Another Stripy Top.


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I know, I know. Rosie’s outfit of the day consists of jeans and yet ANOTHER striped top. Groundbreaking.┬áBut LOOK! This one has French on it!

True it may be that the Breton department in my wardrobe is already full to bursting, but when I found myself out shopping last week (by myself!! Bliss!), I spotted this particular specimen and just couldn’t leave it behind.

Not only did the cute slogan on the front draw me in, but I’m in love with those navy cuffs and the slightly relaxed fit. Jason always laughs at me for buying my clothes a size bigger than I need (he may have been right about the Mom jeans I purchased at the same time that are so roomy round the waist they’re practically maternity jeans…), but I’m adamant that the cut of this one was calling out to be worn a bit slouchy and oversized.

IMG_6034 IMG_6033

Though I hate to admit it, I do fit the Mum cliche of wearing jeans and a stripy top an awful lot of the time. And so a jazzy stripy top totally makes me feel better about the situation!

Seriously though, fellow Mamas- what do you wear that makes you feel semi put together and stylish when home with your children? I’m always looking for that perfect blend of comfort, practicality, and design- something that’ll look nice when out and about with Ottie, but also well suited to romping around on the floor of the living room with her!


It might be time to start taking a leaf out of the ever-fab Zoe de Pass’ (aka. Dress Like A Mum!) book, and start rocking sequinned tops and bright pink jackets on my Mum days!

But until then, I’ve got my new stripy top, and I’m happy.


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