to it being such a sunny one! It’s made no end of difference to my state of mind- not least because wearing coats on dog walks in June felt totally ridiculous! I so hope this nicer weather is here to stay. Now, weather chitchat over- here’s what else has made me happy this week!

1. Watching a live screening of Kenneth Brannagh’s Romeo & Juliet on Wednesday evening, with Lily James and Richard Madden. A seriously incredible performance, well worth booking tickets for!

2. Hearing baby’s heartbeat at an appointment with my lovely midwife on Thursday. It’s my absolute favourite thing…though possible tied as a favourite alongside feeling so many kicks and wriggles throughout the day.

3. A Mint and White Tea candle from The White Co! It makes our house smell so delicious.

4. Finishing up our binge watch of the new season of OITNB! It was my favourite yet…even though it did make me cry so much my eyes went puffy.

5. Driving to Richmond last weekend, with Spotify sessions blasting in my car and the windows rolled down. AND managing to dodge the rain all that afternoon!

6. The feeling of a post-workout class shower, hair wash, and full body moisturise. The best!

7. A salted caramel cupcake from Hummingbird, eaten in bed on Sunday morning.

8. The nerve of the puppy who came sneaking upstairs to our bedroom the other afternoon, because it was past her dinnertime and she was clearly feeling peckish! She’s never once been allowed upstairs in our house, and the sheer cheek of it did make me laugh!

9. Eating delicious ripe tomatoes from the vines in our garden. They taste all the better for being homegrown! Though, can we really claim them as being homegrown since we bought the plant when it was already flowering?…

10. The jar of Nutella currently calling my name from the kitchen cupboard. I’ve not allowed myself to buy any for so long (too dangerous, you see…) but I figured a small jar as a treat won’t hurt! Nutella with apple slices as a snack is in my immediate future, for sure…

What’s made you happy, this week? :)

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