10 things that’ve made me happy this week! (and last week too!)



1. Raising the blinds in the living room in the morning, and seeing a row of little lambs up at the fence line that runs along the edge of our garden. The very best sight for first thing in the morning!

2. Discovering my local farm shop, which is basically my new favourite place in the entire world! They have the most amazing array of fresh fruits and vegetables all loose and free from plastic, spices and dried herbs and grains all available to buy in bulk (again, plastic free!), beautiful fresh bread, a bakery, a deli counter of dreams, AND in the summer they do PYO berries! Can you tell I’m in love?

3. Burning the Diptyque Ambre candle Jason treated me to for my birthday. It smells like the sexiest men’s aftershave you could imagine, and I totally love it.

4. Nocella olives. I can’t stop buying them and snacking on them non-stop. And Miss Ottilie is just like her Mama and totally addicted too…

5. A house full of daffodils! Even though they do turn from perfect to wrinkled and gross within the blink of an eye, they still make me so happy.

6. Seeing Ottilie wear a little yellow and white fairy dress that was mine as a child. It’s so strange seeing her run around in it, when I remember loving it so much myself as a little girl!

7. Being able to eat breakfast with the patio doors open wide, whilst watching the sparrows and robins and blue tits visiting the bird feeder for their own breakfast whilst we eat.

8. So many seeds popping up in the trays on our living room windowledges! Courgettes, peas, sugar snaps…they’re making me so excited for summer!

9. Meeting my sweet baby nephew! I forgot how scrummy newborn cuddles are <3

10. Watching Ottie tuck into a plate of watermelon for the first time since last summer. She ate the most insane amount, and was in absolute heaven!

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  • http://www.petiteelliee.co.uk Ellie | PetiteElliee

    LOVE this post babe!! I have been so excited seeing the daffodils coming out for spring


    Ellie xx

  • http://lizziedailyblog.blogspot.co.uk/ Elizabeth Rebecca

    I love watermelon too haha – I can imagine Ottie’s face!


  • http://www.allthingsbeautiful-x.blogpsot.com/ Jessie Lewis

    Sounds so so perfect! The littlest things in life are the best :) xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

  • https://www.woodenwindowsills.co.uk woodenwindowsills

    I am loving how much lighter the days are, and the amount of bird song in the air! Spring bliss!! Alice xxx


  • https://www.pe-ta.com Peta

    Oh what a wonderful list Rosie! It must be ever so lovely seeing your dress being worn again. Lambs, daffodils and an awesome smelling candle really do seem like the ingredients to the perfect week!
    Peta x

  • https://www.cantiquejoice.com LOVE J

    Seeing my house full of Daffodils or any flowers always makes me happy too, and #6 make me teary eyes, I have one childhood dress that I keep it too. XO


  • Chelsea Coulter

    I love a fresh bunch of flowers and having nice candles and wax melts

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